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The Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between

Get the Kids! It’s Time for the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between!

It’s new tradition time again! With the unforeseen COVID-19 and quarantine, this lean and mean Halloween be keen to try something new, fun, and green. Instead of trick or treating, celebrate the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between! The what??? It’s the perfect excuse to clean and have fun with the kids. Think of an Easter egg hunt but for Halloween.

Here’s what to do…

Step 1 – Clean Between

Grab a Ha-Ra glove, like the Mach6, or the Nano, or the Natura, and clean between. Clean between the fridge and the wall. Clean between the couch cushions. Clean between the TV screen and the wall. Clean between the vents. Clean between the floor and the furniture. Clean between the light bulbs and the lamp shades. Basically clean between everything. 

Step 2 – Unseen

Get some Halloween candy from the store. The fun size ones will work best! Then, some time before Halloween, hide the candy all over the house, in all of those newly clean “between” areas. In other words, make the candy unseen. Good side tip: Make sure you write down where you hid everything, heaven forbid you forget some candy behind the fridge!

Step 3 – Ha-Ra-lloween

On Halloween night or which ever night you would normally go trick or treating, have the kids dress up in their costumes (it’ll make for fun pictures) and tell them that it’s time for the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between! A ghost named Ha-Ra has made all the candy unseen between everything, and it’s their job to find it. So fun!

That’s it! Enjoy! What a great new way to clean the often forgotten parts of the house. And even though next year we’ll hopefully be back to trick or treating, you can keep the tradition going, just do it after the trick or treating with the candy they collected instead. 🙂

Hooray for the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between!

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