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The True Holiday Spirit

The Holidays! It’s not where you are, but who you are virtually with!

This year’s holiday season, we get to truly appreciate the spirit of the season. It’s not where you are, or what you get, but who you are with and what you give! Maybe it’s in person or maybe it’s virtual, we can be grateful for technology. We can express our love wherever we are. We can give our joy to everyone around us. We can be together while being thousands of miles apart. This is the real miracle of the season! Happiness and love can’t be stopped by any distance, social or otherwise. 

So what about cleaning the house? You’re off the hook! Yay! The gifts just keep coming! You don’t have to clean the house for everyone before they come, or clean up after them when they leave. Double bonus! No cleaning this year…

“Ha! Nice try!” many of you are lamenting. The immediate family is still going to make a mess opening presents and making breakfast. The Christmas tree needles are all over the floor, there’s fake snow sprayed on the windows, the salt and sludge is all over the cars. Being trapped in the house for months has created a holiday hog sty! 

No worries, Ha-Ra is here for you! Let’s see what we can pull out of Santa’s sack of gifts for you this year…

For the Floors – We reach into the sack and pull out this treasure that you have been wanting since you were a small child (ok maybe not that long), the Ha-Ra Floor Kit!

For the Windows – We again reach deep down into our magical sack of goodies and pull out a miracle you can’t believe you ever lived without, the Ha-Ra Window Kit!

For the Kitchen – We notice something buried way down in the bottom of our red velvet sack, something so useful, you probably already have it, but hey you can always share this one with someone else, the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit!

For the Cars – Let’s check the stockings! Sure enough a bonus gift in the stocking proves to be amazing for making the cars sparkle, the Ha-Ra Star Cloth!

Ho Ho Ha-Ra! This holiday season enjoy your loved ones no matter where they are, give, love and be merry, but at some point go ahead and clean up a little too. Ha-Ra is here for you. Happy Holidays!

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