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7 Tips to “Green” your Spring Clean

According to the calendar, this past week included the start of Spring AND World Water Day. A major part of Ha-Ra’s cleaning system is its simplicity and reliance on natural resources like water. It is important to protect our water and commit to using eco-friendly products like Ha-Ra to ensure our environment survives.


Here are some tips to make your Spring cleaning a bit more resourceful this year:

1. Clean floors are a refreshing reminder that winter is gone.

Get rid of all that salt, slush, and grime, from a hard winter, with the Ha-Ra Floor Perfect System. When you’re finished, “green” your clean by throwing the dirty water on your flower bed outside rather than down the drain. Ha-Ra is bio-degradable and will not harm your budding plants.

2. Clean windows let that spring sunshine brighten your home.

Wipe down all the windows and screens with Ha-Ra’s Vario Window Cleaner. You’ll be amazed at what a difference clean windows can make, and now you have more reusable water for the lawn!

3. Prepare your kitchen for all those fresh fruits and vegetables.

After a winter of imported produce, spring brings fresh strawberries and green beans. You want your kitchen counters and refrigerator to be clean and ready to receive those healthy organics. Since Ha-Ra is made from plants and not harmful chemicals, it’s perfect for kitchens. We’ve got tons of kitchen sponges and cloths to help with the dirty work.

4. Make that old salty car look brand new.

Nothing shows the confidence of spring like a clean car. No more winter salt stains, no more windshield wiper patterns. Why pay for a car wash when you already everything you need from your Ha-Ra Protective Formula and Natura Glove? Save water by purchasing a spray head for your hose, that way it won’t run the whole time you are cleaning.

5. Bring out the shorts. 

Put all those winter sweatshirts and snow pants away, your not going to need them anymore! It’s time to free your warm season wardrobe, and give them their first wash of the spring with Ha-Ra’s Saponella Blue Pearls. Make sure to use the proper water level settings on the washer and air dry your clothing to save electricity.

6. Might as well clean the bathroom while you’re on a roll.

All of your spring BBQ guests will be so impressed with how clean and fresh your bathrooms are. They’ll be sneaking a peak under your sink to see what cleaning products you used and won’t be surprised to find Ha-Ra. Green your clean by using the water in the back of the toilet and some Ha-Ra, when your done just flush!

7. Fill the house with flowers.

Bring the spring inside. Nothing reminds you more that spring is here than a beautiful bouquet of sweet smelling flowers. You’ve earned it; the house looks marvelous! Not only did you clean it all, but you were saving the environment in the process! Way to go green for your spring clean with Ha-Ra!