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Take Out the Trash in 2021

Happy New Year! You made it! 2020 is over, and it’s time to take out the trash. That’s right, all of it! All of the trash in the house, in the garage, in the office, in the car, in the bag, in your relationships, in the inbox, in the history, in your mind, and in your spirit. Ditch all the garbage that was weighing you down in 2020. Lighten your load, and live lighter and freer in 2021. Breathe a deep breath of fresh new air with every bit of rubbish you remove from your life forever. 

This includes trashing all of those old gross, nasty, stale, dirty, poisonous, and polluting, cleaning supplies. Why do you have six half empty random cleaning products under your sink? Why do you “clean” your house with dirty toxic products? 2021 is finally here, and it’s finally time to clear out all of that rotten stuff, and clean easier, clean freer, clean healthier, clean greener, and well, clean CLEANER!

STEP 1: Trash the paper towels and blue window chemicals on the windows. 

Replace them with the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaning Kit, and feel like a professional window cleaner in your own home. Let the sunlight in, and let your light shine out to the world with crystal clear windows! Feels good! 

STEP 2: Trash the dirty, old rags and all-purpose generic chemicals in the kitchen.

Replace them with the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit, and keep your food away from those other nasty products. We spend so much time in our kitchens, why do we keep so much trash in there? Upgrade your kitchen merely by cleaning it better!

STEP 3: Trash the wipes and toxic chemicals in the bathroom.

Replace them with the Ha-Ra Bathroom Kit, and clean the place where you clean yourself! A lot of unpleasant things go on in the bathroom, but cleaning it shouldn’t be one of them. 

STEP 4: Trash the broom and harsh chemicals on the floors.

Replace them with the Ha-Ra Floor Kit, and feel like your walking through a showroom in your room! Don’t you hate walking barefoot on your floor and your feet pick up all the dust and dirt that has accumulated there on a daily basis. Wipe down the floors easily and effectively!

Ha-Ra is here to help you trash it all! Go into 2021 with only what’s important to you. And, try your absolute hardest to keep it that way. It’s okay if you don’t though… we’ll be here next year to remind you again. Have a wonderful new year!

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The True Holiday Spirit

The Holidays! It’s not where you are, but who you are virtually with!

This year’s holiday season, we get to truly appreciate the spirit of the season. It’s not where you are, or what you get, but who you are with and what you give! Maybe it’s in person or maybe it’s virtual, we can be grateful for technology. We can express our love wherever we are. We can give our joy to everyone around us. We can be together while being thousands of miles apart. This is the real miracle of the season! Happiness and love can’t be stopped by any distance, social or otherwise. 

So what about cleaning the house? You’re off the hook! Yay! The gifts just keep coming! You don’t have to clean the house for everyone before they come, or clean up after them when they leave. Double bonus! No cleaning this year…

“Ha! Nice try!” many of you are lamenting. The immediate family is still going to make a mess opening presents and making breakfast. The Christmas tree needles are all over the floor, there’s fake snow sprayed on the windows, the salt and sludge is all over the cars. Being trapped in the house for months has created a holiday hog sty! 

No worries, Ha-Ra is here for you! Let’s see what we can pull out of Santa’s sack of gifts for you this year…

For the Floors – We reach into the sack and pull out this treasure that you have been wanting since you were a small child (ok maybe not that long), the Ha-Ra Floor Kit!

For the Windows – We again reach deep down into our magical sack of goodies and pull out a miracle you can’t believe you ever lived without, the Ha-Ra Window Kit!

For the Kitchen – We notice something buried way down in the bottom of our red velvet sack, something so useful, you probably already have it, but hey you can always share this one with someone else, the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit!

For the Cars – Let’s check the stockings! Sure enough a bonus gift in the stocking proves to be amazing for making the cars sparkle, the Ha-Ra Star Cloth!

Ho Ho Ha-Ra! This holiday season enjoy your loved ones no matter where they are, give, love and be merry, but at some point go ahead and clean up a little too. Ha-Ra is here for you. Happy Holidays!

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Thanksgiving Everyday

This year has been tough for many people. But, the coming of Thanksgiving reminds us that there is still lots of good for which to be thankful. Good that we can be thankful for everyday, not just on Thanksgiving. We can start now, and continue on for the year to come.

We can be thankful for our family, for our friends, for our wisdom, and our courage. Ha-Ra wants to be thankful too. Thankful for all of our customers, thankful for all the hardship you have been through, and all you have done for the earth as you continue to use Ha-Ra products. You are our family, you are our friends, you are wise, and you are strong! We thank you every day, and we love Thanksgiving, so we can be a part of your family as you prepare your home for the holidays.

Speaking of preparing your home for Thanksgiving, Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean your kitchen. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean your bathroom. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean the windows. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean the floors. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean outdoors. No matter where you clean, Ha-Ra is here for you. And the earth is thankful to us all, too, for using fewer chemicals and wasting fewer materials every day. 

So this Thanksgiving, think about what you’re thankful for this year and share it with your loved ones, whether in person with each other or video chatting online. Share the good, share the love, share the Ha-Ra! Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between

Get the Kids! It’s Time for the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between!

It’s new tradition time again! With the unforeseen COVID-19 and quarantine, this lean and mean Halloween be keen to try something new, fun, and green. Instead of trick or treating, celebrate the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between! The what??? It’s the perfect excuse to clean and have fun with the kids. Think of an Easter egg hunt but for Halloween.

Here’s what to do…

Step 1 – Clean Between

Grab a Ha-Ra glove, like the Mach6, or the Nano, or the Natura, and clean between. Clean between the fridge and the wall. Clean between the couch cushions. Clean between the TV screen and the wall. Clean between the vents. Clean between the floor and the furniture. Clean between the light bulbs and the lamp shades. Basically clean between everything. 

Step 2 – Unseen

Get some Halloween candy from the store. The fun size ones will work best! Then, some time before Halloween, hide the candy all over the house, in all of those newly clean “between” areas. In other words, make the candy unseen. Good side tip: Make sure you write down where you hid everything, heaven forbid you forget some candy behind the fridge!

Step 3 – Ha-Ra-lloween

On Halloween night or which ever night you would normally go trick or treating, have the kids dress up in their costumes (it’ll make for fun pictures) and tell them that it’s time for the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between! A ghost named Ha-Ra has made all the candy unseen between everything, and it’s their job to find it. So fun!

That’s it! Enjoy! What a great new way to clean the often forgotten parts of the house. And even though next year we’ll hopefully be back to trick or treating, you can keep the tradition going, just do it after the trick or treating with the candy they collected instead. 🙂

Hooray for the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between!

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Back to School or Not Back to School: Clean Accordingly

There is much debate these days about whether or not it’s a good idea to return to in-person school. Regardless of which one it’s going to be for you, let Ha-Ra help adjust your cleaning routine to better accommodate the situation! Let’s look at some things that can change and some things that shouldn’t…

Back to School

You can hold off cleaning the home office/Zoom Zone, or wherever the computer resides. Forget anything that is messy or dirty in the background of your web camera. Instead, focus on the laundry and washing/ironing your pants. You haven’t needed them much these days, but you’ll want to put those on before you leave the house. 🙂 You might also want to clean out the garage and wipe the cobwebs off your car. You can use your handy Ha-Ra Brilliant Polishing Cloth to freshen up the inside of the car. You can also wipe down the lunchbox and backpack while you’re at it! 

The living room will also not be seeing as much action, so you can put that on the back burner until the weekend too. Less TV watching, video game playing, and family craft projects, means less mess and less to clean. Yay!

Not Back to School

If you or your child will be staying home for school for a while, then you’ll want to clean a few things regularly. And, why waste your money on cleaning products that you keep having to repurchase?! With just water and Ha-Ra, you can clean over and over again, and some of these areas will definitely need it!

Frankly, everything in the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit will work beautifully. Most important on the school at home cleaning list is that Zoom Zone! Wipe the computer down, wipe the camera, wipe the screen, wipe the mouse, wipe the keyboard, wipe the desk around it. Clean the windows, so you have good light coming in (making you look your best on camera). 

The bedrooms and living room are going to see a lot more action, so those will need regular upkeep. Just like your awesome Hedgehog Glove, the Floor Perfect Nano Hedgehog Pad is amazing on the floors. And, you’ll also want to wipe down the game controllers, remote control, coffee table, TV, and the rest of the surfaces in those rooms. 

Always and Forever

Regardless of whether school is a go or a stay, the kitchen and the bathrooms are always going to need some attention. So, keep wiping those down like you always do with your Ha-Ra Kitchen and Bathroom Kits. You know what to do! And Ha-Ra is here for you!