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Sporting Season is Here! Let Us Help Your Home Stay Clean.

Now that we’re almost into October, and the leaves are beginning to change from a lively, bright green to a warm, muted mixture of orange, yellow, and brown, our laundry rooms are also changing. What once was an aromatic combination of lavender and daisies, reminiscent of Spring and Summer, has become a more potent mix of outdoorsy, athletic gear and piles of grass-stained laundry. So whether you’re a soccer mom responsible for cleaning the shin guards of 22 elementary soccer super stars, or a father helping your college-aged child catch up with mounds of laundry after Fall Rush, Ha-Ra has got you covered.

We would highly suggest two of our products that can help you clean both your gear and your clothes this Autumn, as well as year round, while still staying safe for the environment and helping your house to continue smelling so fresh, so clean:

IMG_8088Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth – Ideal for football pads, field hockey sticks, lacrosse equipment, and cleats of all shapes and sizes, the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth will clean the dankest, dirtiest gear your young one can even think to supply, and all you need is water! Combining a supreme cleaning product along with high water absorption, the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth saves you time and energy, as well as your sense of smell, in helping to eliminate grass, mold, and dirt odors, by cleaning equipment before they have a chance to sit and fester. Providing you two cleaning surfaces, one composed of 100% polyester blue microfibers, about a third of an inch long, on one side, and one made of 100% polyamide black fibers on the other, the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth should be used in conjunction with the Ha-Ra Protective Formula for the long lasting cleaning of any and all Fall sports equipment.

DSC_3767Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls – Ideal for both loads of laundry as well as loading into a dishwasher, Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls is a concentrated detergent made with natural soap stone and soap roots, is biodegradable, and lasts for 150 cycles in the washing machine, 250 loads in your dishwasher, or if used in tandem can still lead to nearly 100 loads of both (accounting for ideal water hardness and proper portion control). Once you’ve cleaned all your dirty sports equipment, you can clean the uniforms peeled off of that equipment, alongside your Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth, with a single, pre-portioned Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearl. Free of chlorine and corrosive chemical compounds (including but not limited to bleach, phosphates, and synthetic fragrances) Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls will clean everything from the dishes used to help the booster club potluck, to the uniforms, jerseys, and practice clothes, of your basketball, volleyball, and cross country stars.

Ha-Ra has a full line of natural, cost-effective cleaning products to suit all of your cleaning needs, and Ha-Ra products are not just ideal for use in the Fall. Clean your outside grilling equipment with the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth to use all Summer for delicious BBQ; wipe off your reading glasses with the Ha-Ra Eyeglass Cloth and curl up with a nice book during a Spring rainstorm; or use the Ha-Ra Floor Kit to protect and prevent damage from the elements during the Winter. Ha-Ra is the ideal cleaning agent to keep a clean, safe, and environmentally sound house, all year long!

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