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The True Holiday Spirit

The Holidays! It’s not where you are, but who you are virtually with!

This year’s holiday season, we get to truly appreciate the spirit of the season. It’s not where you are, or what you get, but who you are with and what you give! Maybe it’s in person or maybe it’s virtual, we can be grateful for technology. We can express our love wherever we are. We can give our joy to everyone around us. We can be together while being thousands of miles apart. This is the real miracle of the season! Happiness and love can’t be stopped by any distance, social or otherwise. 

So what about cleaning the house? You’re off the hook! Yay! The gifts just keep coming! You don’t have to clean the house for everyone before they come, or clean up after them when they leave. Double bonus! No cleaning this year…

“Ha! Nice try!” many of you are lamenting. The immediate family is still going to make a mess opening presents and making breakfast. The Christmas tree needles are all over the floor, there’s fake snow sprayed on the windows, the salt and sludge is all over the cars. Being trapped in the house for months has created a holiday hog sty! 

No worries, Ha-Ra is here for you! Let’s see what we can pull out of Santa’s sack of gifts for you this year…

For the Floors – We reach into the sack and pull out this treasure that you have been wanting since you were a small child (ok maybe not that long), the Ha-Ra Floor Kit!

For the Windows – We again reach deep down into our magical sack of goodies and pull out a miracle you can’t believe you ever lived without, the Ha-Ra Window Kit!

For the Kitchen – We notice something buried way down in the bottom of our red velvet sack, something so useful, you probably already have it, but hey you can always share this one with someone else, the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit!

For the Cars – Let’s check the stockings! Sure enough a bonus gift in the stocking proves to be amazing for making the cars sparkle, the Ha-Ra Star Cloth!

Ho Ho Ha-Ra! This holiday season enjoy your loved ones no matter where they are, give, love and be merry, but at some point go ahead and clean up a little too. Ha-Ra is here for you. Happy Holidays!

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Thanksgiving Everyday

This year has been tough for many people. But, the coming of Thanksgiving reminds us that there is still lots of good for which to be thankful. Good that we can be thankful for everyday, not just on Thanksgiving. We can start now, and continue on for the year to come.

We can be thankful for our family, for our friends, for our wisdom, and our courage. Ha-Ra wants to be thankful too. Thankful for all of our customers, thankful for all the hardship you have been through, and all you have done for the earth as you continue to use Ha-Ra products. You are our family, you are our friends, you are wise, and you are strong! We thank you every day, and we love Thanksgiving, so we can be a part of your family as you prepare your home for the holidays.

Speaking of preparing your home for Thanksgiving, Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean your kitchen. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean your bathroom. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean the windows. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean the floors. Ha-Ra is here for you as you clean outdoors. No matter where you clean, Ha-Ra is here for you. And the earth is thankful to us all, too, for using fewer chemicals and wasting fewer materials every day. 

So this Thanksgiving, think about what you’re thankful for this year and share it with your loved ones, whether in person with each other or video chatting online. Share the good, share the love, share the Ha-Ra! Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between

Get the Kids! It’s Time for the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between!

It’s new tradition time again! With the unforeseen COVID-19 and quarantine, this lean and mean Halloween be keen to try something new, fun, and green. Instead of trick or treating, celebrate the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between! The what??? It’s the perfect excuse to clean and have fun with the kids. Think of an Easter egg hunt but for Halloween.

Here’s what to do…

Step 1 – Clean Between

Grab a Ha-Ra glove, like the Mach6, or the Nano, or the Natura, and clean between. Clean between the fridge and the wall. Clean between the couch cushions. Clean between the TV screen and the wall. Clean between the vents. Clean between the floor and the furniture. Clean between the light bulbs and the lamp shades. Basically clean between everything. 

Step 2 – Unseen

Get some Halloween candy from the store. The fun size ones will work best! Then, some time before Halloween, hide the candy all over the house, in all of those newly clean “between” areas. In other words, make the candy unseen. Good side tip: Make sure you write down where you hid everything, heaven forbid you forget some candy behind the fridge!

Step 3 – Ha-Ra-lloween

On Halloween night or which ever night you would normally go trick or treating, have the kids dress up in their costumes (it’ll make for fun pictures) and tell them that it’s time for the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between! A ghost named Ha-Ra has made all the candy unseen between everything, and it’s their job to find it. So fun!

That’s it! Enjoy! What a great new way to clean the often forgotten parts of the house. And even though next year we’ll hopefully be back to trick or treating, you can keep the tradition going, just do it after the trick or treating with the candy they collected instead. 🙂

Hooray for the Great Ha-Ra-lloween Unseen Clean Between!

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Baby Stepping to Avoid a Bummer Summer

With summer coming to an end, there are lots of things going that can really drag you down. It’s important to stay engaged and continue to make the world a better place, but sometimes the news can be too much and make it seem like there’s no hope. You shouldn’t ignore but rather explore!

Explore what you can do in your life that matters. Summer is a time when the weather changes, and you can change too. It may seem trivial to start with the little things, but life is full of baby steps… Remember that feeling when you learned to walk? Of course not, but remember when your child, sister, brother, nephew, niece, friend’s child, learned to walk? Those first steps are one of the most celebrated moments in our lives. Baby steps are how it happens, but somewhere along the way we forget that and become impatient and/or lazy. And yet, the progress that comes from baby steps adds up to massive rewards. 

Is this a self help blog or a cleaning blog? Today it’s both! Baby stepping through cleaning is a great way to practice the “baby step” process. It’s the perfect way to remind yourself of how good it feels to accomplish a goal.

Clean one thing and stop. You did it! It’s clean! Go watch TV! Ok now clean two or three things, the whole kitchen counter maybe. You did it! And so on. It may take you awhile in the beginning but before long, you will have developed a cleaning routine that you’re doing without even thinking about it. And, with our Ha-Ra’s helpful products, it will take no time at all.

What if you are reading this and thinking, I already am a great cleaner? I have a routine!

Great! Maybe you can baby step to clean smarter and greener. Are you using Ha-Ra products to do your cleaning? Have you baby stepped your way through replacing all your harmful chemicals with products like Ha-Ra Blue Paste? Have you baby stepped through replacing those gross rags with a Ha-Ra Mach6 Glove? Have you baby stepped through cleaning your windows like a pro with a Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaner Viva? You get the idea. Head back to the Ha-Ra products pages and see what other baby steps you can take in your cleaning journey!

Make your remaining days of summer full of joy and adventure! As you baby step your way through cleaning and then onto bigger and better things, reaping reward after reward for you, those around you, and the world. Baby step number one, you finished reading this article… 🙂 

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5 Classic Dads for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate all those classic dads out there! Every man is different, but somehow dads are all the same. If your dad is anything like these classic dads, then join the club and celebrate Father’s Day the right way! 

Classic Dad #1:

Always locked and loaded with the, roll your eyes, not really funny, but actually a little funny, Dad Joke! Where do dads hear these jokes? Do they have a secret chat room where they share them with each other? Are they actually thinking them up all by themselves? They must be printed somewhere deep in the newspaper, since they are the only ones who read newspapers anymore. The secrets lie within.

If you want to give your dad a gift this year, laugh at his dad joke. Then, tell him a dad joke back. He can use it later on some unsuspecting relative or friend, and think of you fondly.

Classic Dad #2:

Always pinching pennies and proud of how much he saved on bananas at the supermarket (even though his wife asked him to get oranges). When you are trying to raise a family, money can get tight at times. Someone has to look out for the budget, but why does Dad take such pride in the littlest saving?! Of course, they always harass you about your money too. But, without those tightwad dads in our heads every time we shop online, we would probably spend so much more. In the end, value is the name of game.

For Father’s Day, give him the gift of pride by showing him how smart you have been with your money. Show him your Ha-Ra Mach 6 Glove. He will be so proud of you for buying such a practical item.

Classic Dad #3:

Always ready to grill anything. He is the King of the Grill. If it were up to him, he would grill everything. He loves standing there with his beer and has his special method for cooking the meat just right! If this is your dad, you have probably got him every kind of grilling accessory that exists over the years of gifts.

And, even though he says the black tar covering the griddle adds flavor, that grill should be cleaned occasionally. This year, give him something that really works. Gift him the Ha-Ra Viva Ultra Cloth. Your dad and your stomach will thank you!

Classic Dad #4:

Always working never cleaning. He is always busy working; he never has time to participate in the cleaning. He doesn’t like cleaning. (Although, let’s be honest, does anybody really like cleaning?) We live in new age, a new world, cleaning is not just a woman’s job.

Just like he got your mom her own screwdriver and hammer, it’s time to get him his own cleaning tools. The Ha-Ra Kitchen Kitchen Kit is a perfect way to get him started. He will feel special with these high tech cleaning products that are so much better than that dirty old rag. 

Classic Dad #5:

Always loving us no matter what happens. Always there for us in our times of need. Always a perfect balance to our mothers. Always the greatest dad in the whole wide world! 


Ha-Ra celebrates all the dads and father figures out there getting us through these crazy times. If you’re not sure what to get your dad this year, Ha-Ra is here for you. And if you are a dad reading this, thank you for everything you have done for your family all of these years. Happy Father’s Day!