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Thanksgiving Everyday

This year has been tough for many people. But, the coming of Thanksgiving reminds us that there is still lots of good for which to be thankful. Good that we can be thankful for everyday, not just on Thanksgiving. We can start now, and continue on for the year to come.

We can be thankful for our family, for our friends, for our wisdom, and our courage. Ha-Ra wants to be thankful too. Thankful for all of our customers, thankful for all the hardship you have been through, and all you have done for the earth as you continue to use Ha-Ra products. You are our family, you are our friends, you are wise, and you are strong! We thank you every day, and we love Thanksgiving, so we can be a part of your family as you prepare your home for the holidays.

Speaking of preparing your home for Thanksgiving, Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean your kitchen. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean your bathroom. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean the windows. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean the floors. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean outdoors. No matter where you clean, Ha-Ra is here for you. And the earth is thankful to us all, too, for using fewer chemicals and wasting fewer materials every day. 

So this Thanksgiving, think about what you’re thankful for this year and share it with your loved ones, whether in person with each other or video chatting online. Share the good, share the love, share the Ha-Ra! Happy Thanksgiving!

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