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Back to School or Not Back to School: Clean Accordingly

There is much debate these days about whether or not it’s a good idea to return to in-person school. Regardless of which one it’s going to be for you, let Ha-Ra help adjust your cleaning routine to better accommodate the situation! Let’s look at some things that can change and some things that shouldn’t…

Back to School

You can hold off cleaning the home office/Zoom Zone, or wherever the computer resides. Forget anything that is messy or dirty in the background of your web camera. Instead, focus on the laundry and washing/ironing your pants. You haven’t needed them much these days, but you’ll want to put those on before you leave the house. 🙂 You might also want to clean out the garage and wipe the cobwebs off your car. You can use your handy Ha-Ra Brilliant Polishing Cloth to freshen up the inside of the car. You can also wipe down the lunchbox and backpack while you’re at it! 

The living room will also not be seeing as much action, so you can put that on the back burner until the weekend too. Less TV watching, video game playing, and family craft projects, means less mess and less to clean. Yay!

Not Back to School

If you or your child will be staying home for school for a while, then you’ll want to clean a few things regularly. And, why waste your money on cleaning products that you keep having to repurchase?! With just water and Ha-Ra, you can clean over and over again, and some of these areas will definitely need it!

Frankly, everything in the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit will work beautifully. Most important on the school at home cleaning list is that Zoom Zone! Wipe the computer down, wipe the camera, wipe the screen, wipe the mouse, wipe the keyboard, wipe the desk around it. Clean the windows, so you have good light coming in (making you look your best on camera). 

The bedrooms and living room are going to see a lot more action, so those will need regular upkeep. Just like your awesome Hedgehog Glove, the Floor Perfect Nano Hedgehog Pad is amazing on the floors. And, you’ll also want to wipe down the game controllers, remote control, coffee table, TV, and the rest of the surfaces in those rooms. 

Always and Forever

Regardless of whether school is a go or a stay, the kitchen and the bathrooms are always going to need some attention. So, keep wiping those down like you always do with your Ha-Ra Kitchen and Bathroom Kits. You know what to do! And Ha-Ra is here for you! 

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Baby Stepping to Avoid a Bummer Summer

With summer coming to an end, there are lots of things going that can really drag you down. It’s important to stay engaged and continue to make the world a better place, but sometimes the news can be too much and make it seem like there’s no hope. You shouldn’t ignore but rather explore!

Explore what you can do in your life that matters. Summer is a time when the weather changes, and you can change too. It may seem trivial to start with the little things, but life is full of baby steps… Remember that feeling when you learned to walk? Of course not, but remember when your child, sister, brother, nephew, niece, friend’s child, learned to walk? Those first steps are one of the most celebrated moments in our lives. Baby steps are how it happens, but somewhere along the way we forget that and become impatient and/or lazy. And yet, the progress that comes from baby steps adds up to massive rewards. 

Is this a self help blog or a cleaning blog? Today it’s both! Baby stepping through cleaning is a great way to practice the “baby step” process. It’s the perfect way to remind yourself of how good it feels to accomplish a goal.

Clean one thing and stop. You did it! It’s clean! Go watch TV! Ok now clean two or three things, the whole kitchen counter maybe. You did it! And so on. It may take you awhile in the beginning but before long, you will have developed a cleaning routine that you’re doing without even thinking about it. And, with our Ha-Ra’s helpful products, it will take no time at all.

What if you are reading this and thinking, I already am a great cleaner? I have a routine!

Great! Maybe you can baby step to clean smarter and greener. Are you using Ha-Ra products to do your cleaning? Have you baby stepped your way through replacing all your harmful chemicals with products like Ha-Ra Blue Paste? Have you baby stepped through replacing those gross rags with a Ha-Ra Mach6 Glove? Have you baby stepped through cleaning your windows like a pro with a Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaner Viva? You get the idea. Head back to the Ha-Ra products pages and see what other baby steps you can take in your cleaning journey!

Make your remaining days of summer full of joy and adventure! As you baby step your way through cleaning and then onto bigger and better things, reaping reward after reward for you, those around you, and the world. Baby step number one, you finished reading this article… 🙂 

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Spring Cleaning The Right Way!

The cold is breaking, the warmth is dawning, you’re getting feeling back in your fingers and toes, and it’s time to clean all those spaces the winter forgot. It’s SPRING CLEANING season, especially in current times.

Yay so exciting! Just kidding, few people look forward to deep cleaning their homes. But, if you clean the right way, it won’t feel like work. It can be simple, fast, fun, and low-impact for the environment. Here are the steps… 

Step 1: Turn up the music!

Just like when exercising, if you can’t hear yourself breathing you can go further. If you can’t hear yourself cleaning, you can clean more!

Step 2: Start with the simplest.

If you start with the worst, you will never start. Start with something simple. Clear the clutter off the counter. Wipe the kitchen counters. Load the dishwasher. Next thing you know, you are in it! One thing leads to another, and the deeper you can dive. 

Step 3: Go under the sink, and get your cleaning supplies.

Grab your Mach6 Glove, Nano Hedgehog Cloth, and/or your Sapphire Cloth. Time to rock! [Sidebar: All your Ha-Ra supplies are safe and chemical free, so you can store them under the sink without worrying about children getting into them!]

Step 4: Move from room to room.

You’re in the kitchen. Good! That gets the dirtiest. If all you get done today is the kitchen, you have succeeded! But keep pushing, after the kitchen is clean, take a break. Go sit down on the sofa… now you are in the living room… might as well clean that next! Get those windows with the Vario Window Cleaner Viva. Keep it going and just get all the windows in your home while you’re at it.

Step 5: Potty Break!

You’ve been working hard! Take a potty break. Annnnd while you’re in there, you might as well deep clean that bad boy too. Grab your Bathroom Kit from under the sink, and make your commode sparkle.

Step 6: Finally the floors!

When cleaning, always clean top to bottom, so all the extra dirt falls to the floor. Now, that you have thoroughly cleaned every area of the house, it’s finally time to clean the floors. You can use your Floor Perfect Nano Gold Soft Pad to get those to shine with ease.

Step 7: Tomorrow tackle the garage and grill.

You did a great job today. Throw in the towel…literally… 🙂 Tomorrow you can finish up with the outside stuff. You can break out your Green Glove and go to town on the patio, garage, and grill.

Speaking of green, did you notice not a single chemical was used in your entire spring cleaning adventure?! Now that is cleaning the right way! Congratulations! You are keeping your home and our home, Earth, clean at the same time. Thanks.

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Happy Ha-Radays – A Clever Plan for Giving to the Green & Not-So-Green Alike

Some people are naughty to the earth and some are nice. Some people love being green, and some are seeing red, are so over it, or just don’t even care. Luckily, your gifts this year can satisfy everyone on your list, with the biggest gift of all going to Mother Earth.

Everyone makes a mess at some point; therefore, everyone needs good cleaning products! The easier it is to clean, the easier is it to be clean. And, cleanliness equals happiness in our eyes. So, don’t just spread holiday cheer, this year, spread Ha-Raday cheer. 

Follow this clever little plan:

Step 1: Make a list of everyone you need to give a present to this holiday season.

Step 2: After their name identify if they are green or not-so-green.

Step 3: Go to 

Step 4: Order a cleaning product for everyone on your list.

Step 5: On the card, include the following text with the rest of your loving message.

Not-So-Green Folks: “I got you this gift because I know you hate cleaning. I know that you like products that actually work well. When I saw this I totally thought of you! This will save you so much time and effort.” 

Green Folks: “I got you this gift because I know you hate cleaning. I know you like being good to the earth. I know that you like products that actually work well. When I saw this I totally thought of you! This will save you so much time and effort, and save the earth too.”

There you have it! In one trip to one website, you can please everybody. Of course, the clever part of it is that because all Ha-Ra products are good for the environment, even the not-so-green folks are still doing their part without even knowing it! (Well, until they read this post when they order more Ha-Ra products on their own later. Until then, your secret, clever plan is safe.)

So much of your time spent shopping saved and so much of their time spent cleaning saved. And, a little bit of the earth saved as well. 🌎

Happy Ha-Radays!

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Green Halloween

Sure, Halloween is usually orange and black, but this year it can be green too! Halloween is a perfect holiday for eco-friendly choices. The scariest thing on Halloween is not the ghost or the vampire, but the fact that we are destroying this planet. Make it a Green Ha-Ra-lloween by using Ha-Ra eco-friendly products to clean your life.

Plus here are 5 other tips for your HallowGREEN!

1. Reuse materials from around the house for your costume.

This is the best part of Halloween, finding random items from around the house and weaving them together in a clever costume that your friends and family will certainly roll their eyes at. No need to go out and buy something to wear for just one night, and then store or eventually throw away. Even better, use recyclable materials like bottles, cans, newspaper, toilet paper rolls, etc. to get really creative.

2. Use old leftover candles for your Jack-o-Lantern.

Everybody has a low, almost used up candle lying around. Instead of buying new candles for Jack, light him up with that random gross scented candle your aunt gave you. It’ll be outside, so you don’t have to smell it.

3. Use a pillowcase for trick or treating.

Instead of a plastic bag or plastic pumpkin, just use a pillowcase. Hey, it’s that simple! Plus it is WAY bigger and can hold a whole lot more candy.

4. Two words: Pumpkin Compost

If you are reading this, there is slightly higher than average chance that you have a compost pile, or are looking for the right time to start one. Well here it is! Pumpkins are great for compost! Do your neighbors a favor, make a trip around the neighborhood and collect their rotten pumpkins. More compost for you. Remove any remaining seeds (and bake them up as tomorrow’s snack), cut the pumpkins into pieces, and add them to the compost! Win win for everyone!

5. Clean up after the Halloween party with Ha-Ra.

Halloween parties are so much fun, but can also leave a crazy, scary mess. If you don’t have any Ha-Ra products yet, start here with the Ha-Ra Starter Kit. The Ha-Ra Protective Formula in the kit has a highly environmentally-friendly formula (produced from raw plant materials). It helps with the cleaning process, protects the cleaned surface, and protects and maintains your Ha-Ra cleaning fibers.

Don’t be scared to make good choices. The real monsters are those who don’t care about this planet. And, you can dress as a super hero and be an actual hero by using Halloween as yet another opportunity to save the day and save the earth! Happy Ha-Ra-lloween!