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A New Mother’s Day Tradition – More Than Just Flowers!

Dear Mothers,

Your day is almost here! You’ve earned it! You have spent the best years of your life taking care of your children. And once a year, they get you flowers. Sure they’re beautiful (the flowers of course), but wouldn’t a clean house make those flowers really shine?

Ha-Ra products make cleaning fun and easy. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will they make your daily life easier, but flowers and a clean house is a much better gift than just flowers. Make that the new Mother’s Day tradition in your family!

And now let us address your children for a moment. Please skip to the Blue Bouquet for the goods!

Dear Children,

Mother’s Day is almost here! Flower sales are skyrocketing! But flowers in a dirty home just do not feel the same as fresh flowers in a fresh home. A real Mother’s Day gift is the gift of clean. So whether you send your mother some high quality Ha-Ra products, use the ones she already has to clean the house for her, or bring your own from home, give those flowers a proper setting. Start a new tradition of flowers and a clean house. She cleaned up after you all these years, now it’s your turn to return the love. Trust me your mother is worth it!

Ha-Ra is going to help you out too. Directly below are some love notes you can write in the Mother’s Day card that accompanies your gift. You’re welcome. And keep reading through the Blue Bouquet for the goods!

“Roses are red, violets are blue, those are the flowers, and I’ll clean for you!”

“I know I was a mess, but you loved me through and through. Now it’s my turn to bless, and clean the house for you!

“I’m sorry I can’t be with you on this special day, but absence makes the heart grow stronger, and flowers make the smile brighter, but these Ha-Ra products will make your life easier.”

“Sorry I didn’t make your life as easy as this gift will! I love you!”

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the years. And if we had these awesome products when I was a kid, I swear I would have cleaned up more! Oh well, better late than never. Sorry. Love you!”

Okay children, good job making this year extra special for your mother! Choose some products from the Blue Bouquet below to make this a new tradition your mother will cherish forever!


HA-RA BLUE PASTE – A micro-fine marble meal that removes tough stains on many surfaces without using harsh chemicals. It is very economical and increases the cleaning power of the Ha-Ra fibers (tar stains, insects, lime, grease).

HA-RA SAPPHIRE CLOTH – Designed for high-powered cleaning using only the special sling fiber and water. No need to dry the surface, as it will be streak-free, you’ll have more time on your hands.

HA-RA MACH6 GLOVE – The glove for all surfaces in the house. The combination of different fibers makes it a great glove for breaking up dirt and removing it. Can be used everywhere in the house.

HA-RA FLOOR PERFECT NANO HEDGEHOG PAD – The cleaning power of the Nano fiber will surprise you. The blue monofil fibers will loosen the dirt and grime; the white fibers will pick it up for the perfect cleaning result.

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