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Make Your Father Proud This Father’s Day With Ha-Ra Math

We all want to make our fathers proud no matter how old we get. Yet, every year we end up disappointing him with the boring gifts we get him. He has to pretend that he loves the fish tie or the coffee mug. If we really want to make dad proud, we would show him what responsible adults we have become! Using the Ha-Ra math below will really impress your father this year and for years to come…

Problem #1:

1 BBQ Grill + 3 Big Juicy Steaks – 1 Cheesy Dad Apron (last year’s gift) + The Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth = 1 Happy Dad not having to struggle to clean the grill after a delicious meal!

The Scrub Cloth cleans the dirtiest, greasiest areas using water only. It combines strong cleaning performance with high water absorption to save you time and energy. It cleans very dirty and greasy dishes, pans, pots, ovens, BBQs, grills, basins, grout, porcelain, taps, tiles, toilets, animal cages, etc.

Problem #2:

1 Pickup Truck + 3 Weeks of Commuting in Traffic – 1 Old “My kid’s an honor student!” (You are 25 now) Bumper Sticker +The Ha-Ra Green Glove + The Ha-Ra Star Cloth = 1 Proud Dad with a clean ride which is way cooler than that bumper sticker!

The Green Glove is the ideal cleaning glove for tough surfaces and tough dirt. Works amazingly well on hard-to-clean things while at the same time protecting your hand. Ideal for cleaning window frames, window sills, front doors, sliding doors, blinds, screens, patio and outdoor furniture, stairs, bars, stone surfaces, car rims, metal doors, etc.

The Star Cloth is a super absorbent cleaning and polishing cloth that works like a chamois for streak free cleaning of smooth surfaces. For all surfaces in the kitchen: cabinets, oven, refrigerator, stainless steel, work surfaces. It’s also great for the car, windows, glass, mirrors, and more.

Problem #3:

2 Car Garage + 10 Years of Junk – 2 Cars (No room) – 1 Fishing Rod (Another of your silly gifts, when was the last time you saw Dad go fishing) + A Saturday helping him throw bunch of stuff away + The Ha-Ra 16.7″ Floor Perfect Green Pad = 1 Relieved Dad who can park at least one of the cars in the garage now!

The Floor Perfect Green Pad can handle any tough job you can think of. Just add water, and a couple of drops of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, and clean patios, rubber floors, pool areas, and stone floors.

Problem #4:

1 Motorcycle – 2 Wheels + Some Spare Parts Lying Around – 1 Old German Style Helmet (Really you are a horrible gift giver) + The Ha-Ra Ultra Glove = 1 Nostalgic Dad who will one day ride again now that all the parts are clean at least. 

The Ultra Glove is the ideal combination of Ultra fibers (extra tough on grease) and Viva fibers (tough on dirt). The fibers retain a lot of water, dissolve grease and dirt, pick grease and dirt up, and easily release them when rinsed.

Who ever said you were bad at math?! I’m sure your dad always knew you could do it! And this year, you have finally proven that your math skills, life skills, and yes finally your gift giving skills, are worth your dad being proud of. This year, he can finally stop lying about the fact that the “honor student” bumper sticker was actually on the truck when he bought it. Because you truly are his little honor student!! Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

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