How It Works

Ha-Ra Fiber Technology

A little elbow grease and the patented Ha-Ra fiber technology go a long way!

The Ha-Ra cleaning products consist of millions of extremely fine fibers. These fibers are so fine that they can loosen even the most stubborn dirt and grease particles, which are then held amongst the fibers due to their capillary action. This makes removing dirt from any kind of surface extremely easy without the need for chemicals.

Part of the Ha-Ra cleaning system is the Ha-Ra Protective Formula. The plant based and biologically- degradable liquid protects the fibers and helps them releaseing the dirt they picked up. The combination of the fine fibers and the Protective Formula allows you to clean almost any surface without the need of harsh chemicals.

Why are the Ha-Ra fibers so special?

The invention of these special fibers are due to a genuine concern that the inventor of the Ha-Ra products, Hans Raab, showed, as he became aware of health problems among the employees in his cleaning company. Most of these problems could be traced back to the daily use and exposure to the various types of cleaning agents. After years of research, he developed a viable method for production of a fiber, that cleans effectively using water only.

Constant research and development work over the years have resulted in a wide variety of fibers (more than 170 patented variations).

And the environment benefits too: Using Ha-Ra cleaning products reduces the chemical waste created by chemical cleaning agents, as well as they greatly reduces the need for packaging.