Frequently Asked Questions

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General Ha-Ra Questions:

Are Ha-Ra products safe for children?

Despite the fact that Ha-Ra products are made of natural ingredients, Ha-Ra products should be kept away from children like other household products.

Are Ha-Ra products environmentally friendly?

Yes they are. First of all, the Ha-Ra Protective Formula is made of raw and natural plant material. Second, since only 2 drops are needed per 1 gallon of water, one bottle can last for an entire year for the average household. Third, Ha-Ra fibers have a very long lifetime, lasting up to 10 years. Compare this to your average household sponge that lasts for 4 weeks. Within 10 years you are sending 120 sponges to the landfill, but you only need 1 Ha-Ra cloth/glove/pad.

Product Maintenance:

My Ha-Ra fibers look matted, what can I do?

No worries. This does not have a negative effect on the cleaning power of the fibers. If you want to, you can brush your fibers with an animal de-mat brush.

How do I clean my Ha-Ra products?

You can wash most Ha-Ra products in your washing machine. Make sure you DON’T use hot water and no detergent with fabric softener. We recommend Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls or Ha-Ra Protective Formula. DON’T dry your Ha-Ra products in the dryer. Let them air dry.

Solving Product Issues:

Why does my floor appear to be greasy after cleaning it with Ha-Ra?

You are using too much Ha-Ra Protective Formula. Remember, two drops in one gallon are plenty enough.

Product Recommendations & Uses:

How do you remove a stain on white clothes without leaving a watermark?

The Ultra Glove will remove most stains without leaving a watermark. This will save one or two washes.

What should be used on upholstery and textiles?

Renovate with a wet Ultra, dry with Natura Glove. Stubborn or old stains may require an extra drop of Ha-Ra Protective Formula.

What products do you recommend to use on carpets/carpet stains?

Use the Ultra Glove followed by the Green Glove to collect loosened grime. For heavily soiled areas, use Protective Formula or Rollfix.

Which products are recommended to use on stainless steel?

Use the Ha-Ra Ultra Glove for heavy soiled areas followed by a Star Polishing Cloth. For kitchen appliances use Mach 6 Nano Glove and Star Polishing Cloth Kitchen Kit.

What is the best product to clean a mirror?

Wipe with Mach 6 Glove, Star Polishing Cloth or Ha-Ra Window Cleaner.

Can I use Ha-Ra products to clean and polish jewelry and silver?

Rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches shine beautifully with a slightly damp Viva Mini. For chains, bracelets etc., make a fist and pull chains through the Viva Mini and Brilliant Polish Cloth. No more messy silver polishes and jewelry dips.

Can I use Ha-Ra products to clean granite and granite counter tops?

Use the Mach 6 Glove, Star Polishing Cloth or Mach 6 Floor Pad.

Can you use Ha-Ra on food? Fruits/Vegetables?

Yes, you can use the Viva Mini to remove preservative waxes on apples, potatoes, carrots, etc.

Can I use Ha-Ra products to clean concrete floors and steps?

For polished concrete floors with dust and dirt, use the Ha-Ra Floor Express Perfect with Green Pad. For unpolished concrete and a rough surface, use Floor Express with one of the Nano Floor pads. For stubborn grease, use more water.

Can I use Ha-Ra products to clean blood stains?

To remove blood stains from carpet use the Ultra Glove and follow with Natura Glove and if stains are stubborn use Rollfix. For lightly soiled areas and smooth surfaces, use the Ha-Ra Green Glove.

What products do you recommend for cleaning bicycles?

To clean handle bars and the bike seat, use the Viva Mini. To clean around chain area – use the Green Glove. To polish bicycle and helmet after cleaning use the Sapphire Cloth.

What products do you recommend for cleaning beds and bedframes?

Use the Natura Cloth. Just add water to collect the dust.

What products do you recommend for cleaning marble?

The Mach 6 Glove for smaller surfaces (counter tops etc.) and for floors and larger surfaces the Nano Gold Pur fiber. For stubborn stains use Ultra Glove to loosen grime and Mach 6 to collect grime.

What products do you recommend for cleaning bathrooms?

For cleaning basins, shower screens and tile grout use the Hedgehog Glove and the Brilliant Polishing Cloth.

What products do you recommend for window cleaning?

We recommend using the following:

  • Vario Window Cleaner
  • Protective Formula
  • Rollfix
  • Star Polishing Cloth
  • For window frames: Green Glove