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Autumn Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist: Outside

Though our days may be growing shorter, the list of things we need to do to prepare our homes for the impending drop in temperature only grows longer. And though the month of October may be known for delivering all sorts of delightful frights, Ha-Ra would like to assure you, there is nothing to fear in cleaning and protecting your most prized possessions with Ha-Ra’s full family of ultra-powerful, all-natural cleaning components.


This is the first half of our comprehensive list of what you can do to prepare for the change in seasons, from Autumn to Winter, and details what can be done outside of the home:

1. Check that all exterior doors and windows properly close.

2. Check weather-stripping and/or caulking on all exterior doors and windows, and clean, repair, and/or replace as needed.

3. Check exterior paint for flaking and/or peeling, and clean and/or touch up as needed.

Ha-Ra Blue Paste is an ideal cleaning agent to help with external surfaces, and doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals to get the job done. First, wipe a slightly damp Ha-Ra cloth, or any Ha-Ra cleaning agent, over the Ha-Ra Blue Paste and once a foam is created use the suds to clean any grimy surface. Rinse the surface with a clean Ha-Ra cloth or glove to remove all Ha-Ra Blue Paste and then gently rub dry. Increasing the cleaning power of all Ha-Ra fiber containing cleaning devices, Ha-Ra Blue Paste contains a micro-fine marble blend, chalk, and is nearly one-fifth pure soap stone and other natural substances, including but not limited to citral and limestone.

4. Power-wash all exterior windows and siding.

A perfect all-in-one solution to cleaning windows, whether in the home or outside of it, is the Ha-Ra Window Cleaning Kit. For use everywhere from greenhouses to birdhouses, car mirrors to compact mirrors, the Ha-Ra Window Cleaning Kit is an all-natural, water efficient alternative to common chemical cleaners. The Cleaning Kit contains:

  • Ha-Ra Green Glove, to clean window frames
  • Ha-Ra Star Cloth, for a streak-free finish
  • 12.6” Ha-Ra Specialized Window Squeegee, for window panels
  • Ha-Ra Rollfix, for use with the Squeegee

5. Check and clean gutters and downspouts. Consider installing heating cables to prevent ice dams.

6. Clean and cover exterior furniture, children’s toys, umbrellas, and/or other outdoor items.

7. Store any items not in use in the Autumn and/or Winter.

8. Install insulating covers on exterior spigots.

9. Inspect, drain, and store garden hoses.

10. Schedule sprinkler systems to be blown free of water.

11. Check and clear dryer exhaust pipe.

12. Clean outdoor light fixtures and replace any faulty bulbs.

An innovative use of the Ha-Ra Eyeglass Cloth is the handling and cleaning of any exterior light fixtures and/or light bulbs in or around your home. The Eyeglass Cloth will remove fingerprints, dust, or greasy residue and works without water to help handle delicate glass fixtures that are ornamental, practical, or a mixture of both.

13. Drain water heater to remove sediment and schedule a furnace inspection.

14. Clean vehicles in preparation to be stored in the Autumn and/or Winter.

15. Prepare vehicles to be used in the Autumn and/or Winter.

16. Vacuum the inside of your vehicle.

17. Change windshield wipers, if applicable.

18. Add temperature appropriate wiper fluid, if applicable.

Ha-Ra Star Cloth is the perfect way to clean anything inside any of your vehicles prior to the start of harsh Winter months. The Ha-Ra Star Cloth is hand-made in Europe and is an incredibly absorbent, dual-purpose cleaning/polishing cloth that can be used dry or slightly damp. For use on all surfaces, clean a dashboard as easy as a side mirror, and just as well. Made of a 3:1 polyester, polyamide blend, the Ha-Ra Star Cloth will leave surfaces streak-free and with proper care, will last this and many more seasons to come

19. Clean grill.

20. Fill propane tank if used in the Autumn and/or Winter.

21. Drain and clean the pool, if you have one!

22. Store any pool related items not in use in the Autumn and/or Winter.

23. Inspect and clean chimneys and flues.

Happy Cleaning! And to revisit easy steps on how to clean your home for any season, please visit our additional checklists:
The Ha-Ra Summer Cleaning Checklist
The Ha-Ra Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Sporting Season is Here! Let Us Help Your Home Stay Clean.

Now that we’re almost into October, and the leaves are beginning to change from a lively, bright green to a warm, muted mixture of orange, yellow, and brown, our laundry rooms are also changing. What once was an aromatic combination of lavender and daisies, reminiscent of Spring and Summer, has become a more potent mix of outdoorsy, athletic gear and piles of grass-stained laundry. So whether you’re a soccer mom responsible for cleaning the shin guards of 22 elementary soccer super stars, or a father helping your college-aged child catch up with mounds of laundry after Fall Rush, Ha-Ra has got you covered.

We would highly suggest two of our products that can help you clean both your gear and your clothes this Autumn, as well as year round, while still staying safe for the environment and helping your house to continue smelling so fresh, so clean:

IMG_8088Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth – Ideal for football pads, field hockey sticks, lacrosse equipment, and cleats of all shapes and sizes, the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth will clean the dankest, dirtiest gear your young one can even think to supply, and all you need is water! Combining a supreme cleaning product along with high water absorption, the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth saves you time and energy, as well as your sense of smell, in helping to eliminate grass, mold, and dirt odors, by cleaning equipment before they have a chance to sit and fester. Providing you two cleaning surfaces, one composed of 100% polyester blue microfibers, about a third of an inch long, on one side, and one made of 100% polyamide black fibers on the other, the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth should be used in conjunction with the Ha-Ra Protective Formula for the long lasting cleaning of any and all Fall sports equipment.

DSC_3767Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls – Ideal for both loads of laundry as well as loading into a dishwasher, Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls is a concentrated detergent made with natural soap stone and soap roots, is biodegradable, and lasts for 150 cycles in the washing machine, 250 loads in your dishwasher, or if used in tandem can still lead to nearly 100 loads of both (accounting for ideal water hardness and proper portion control). Once you’ve cleaned all your dirty sports equipment, you can clean the uniforms peeled off of that equipment, alongside your Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth, with a single, pre-portioned Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearl. Free of chlorine and corrosive chemical compounds (including but not limited to bleach, phosphates, and synthetic fragrances) Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls will clean everything from the dishes used to help the booster club potluck, to the uniforms, jerseys, and practice clothes, of your basketball, volleyball, and cross country stars.

Ha-Ra has a full line of natural, cost-effective cleaning products to suit all of your cleaning needs, and Ha-Ra products are not just ideal for use in the Fall. Clean your outside grilling equipment with the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth to use all Summer for delicious BBQ; wipe off your reading glasses with the Ha-Ra Eyeglass Cloth and curl up with a nice book during a Spring rainstorm; or use the Ha-Ra Floor Kit to protect and prevent damage from the elements during the Winter. Ha-Ra is the ideal cleaning agent to keep a clean, safe, and environmentally sound house, all year long!

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Spring Cleaning: Six Easy Steps!

April is here, and even if the weather is being a bit temperamental, Spring has officially arrived. Whether you hate it or love it, Spring is a time of renewal and that includes giving your home a refresh. Many of us cringe at the phrase “Spring Cleaning”as we think of all the nooks and crannies that have collected dirt, dust, and clutter over the long winter months, but Ha-Ra is here to help make the process painless. Trust us, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will feel great when you get there! SpringCleaning

To help organize your plan of attack, here are six simple guidelines to help stay on top of your Spring Cleaning with chemical free and eco-friendly Ha-Ra products:

  1. Get your cleaning supplies in order. Mix up a bucket of water with a couple drops of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula as well as a spray bottle with the mixture. Grab your favorite cleaning accessories like our Nano Glove, Natura Cloth, and Star Cloth, and put everything in an easy-to-carry kit. You can use a box, crate, bin, bag, or anything else you find laying around the house.
  2. Start with your laundry! Gather all the bedding, curtains, blankets, towels, and anything else that can be machine washed and throw it in. Add our Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls and start it up. Keep the loads coming until their done.
  3. De-clutter by putting things in their right spot (which may be the trash can more often than not). You can use laundry baskets or plastic storage bins to easily sort items. Just assign each area of the house to a basket and one for items you want to pitch. Put misplaced items back in the basket they belong and replace them all at once. Get the kids involved! This makes for a fun distraction from “cleaning.” Be sure to go through the refrigerator, cabinets, and counters to ensure you throw away everything unneeded.
  4. Time to get dirty. Working through the house one room at a time, start by cleaning the windows. Watch this video to see how to use our Window Cleaning Kit to leave them sparkling. Then move onto dusting (don’t forget the floorboards, blinds, and fans). With the Ha-Ra Yellow Glove, this will be a cinch. Wipe down all counters, sinks, toilets, and showers with your Protective Formula mixture and the Natura Cloth. Finish up by sweeping all hard floors with our Yellow Pad and taking out the trash.
  5. Onto the floors! Simple and easy, mop and vacuum the floors. Invest in our Nano Gold Soft Pad to make this task even easier.
  6. Add the finishing touches. Put your clean linens back where they belong, add some fresh flowers or light a candle, and sit back and relax! You can conquer the outdoor spaces another day. For now, it’s time to bask in your freshly cleaned home.
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HOW TO Clean Your Patio Furniture

When storing patio furniture for a move or especially in between seasons, you may be tempted to just move the furniture as is; to disregard wrapping and/or cleaning them prior storage, if at all. However, once the furniture has been moved or worse yet sitting in storage for quite some time, if that furniture wasn’t treated before being put away there’s a high chance of mold or mildew having set in. And depending on the material, this could cost anything from mild annoyance all the way to having to replace the entire set. This is one of the reasons why Ha-Ra® suggests that you clean your patio furniture thoroughly before properly covering them and storing them for the off-season, or for a move. An easy, fast and environmentally friendly cleaning option exists with the Ha-Ra® Green Glove and the Ha-Ra® Protective Formula.

Start by mixing 4-5 drops of the Protective Formula per gallon of water, and then immersing the Green Glove fully in the mixture. Having soaked for a short amount of time, wring the Green Glove free of excess mixture and use to clean the surface of your patio furniture slowly and thoroughly, interspersing circular and back and forth motions. You’ll immediately be able to tell the difference between the untreated portion of the furniture and the spot that was just cleaned with Ha-Ra®. The dirt lifts right off of the surface and once the Green Glove is again submersed in water and the dirt particles loosened up and released, you’re ready to clean more of your furniture.

cleaning patio

Ha-Ra® can be used to clean wooden patio furniture, aluminum patio furniture, wicker patio furniture, wrought iron patio furniture, along with a number of other types of such as multiple types of siding, window frames, window sills, front doors, sliding doors, blinds, screens, stairs, bars, stone surfaces, car rims, metal doors, and a number of other outdoor structures and other surfaces.

The Ha-Ra® Green Glove (order #0418) is made from tough, long lasting fibers for minor to major cleaning jobs and protects your hands while easily removing stubborn dirt, grease, and grime. The Ha-Ra® Green Glove fibers are patent protected and are structured to use the cleaning power of water for results, negating the use of chemicals. Ha-Ra® has a number of different specialized fibers for you to choose from, and they be used only in combination with the plant based Ha-Ra® Protective Formula.

The Ha-Ra® Protective Formula (order #0600) is safe to use and minimizes your exposure to toxic agents. Produced from raw plant materials, the Protective Formula is 99% biodegradable and can work to keep the fibers clean on the Green Glove as well. This formula is nitrate-free, phosphate-free, preservative-free, pH neutral, and has a natural fragrance. The formula does contain 10-20% anionic surfactants, 5-10% biological solvents, 5-10% skin-protection ingredients (glycerin), and 1-5% starches, among its ingredients. Needing to use so little of the formula per use can also save you over 95% on cleaners in both household and commercial use!

When storing furniture, for any reason, make sure to thoroughly clean and then wrap your furniture so that when you next use your furniture, you won’t have to worry about any surprises with a potentially troublesome after-the-fact cleaning or needing to all-together replace your furniture. Ha-Ra® provides an easy, fast, cleaning agent free of toxic chemical cleansers providing a harmonious solution for you, your furniture, and the environment!

Still need some advice on cleaning your furniture? Watch our step-by-step video: