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HOW TO Clean Your Patio Furniture

When storing patio furniture for a move or especially in between seasons, you may be tempted to just move the furniture as is; to disregard wrapping and/or cleaning them prior storage, if at all. However, once the furniture has been moved or worse yet sitting in storage for quite some time, if that furniture wasn’t treated before being put away there’s a high chance of mold or mildew having set in. And depending on the material, this could cost anything from mild annoyance all the way to having to replace the entire set. This is one of the reasons why Ha-Ra® suggests that you clean your patio furniture thoroughly before properly covering them and storing them for the off-season, or for a move. An easy, fast and environmentally friendly cleaning option exists with the Ha-Ra® Green Glove and the Ha-Ra® Protective Formula.

Start by mixing 4-5 drops of the Protective Formula per gallon of water, and then immersing the Green Glove fully in the mixture. Having soaked for a short amount of time, wring the Green Glove free of excess mixture and use to clean the surface of your patio furniture slowly and thoroughly, interspersing circular and back and forth motions. You’ll immediately be able to tell the difference between the untreated portion of the furniture and the spot that was just cleaned with Ha-Ra®. The dirt lifts right off of the surface and once the Green Glove is again submersed in water and the dirt particles loosened up and released, you’re ready to clean more of your furniture.

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Ha-Ra® can be used to clean wooden patio furniture, aluminum patio furniture, wicker patio furniture, wrought iron patio furniture, along with a number of other types of such as multiple types of siding, window frames, window sills, front doors, sliding doors, blinds, screens, stairs, bars, stone surfaces, car rims, metal doors, and a number of other outdoor structures and other surfaces.

The Ha-Ra® Green Glove (order #0418) is made from tough, long lasting fibers for minor to major cleaning jobs and protects your hands while easily removing stubborn dirt, grease, and grime. The Ha-Ra® Green Glove fibers are patent protected and are structured to use the cleaning power of water for results, negating the use of chemicals. Ha-Ra® has a number of different specialized fibers for you to choose from, and they be used only in combination with the plant based Ha-Ra® Protective Formula.

The Ha-Ra® Protective Formula (order #0600) is safe to use and minimizes your exposure to toxic agents. Produced from raw plant materials, the Protective Formula is 99% biodegradable and can work to keep the fibers clean on the Green Glove as well. This formula is nitrate-free, phosphate-free, preservative-free, pH neutral, and has a natural fragrance. The formula does contain 10-20% anionic surfactants, 5-10% biological solvents, 5-10% skin-protection ingredients (glycerin), and 1-5% starches, among its ingredients. Needing to use so little of the formula per use can also save you over 95% on cleaners in both household and commercial use!

When storing furniture, for any reason, make sure to thoroughly clean and then wrap your furniture so that when you next use your furniture, you won’t have to worry about any surprises with a potentially troublesome after-the-fact cleaning or needing to all-together replace your furniture. Ha-Ra® provides an easy, fast, cleaning agent free of toxic chemical cleansers providing a harmonious solution for you, your furniture, and the environment!

Still need some advice on cleaning your furniture? Watch our step-by-step video:

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