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Take Out the Trash in 2021

Happy New Year! You made it! 2020 is over, and it’s time to take out the trash. That’s right, all of it! All of the trash in the house, in the garage, in the office, in the car, in the bag, in your relationships, in the inbox, in the history, in your mind, and in your spirit. Ditch all the garbage that was weighing you down in 2020. Lighten your load, and live lighter and freer in 2021. Breathe a deep breath of fresh new air with every bit of rubbish you remove from your life forever. 

This includes trashing all of those old gross, nasty, stale, dirty, poisonous, and polluting, cleaning supplies. Why do you have six half empty random cleaning products under your sink? Why do you “clean” your house with dirty toxic products? 2021 is finally here, and it’s finally time to clear out all of that rotten stuff, and clean easier, clean freer, clean healthier, clean greener, and well, clean CLEANER!

STEP 1: Trash the paper towels and blue window chemicals on the windows. 

Replace them with the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaning Kit, and feel like a professional window cleaner in your own home. Let the sunlight in, and let your light shine out to the world with crystal clear windows! Feels good! 

STEP 2: Trash the dirty, old rags and all-purpose generic chemicals in the kitchen.

Replace them with the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit, and keep your food away from those other nasty products. We spend so much time in our kitchens, why do we keep so much trash in there? Upgrade your kitchen merely by cleaning it better!

STEP 3: Trash the wipes and toxic chemicals in the bathroom.

Replace them with the Ha-Ra Bathroom Kit, and clean the place where you clean yourself! A lot of unpleasant things go on in the bathroom, but cleaning it shouldn’t be one of them. 

STEP 4: Trash the broom and harsh chemicals on the floors.

Replace them with the Ha-Ra Floor Kit, and feel like your walking through a showroom in your room! Don’t you hate walking barefoot on your floor and your feet pick up all the dust and dirt that has accumulated there on a daily basis. Wipe down the floors easily and effectively!

Ha-Ra is here to help you trash it all! Go into 2021 with only what’s important to you. And, try your absolute hardest to keep it that way. It’s okay if you don’t though… we’ll be here next year to remind you again. Have a wonderful new year!

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