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Are You Ready for 2020?

So many deadlines, dreams, goals, plans, and aspirations slapped a date of 2020 on them as the year everything will finally be achieved! Well, here we are. You finally made it! The question is: are you ready? Did you achieve your goal? If so, congratulations!

If not, good news, there’s a loophole… we technically have until the end of 2020. We have less than 12 months to quit procrastinating and make it all happen. 

You can do it! We believe in you and are here to help. Going green, finding more time, and finally cleaning parts of the house that look like abandoned museum exhibits. Ha-Ra can cover you for all of those goals.

Here are the 3 ways you’ll know you are ready for 2020!

  1. You wrote it down. Whatever it is – goal, dream, plan, shopping list, whatever! Write it down now or as soon as you think of it. Digital screens have destroyed our short term memories. It has a 100% greater chance of happening if it’s written down. Journal, diary, notepad, smart phone app, kitchen wall, wherever. It’s gone otherwise.
  2. You have the supplies. Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime… but only if he has a fishing pole, bait, and a bucket. He won’t achieve anything without the proper supplies. We often set goals but don’t get ourselves the supplies to achieve them.
  3. You know the ‘WHY’. Attaching the WHY makes it real. Makes it worth it. Makes it a story. Makes it memorable. Makes it happen! When we know why we are putting in the effort, we are more likely to do it. The more specific the why, the better.

Here’s an great example:

  1. Write down a list of the forgotten areas of the house that need cleaning.
  2. Get your Mach6 Glove, or Viva Mini Cloth, and restock your Ha-Ra supplies like your Blue Paste and Protective Formula.
  3. Why? Because you will finally be able to use those parts of the house again. It feels so good!

2020 is the end. The end of unfinished business. The end of excuses. The end of cleaning your house with chemicals. It’s the beginning of new goals, new dreams, new achievements, new clean, new life!  Are you ready? With Ha-Ra, you surely will be.

Happy New Year! Happy Achieving! Happy 2020! Happy Ha-Ra!

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Happy Ha-Radays – A Clever Plan for Giving to the Green & Not-So-Green Alike

Some people are naughty to the earth and some are nice. Some people love being green, and some are seeing red, are so over it, or just don’t even care. Luckily, your gifts this year can satisfy everyone on your list, with the biggest gift of all going to Mother Earth.

Everyone makes a mess at some point; therefore, everyone needs good cleaning products! The easier it is to clean, the easier is it to be clean. And, cleanliness equals happiness in our eyes. So, don’t just spread holiday cheer, this year, spread Ha-Raday cheer. 

Follow this clever little plan:

Step 1: Make a list of everyone you need to give a present to this holiday season.

Step 2: After their name identify if they are green or not-so-green.

Step 3: Go to 

Step 4: Order a cleaning product for everyone on your list.

Step 5: On the card, include the following text with the rest of your loving message.

Not-So-Green Folks: “I got you this gift because I know you hate cleaning. I know that you like products that actually work well. When I saw this I totally thought of you! This will save you so much time and effort.” 

Green Folks: “I got you this gift because I know you hate cleaning. I know you like being good to the earth. I know that you like products that actually work well. When I saw this I totally thought of you! This will save you so much time and effort, and save the earth too.”

There you have it! In one trip to one website, you can please everybody. Of course, the clever part of it is that because all Ha-Ra products are good for the environment, even the not-so-green folks are still doing their part without even knowing it! (Well, until they read this post when they order more Ha-Ra products on their own later. Until then, your secret, clever plan is safe.)

So much of your time spent shopping saved and so much of their time spent cleaning saved. And, a little bit of the earth saved as well. 🌎

Happy Ha-Radays!

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Thanksgiving Black Friday Swap

This may be blasphemy, it may be genius, it may be giving in, but it may be just perfect for you and your family. This year, if you are partaking in the holiday shopping frenzy, try swapping Thanksgiving Thursday with Black Friday.

Hear us out… The retailers have already ruined Thanksgiving by moving all the Black Friday sales to Thursday, actually ON Thanksgiving. So why not let the current take you rather than fight it? This year, go shopping on Thanksgiving Day, and have your feast on Friday!

Let’s appreciate how great this is; here are six reasons to make the swap:

  1. You don’t have to wake up super early to get the turkey in oven so it can be ready by noon, so that you can be finished in time to still go shopping later in the afternoon. So much to pack into one day. So stressful, so tiring. Go ahead and sleep in!
  2. You can actually enjoy the football games because you will be awake and not in a turkey coma.
  3. If you want, you can go to someone else’s Thanksgiving feast on Thursday and not stress about your own until Friday.
  4. You will have extra things to be grateful when you go around the table, because you can be thankful for the amazing deal you got on the new flat screen TV you got yesterday.
  5. Your loved ones can do their own thing on Thursday and still come over for your feast on Friday, win win. They will be so grateful!
  6. You will have Saturday and Sunday to clean up. Giving thanks every minute for how simple and effortless all your favorite Ha-Ra products make cleaning the house, especially the kitchen. Speaking of cleaning the kitchen, the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit is perfect for the job. It consists of the essential cloths for keeping your kitchen sparkling clean after cooking that Black Friday Feast! Plus, all kits are 15% OFF on Black Friday this year!

So this year give it a try, swap your Thursday and Friday traditions and enjoy the new world the retailers have forced upon us rather than overload this beautiful time of year for remembering the good things in life like family, friends, health, and Ha-Ra! 

Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to check out all of our Ha-Ra Holiday Deals starting Friday and ending Monday.

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Green Halloween

Sure, Halloween is usually orange and black, but this year it can be green too! Halloween is a perfect holiday for eco-friendly choices. The scariest thing on Halloween is not the ghost or the vampire, but the fact that we are destroying this planet. Make it a Green Ha-Ra-lloween by using Ha-Ra eco-friendly products to clean your life.

Plus here are 5 other tips for your HallowGREEN!

1. Reuse materials from around the house for your costume.

This is the best part of Halloween, finding random items from around the house and weaving them together in a clever costume that your friends and family will certainly roll their eyes at. No need to go out and buy something to wear for just one night, and then store or eventually throw away. Even better, use recyclable materials like bottles, cans, newspaper, toilet paper rolls, etc. to get really creative.

2. Use old leftover candles for your Jack-o-Lantern.

Everybody has a low, almost used up candle lying around. Instead of buying new candles for Jack, light him up with that random gross scented candle your aunt gave you. It’ll be outside, so you don’t have to smell it.

3. Use a pillowcase for trick or treating.

Instead of a plastic bag or plastic pumpkin, just use a pillowcase. Hey, it’s that simple! Plus it is WAY bigger and can hold a whole lot more candy.

4. Two words: Pumpkin Compost

If you are reading this, there is slightly higher than average chance that you have a compost pile, or are looking for the right time to start one. Well here it is! Pumpkins are great for compost! Do your neighbors a favor, make a trip around the neighborhood and collect their rotten pumpkins. More compost for you. Remove any remaining seeds (and bake them up as tomorrow’s snack), cut the pumpkins into pieces, and add them to the compost! Win win for everyone!

5. Clean up after the Halloween party with Ha-Ra.

Halloween parties are so much fun, but can also leave a crazy, scary mess. If you don’t have any Ha-Ra products yet, start here with the Ha-Ra Starter Kit. The Ha-Ra Protective Formula in the kit has a highly environmentally-friendly formula (produced from raw plant materials). It helps with the cleaning process, protects the cleaned surface, and protects and maintains your Ha-Ra cleaning fibers.

Don’t be scared to make good choices. The real monsters are those who don’t care about this planet. And, you can dress as a super hero and be an actual hero by using Halloween as yet another opportunity to save the day and save the earth! Happy Ha-Ra-lloween!

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Sunday, Game Day, Lazy Cleaning Day!

It’s Sunday! It’s Game Day! It’s time to just relax on the sofa, watch the game, and maybe a well deserved nap! It’s definitely not a cleaning day! But, alas the house is a mess…

How can you clean using as little energy as possible? How can you clean without your body and mind realizing they’re doing work? Ha-Ra has got you covered! It’s time for some Ha-Ra lazy cleaning on this lazy fall game day Sunday afternoon.

Here are 5 low-energy, but super effective, cleaning tips:

  1. Glove Up and Go! Who wants to deal with a bucket of water and nasty rags, or waste bunch of paper towels? Just throw on the Ha-Ra Mach 6 Glove and knock out the whole house in one run. It’s the cleaning equivalent of running the opening kickoff back for a touchdown. Score! Our Mach6 is the glove for all surfaces in the house. The combination of different fibers makes it a great glove for breaking up dirt and removing it. It can be used everywhere in the house.
  2. Just Do the Taps! Here’s a genius low-energy trick! If the metal faucets and knobs are shiny, it makes the whole bathroom, and even the kitchen, sparkle. Save the shower deep clean for another day! After your Mach 6 touchdown, you can throw down the hammer and quickly polish those taps with the Ha-Ra Hammer Cloth. The Hammer Cloth is a highly absorbent towel used for polishing and buffing up shiny surfaces without leaving streaks. It is safe to use on stainless steel, granite countertops, taps, and mirrors without streaking.
  3. Ditch the Paper Towels! Only rookies use paper towels and window cleaner to clean the windows. Do you see professional window cleaners using that mess? Obviously they want to work as efficiently as possible, and so do you! Use the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaner Viva to quickly and painlessly wipe the windows and be back on the couch before the commercials are over. With the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaning System, you can clean windows faster and better than a professional, with less effort and without harmful chemicals.
  4. Run the Sweep! Your favorite football team can run the sweep play with little effort and maximum effect, and so can you! You can be done with your floors in about the same time it takes them to run the play. With the New Ha-Ra Floor Kit, sweeping is simple. The 12.8″ Ha-Ra Floor Express Perfect handle in combination with the 12.8″ Ha-Ra Floor Perfect fibers will make cleaning your floors a breeze. Your floors will be cleaner than ever before, and you might actually enjoy cleaning your floors for the first time in your life. In combination with the Ha-Ra Floor Express fiber floor pads, you can clean almost any type of floor.
  5. Let’s Go Blue! Level Up Power Play! You’re in the red zone, and it’s time for that secret power play. Don’t show the other team, but here is the secret play of the game: Ha-Ra Blue Paste! Add it to your lazy day cleaning for even more power and effectiveness. Ha-Ra Blue Paste is a micro-fine marble meal that removes tough stains on many surfaces without using harsh chemicals. It is very economical and increases the cleaning power of the Ha-Ra fibers (tar stains, insects, lime, grease).

Game Summary: you win! The house is clean, and you barely missed a second of the game! What a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Ha-Ra is the MVP of your cleaning dynasty!