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7 Tips to “Green” your Spring Clean

According to the calendar, this past week included the start of Spring AND World Water Day. A major part of Ha-Ra’s cleaning system is its simplicity and reliance on natural resources like water. It is important to protect our water and commit to using eco-friendly products like Ha-Ra to ensure our environment survives.


Here are some tips to make your Spring cleaning a bit more resourceful this year:

1. Clean floors are a refreshing reminder that winter is gone.

Get rid of all that salt, slush, and grime, from a hard winter, with the Ha-Ra Floor Perfect System. When you’re finished, “green” your clean by throwing the dirty water on your flower bed outside rather than down the drain. Ha-Ra is bio-degradable and will not harm your budding plants.

2. Clean windows let that spring sunshine brighten your home.

Wipe down all the windows and screens with Ha-Ra’s Vario Window Cleaner. You’ll be amazed at what a difference clean windows can make, and now you have more reusable water for the lawn!

3. Prepare your kitchen for all those fresh fruits and vegetables.

After a winter of imported produce, spring brings fresh strawberries and green beans. You want your kitchen counters and refrigerator to be clean and ready to receive those healthy organics. Since Ha-Ra is made from plants and not harmful chemicals, it’s perfect for kitchens. We’ve got tons of kitchen sponges and cloths to help with the dirty work.

4. Make that old salty car look brand new.

Nothing shows the confidence of spring like a clean car. No more winter salt stains, no more windshield wiper patterns. Why pay for a car wash when you already everything you need from your Ha-Ra Protective Formula and Natura Glove? Save water by purchasing a spray head for your hose, that way it won’t run the whole time you are cleaning.

5. Bring out the shorts. 

Put all those winter sweatshirts and snow pants away, your not going to need them anymore! It’s time to free your warm season wardrobe, and give them their first wash of the spring with Ha-Ra’s Saponella Blue Pearls. Make sure to use the proper water level settings on the washer and air dry your clothing to save electricity.

6. Might as well clean the bathroom while you’re on a roll.

All of your spring BBQ guests will be so impressed with how clean and fresh your bathrooms are. They’ll be sneaking a peak under your sink to see what cleaning products you used and won’t be surprised to find Ha-Ra. Green your clean by using the water in the back of the toilet and some Ha-Ra, when your done just flush!

7. Fill the house with flowers.

Bring the spring inside. Nothing reminds you more that spring is here than a beautiful bouquet of sweet smelling flowers. You’ve earned it; the house looks marvelous! Not only did you clean it all, but you were saving the environment in the process! Way to go green for your spring clean with Ha-Ra!

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Autumn Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist: Outside

Though our days may be growing shorter, the list of things we need to do to prepare our homes for the impending drop in temperature only grows longer. And though the month of October may be known for delivering all sorts of delightful frights, Ha-Ra would like to assure you, there is nothing to fear in cleaning and protecting your most prized possessions with Ha-Ra’s full family of ultra-powerful, all-natural cleaning components.


This is the first half of our comprehensive list of what you can do to prepare for the change in seasons, from Autumn to Winter, and details what can be done outside of the home:

1. Check that all exterior doors and windows properly close.

2. Check weather-stripping and/or caulking on all exterior doors and windows, and clean, repair, and/or replace as needed.

3. Check exterior paint for flaking and/or peeling, and clean and/or touch up as needed.

Ha-Ra Blue Paste is an ideal cleaning agent to help with external surfaces, and doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals to get the job done. First, wipe a slightly damp Ha-Ra cloth, or any Ha-Ra cleaning agent, over the Ha-Ra Blue Paste and once a foam is created use the suds to clean any grimy surface. Rinse the surface with a clean Ha-Ra cloth or glove to remove all Ha-Ra Blue Paste and then gently rub dry. Increasing the cleaning power of all Ha-Ra fiber containing cleaning devices, Ha-Ra Blue Paste contains a micro-fine marble blend, chalk, and is nearly one-fifth pure soap stone and other natural substances, including but not limited to citral and limestone.

4. Power-wash all exterior windows and siding.

A perfect all-in-one solution to cleaning windows, whether in the home or outside of it, is the Ha-Ra Window Cleaning Kit. For use everywhere from greenhouses to birdhouses, car mirrors to compact mirrors, the Ha-Ra Window Cleaning Kit is an all-natural, water efficient alternative to common chemical cleaners. The Cleaning Kit contains:

  • Ha-Ra Green Glove, to clean window frames
  • Ha-Ra Star Cloth, for a streak-free finish
  • 12.6” Ha-Ra Specialized Window Squeegee, for window panels
  • Ha-Ra Rollfix, for use with the Squeegee

5. Check and clean gutters and downspouts. Consider installing heating cables to prevent ice dams.

6. Clean and cover exterior furniture, children’s toys, umbrellas, and/or other outdoor items.

7. Store any items not in use in the Autumn and/or Winter.

8. Install insulating covers on exterior spigots.

9. Inspect, drain, and store garden hoses.

10. Schedule sprinkler systems to be blown free of water.

11. Check and clear dryer exhaust pipe.

12. Clean outdoor light fixtures and replace any faulty bulbs.

An innovative use of the Ha-Ra Eyeglass Cloth is the handling and cleaning of any exterior light fixtures and/or light bulbs in or around your home. The Eyeglass Cloth will remove fingerprints, dust, or greasy residue and works without water to help handle delicate glass fixtures that are ornamental, practical, or a mixture of both.

13. Drain water heater to remove sediment and schedule a furnace inspection.

14. Clean vehicles in preparation to be stored in the Autumn and/or Winter.

15. Prepare vehicles to be used in the Autumn and/or Winter.

16. Vacuum the inside of your vehicle.

17. Change windshield wipers, if applicable.

18. Add temperature appropriate wiper fluid, if applicable.

Ha-Ra Star Cloth is the perfect way to clean anything inside any of your vehicles prior to the start of harsh Winter months. The Ha-Ra Star Cloth is hand-made in Europe and is an incredibly absorbent, dual-purpose cleaning/polishing cloth that can be used dry or slightly damp. For use on all surfaces, clean a dashboard as easy as a side mirror, and just as well. Made of a 3:1 polyester, polyamide blend, the Ha-Ra Star Cloth will leave surfaces streak-free and with proper care, will last this and many more seasons to come

19. Clean grill.

20. Fill propane tank if used in the Autumn and/or Winter.

21. Drain and clean the pool, if you have one!

22. Store any pool related items not in use in the Autumn and/or Winter.

23. Inspect and clean chimneys and flues.

Happy Cleaning! And to revisit easy steps on how to clean your home for any season, please visit our additional checklists:
The Ha-Ra Summer Cleaning Checklist
The Ha-Ra Spring Cleaning Checklist

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The end of summer is near, time to pack up the gear

As August passes into September and we look back on the summer, our boats and our recreational vehicles have given us a number of good times and amazing memories! Making sure we take advantage of every moment the summer has to offer, there’s still a good amount of time to make more of these memories, but it would be both efficient and prudent to start thinking about preparing them for storage.

While you take your boat, your RV, and all of your high performance summer vehicles out for one last spin, remember that there’s no better way to start the storage process than to clean them properly and thoroughly using Ha-Ra’s full family of patented products, all of which are tough on dirt and safe for the environment! The Ha-Ra cleaning gloves and cloths are made of a fiber blend that don’t rely on harsh chemicals like other cleaning agents, and all they require is about a half bucket of water to make your vehicle sparkle and shine.

Ha-Ra products can also save you over 90% on other cleaners, and aren’t just ideal to clean your vehicles, but can be used for household and commercial use, as well. Products that we especially recommend for cleaning your boat, car, or RV include:

51sW5Y7yM+L._SS60_The Mach 6 Glove, which is the ideal cleaning component from Ha-Ra for most all surfaces, from your seats to your dashboard, from your bumper to your running board. It’s reversible and provides two different cleaning mechanisms; the blue side is tough and helps loosen and remove dirt while the white side traps and releases any additional grime or moisture.

3158cb9b06L._SS60_The Green Glove is ideal for wheels, rims, propellers, or any surface that has the potential to get extremely dirty and that you’d like to see shine or taken well care of. The tough fibers of the Green Glove strip away stubborn, hard to reach and hard to remove, problem areas and will last for years, while at the same time protecting your hands from the harsh soil and surface.

31zC2e-s9sL._SS60_The Star Polishing Cloth helps bring a luxurious sheen to any of the windows in your boat, car, or RV, or any other smooth surface you’d like to see shine!! Using it free of water helps to remove any fingerprints or stains left by condensation and using it damp will help to remove light dirt and leave a streak-free finish. With proper care, the polishing cloth can also be used for eyeglasses, sunglasses, and electronics, for those last few sunny days on the water or for a long drive in the car!

31MTWQjjdiL._SS60_The Ha-Ra Rollfix contains the gentle, pH neutral Hans Raab Protective Formula and comes in a container that dispenses the perfect amount onto any of your Ha-Ra cleaning gloves or cloths. The Protective Formula enhances the Ha-Ra fiber cleaning products as well as protects the surface being cleaned. One drop of the Protective Formula per half gallon of water is all that it takes! And in the unfortunate case where a slight spill or stain has marred your carpeting in any of your vehicles, you can also use the Rollfix! Simply dampen the stain slightly with the Rollfix and wipe with a damp Ha-Ra glove or cloth.

31X+HxqHsTL._SS60_The Sapphire Cloth, a 100% polyester glove made of a combination of mechanical and micro-cleaning fibers, is ideal for cleaning bench tops, where in your boat or RV any table or kitchen counter can go from grimy to gorgeous with simply a swipe of the cloth.

41+X8SvLWkL._SS60_The Viva Ultra Cloth is the best agent against grease or grim. The specific Ultra fibers (engineered to combat grease) work in conjunction with the specialized Viva fibers (formatted to be tough on dirt) work very much like the two-sided Mach 6 glove, and pick up dirt and grease easily, releasing it without the use of harsh chemicals or cleaning agents.

No matter when you plan on hanging up the keys for the summer for your boat, your RV, your car, or any other recreational vehicle, make sure that before you do, you use any of these or Ha-Ra’s other full family of products to ensure that your good times and happy memories continue on into next summer, and many more summers to come!!