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4 Summer Gift Ideas for Dads & Grads

As we all make a mad dash into June and into the summer, Ha-Ra would like to send a special combined thank you and congratulations to all the Dads and Grads in 2015! We have a number of suggestions that will help you deliver the perfect gift for one, the other, or BOTH in these upcoming weeks of summer:


For the Serious Stylist

Everyone knows that ties and socks are the premier go to gift for dads, but these are not the only wardrobe choices to go with when gifting your Dad and/or Grad this summer. Watches, clothing, and shoes offer a great mix of classic and contemporary options that provide apparel that appeals to anyone of any era.

Once they have a closet full of your best selections, help them keep their new clothes clean with Ha-Ra’s Saponella Blue Pearls; a concentrated laundry detergent that can also act as a dish washing detergent. One bucket is enough for 150 wash cycles and is free of chlorine and corrosive materials. Made with biodegradable plant sources, Ha-Ra’s Saponella Blue Pearls are good for both your closet and the environment!

For the Foodie Fanatic

From dining in with a personalized homemade meal to dining out on the town, there are countless ways to keep your Grad well fed and feeling well appreciated. And, were your father interested in catching food for the tribe or simply grilling up their purchase, there are many conventional and hi-tech ways to keep dad active and sated.

When it’s time to clean up those inevitable messes, Ha-Ra has a wide variety of kits for all your needs. Ha-Ra’s Starter Kit provides the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth. The Protective Formula, made from raw plant materials, cleans surfaces and the Ha-Ra fibers found in all of our cleaning products. This puts less stress on the environment and our cleaning cloths. The Nano is ideal for high-powered cleaning in any area, and the Star is super absorbent and works like a chamois for streak free cleaning on all surfaces!

For the Travel Titan

Whether you’re treating them to a trip around the town or around the globe, know that there are always unique and interesting travel options for your loved ones! Further, travel on the water or by land will make sure your Dad and/or Grad stays well-traveled and more than likely very filthy.

Help keep their vehicle cleaner than they are, with Ha-Ra’s Blue Paste. A micro-fine marble meal, Blue Paste removes tough stains without any harsh chemicals, and like the Protective Formula helps protect Ha-Ra fibers while also cleaning surfaces. Made of chalk, soapstone, and natural substances, it’s free of poison and acids and cleans, polishes, and conserves all in one application!

For the Gadget Guru

Individual 3-D Printers, Ultra-High Definition 4K televisions soon to be outdone by even greater resolution screens and technology, and Next Generation Gaming Consoles are all gadgets to be appreciated and utilized by any level graduate and any aged dad!

Maintaining a clear screen on any of these machines is crucial to use and presentation, and can be managed with Ha-Ra’s Brilliant Polishing Cloth. Used dry the cloth easily removes fingerprints and water stains, and used damp it removes light dirt for an unprecedented finish. Made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, Ha-Ra uses patent protected fibers that utilize the power of water to achieve stunning results without chemicals!

Whether you’re graduating from preschool or from law school, or if you’re father to a single infant or father to a brigade of adults, we want you to know that we’re very proud of all that you’ve done through the years and thank you for your guidance, both now and in the future.

Please bookmark Ha-Ra’s blog for upcoming lists and tips, and please check out our website for all of our many products to help you stay clean through the power of water!

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The end of summer is near, time to pack up the gear

As August passes into September and we look back on the summer, our boats and our recreational vehicles have given us a number of good times and amazing memories! Making sure we take advantage of every moment the summer has to offer, there’s still a good amount of time to make more of these memories, but it would be both efficient and prudent to start thinking about preparing them for storage.

While you take your boat, your RV, and all of your high performance summer vehicles out for one last spin, remember that there’s no better way to start the storage process than to clean them properly and thoroughly using Ha-Ra’s full family of patented products, all of which are tough on dirt and safe for the environment! The Ha-Ra cleaning gloves and cloths are made of a fiber blend that don’t rely on harsh chemicals like other cleaning agents, and all they require is about a half bucket of water to make your vehicle sparkle and shine.

Ha-Ra products can also save you over 90% on other cleaners, and aren’t just ideal to clean your vehicles, but can be used for household and commercial use, as well. Products that we especially recommend for cleaning your boat, car, or RV include:

51sW5Y7yM+L._SS60_The Mach 6 Glove, which is the ideal cleaning component from Ha-Ra for most all surfaces, from your seats to your dashboard, from your bumper to your running board. It’s reversible and provides two different cleaning mechanisms; the blue side is tough and helps loosen and remove dirt while the white side traps and releases any additional grime or moisture.

3158cb9b06L._SS60_The Green Glove is ideal for wheels, rims, propellers, or any surface that has the potential to get extremely dirty and that you’d like to see shine or taken well care of. The tough fibers of the Green Glove strip away stubborn, hard to reach and hard to remove, problem areas and will last for years, while at the same time protecting your hands from the harsh soil and surface.

31zC2e-s9sL._SS60_The Star Polishing Cloth helps bring a luxurious sheen to any of the windows in your boat, car, or RV, or any other smooth surface you’d like to see shine!! Using it free of water helps to remove any fingerprints or stains left by condensation and using it damp will help to remove light dirt and leave a streak-free finish. With proper care, the polishing cloth can also be used for eyeglasses, sunglasses, and electronics, for those last few sunny days on the water or for a long drive in the car!

31MTWQjjdiL._SS60_The Ha-Ra Rollfix contains the gentle, pH neutral Hans Raab Protective Formula and comes in a container that dispenses the perfect amount onto any of your Ha-Ra cleaning gloves or cloths. The Protective Formula enhances the Ha-Ra fiber cleaning products as well as protects the surface being cleaned. One drop of the Protective Formula per half gallon of water is all that it takes! And in the unfortunate case where a slight spill or stain has marred your carpeting in any of your vehicles, you can also use the Rollfix! Simply dampen the stain slightly with the Rollfix and wipe with a damp Ha-Ra glove or cloth.

31X+HxqHsTL._SS60_The Sapphire Cloth, a 100% polyester glove made of a combination of mechanical and micro-cleaning fibers, is ideal for cleaning bench tops, where in your boat or RV any table or kitchen counter can go from grimy to gorgeous with simply a swipe of the cloth.

41+X8SvLWkL._SS60_The Viva Ultra Cloth is the best agent against grease or grim. The specific Ultra fibers (engineered to combat grease) work in conjunction with the specialized Viva fibers (formatted to be tough on dirt) work very much like the two-sided Mach 6 glove, and pick up dirt and grease easily, releasing it without the use of harsh chemicals or cleaning agents.

No matter when you plan on hanging up the keys for the summer for your boat, your RV, your car, or any other recreational vehicle, make sure that before you do, you use any of these or Ha-Ra’s other full family of products to ensure that your good times and happy memories continue on into next summer, and many more summers to come!!