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Back to School or Not Back to School: Clean Accordingly

There is much debate these days about whether or not it’s a good idea to return to in-person school. Regardless of which one it’s going to be for you, let Ha-Ra help adjust your cleaning routine to better accommodate the situation! Let’s look at some things that can change and some things that shouldn’t…

Back to School

You can hold off cleaning the home office/Zoom Zone, or wherever the computer resides. Forget anything that is messy or dirty in the background of your web camera. Instead, focus on the laundry and washing/ironing your pants. You haven’t needed them much these days, but you’ll want to put those on before you leave the house. 🙂 You might also want to clean out the garage and wipe the cobwebs off your car. You can use your handy Ha-Ra Brilliant Polishing Cloth to freshen up the inside of the car. You can also wipe down the lunchbox and backpack while you’re at it! 

The living room will also not be seeing as much action, so you can put that on the back burner until the weekend too. Less TV watching, video game playing, and family craft projects, means less mess and less to clean. Yay!

Not Back to School

If you or your child will be staying home for school for a while, then you’ll want to clean a few things regularly. And, why waste your money on cleaning products that you keep having to repurchase?! With just water and Ha-Ra, you can clean over and over again, and some of these areas will definitely need it!

Frankly, everything in the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit will work beautifully. Most important on the school at home cleaning list is that Zoom Zone! Wipe the computer down, wipe the camera, wipe the screen, wipe the mouse, wipe the keyboard, wipe the desk around it. Clean the windows, so you have good light coming in (making you look your best on camera). 

The bedrooms and living room are going to see a lot more action, so those will need regular upkeep. Just like your awesome Hedgehog Glove, the Floor Perfect Nano Hedgehog Pad is amazing on the floors. And, you’ll also want to wipe down the game controllers, remote control, coffee table, TV, and the rest of the surfaces in those rooms. 

Always and Forever

Regardless of whether school is a go or a stay, the kitchen and the bathrooms are always going to need some attention. So, keep wiping those down like you always do with your Ha-Ra Kitchen and Bathroom Kits. You know what to do! And Ha-Ra is here for you! 

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