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Natural Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop For

Don’t know what to get? Get chemical-free!

Holiday shopping for loved ones or even just the boss can be tough these days. Why get them a can of cashews when you can get them something that will save them time, save them money, and save the environment. Make their lives easier and brighter this holiday season with these smart, natural, and chemical-free products. They will be thanking you all year long!

Love the Kids

Kids don’t like to clean, but they do love to help mommy and daddy. Love them by making it fun with a Ha-Ra Natura Glove. No chemicals needed. Just add water and let the cleaning fun begin. Kids will love the feeling of the glove working its natural cleaning magic as they wipe surfaces with it. And, because there are no chemicals you can feel good too.

Love the Pets

Your friends with pets will sing your praises when they open your gift this year! The Ha-Ra Mach6 Glove will make cleaning up after their pets as easy as a wag of the tail. Pets are always making a mess and chemicals aren’t good for them either. This simple convenient cleaning glove will save time and energy for your friends all year long. And, no chemicals will make their pets bark and purr with joy!

Love the Boss

Can’t think of a gift to get your boss? Almost everybody has a car and almost everybody wants their car to look shiny and new! The Ha-Ra Starter Kit is perfect for your boss and their car. Or maybe you don’t love your boss that many dollars. The Ha-Ra Green Glove is the perfect mix of loving the environment and having to get your boss a gift. Either way the boss, the car, and the earth will thank you.

Love the House

Home is where the heart is, and our homes need some TLC from time to time. Your friends, family, enemies, frenemies, BFFs, long lost twins, and even your mailman will appreciate your gift this year. Give them the Ha-Ra Bathroom Kit and take some of the ick out of cleaning the bathroom. Give them the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit to fill the kitchen with holiday cheer. Or give them the the Ha-Ra Floor Kit to make their floors shine like the star on top of the tree!

Love Yourself

Cleaning this holiday season doesn’t have to hurt you or the earth. It can be easy, enjoyable, economical, and extremely effective. Love yourself while giving love at the same time. Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls are ideal for psoriasis sufferers, people with allergies and asthmatics PLUS highly biodegradable. No bleaches, optical lighteners, enzymes, synthetic fragrances, starch, and foam regulators. 

Shopping doesn’t have to be hard this year. Spread the love with Ha-Ra; there’s still time…

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5 Rounds to Thanksgiving Prep Like a Pro

Here they come! Are you ready? Is your house? Family and friends are coming over to share in this special day of thanks. And, you can be thankful for all the easy ways you have to clean your home. It might be a long day, but it doesn’t have to be a hard day. Focus on food, family, and friends, not cleaning the house! Here are five rounds to cleaning quickly and effortlessly.

Round 1: Kitchen Quickie.

Before you start prepping your turkey, give the kitchen a quick clean making sure that your surfaces are ready to prepare your upcoming feast. Using your Ha-Ra Sapphire Cloth with just water to wipe down all the surfaces will give you more time for that big turkey.

Round 2: Love the bathroom.

Now that the turkey is in the oven, you can focus on the rest of the house. The bathroom is crucial. Guests can handle a little dust here or there, but they’ll definitely notice a dirty bathroom. Keep sinks, toilets, and shelves clean with the Ha-Ra Mach6 Glove!

Round 3: Knock the dust to the floor.

If you dust before you vacuum and sweep, then you can just dust care free, letting it all fall to the floor Dusting with a glove is also super fun and easy, and we have a glove for all occasions. For dusting, the Ha-Ra Dry Glove is the perfect fit!

Round 4: Conquer the floors.

After all other surfaces are clean, it’s time to address all the dirt eagerly awaiting pickup on the floor. Vacuum your carpets. Then, make your hard surfaces shine with the Ha-Ra Floor Kit. Beautiful!

Round 5: Cook the feast! Then, clean the kitchen.

After all that cooking, the kitchen is probably a disaster. But, don’t worry, cleaning up is super simple! Just bust out your handy Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth and clean all that grease and grime right up. Then, hit the floor with your Ha-Ra Floor Kit, and you are done!

When it is time for the guests to arrive, you and your home will be ready to go! Adjust the lighting. Put on some music. Give thanks, and eat yourself into a coma. Maybe let the kids clean up after everyone leaves… 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Reducing Your Plastic Use

Plastic. It’s a word on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason! With our oceans and landfills filling with mountains of plastic, communities are starting to pay attention to plastic use and thinking about sustainable alternatives. Some changes are easier than others, so we’ve compiled a list of ways you can personally decrease your plastic use.

Bring your own shopping bags.

There are so many alternatives to plastic bags, including cardboard boxes, or beautiful canvas bags. Keep them in your car for convenience! Remember mesh bags for fruit and vegetables as well.

Stop buying bottled water.

Get yourself a reusable bottle, and drink from the tap or a filtering system.

Bring your own cup: BYOC!

Keeping your favorite coffee mug on hand is easy and reduces waste from your daily coffee clutch.

Say no to straws!

There are plenty of alternatives, from metal to paper, to no straw at all! Straws are used for an average of 10 minutes and then thrown away. They take 100 years to break down…

Skip the disposables.

Razors, diapers, utensils, the list goes on! Get items that last, and keep them on hand.

Reusable food storage.

Reusable containers go a long way, and there are many sizes and shapes available for your needs!

Use Ha-Ra!

With Ha-Ra cleaning products, you’ll need fewer products and they last longer, which equals less waste overall! (Plus, they are chemical free.)


We’re all in this together! Have any other ideas on how to cut down your plastic consumption? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter: @harausa

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Show Your Father How To Be An Eco Hero

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Behind all the corny jokes, embarrassing fashion choices, and constant attempts to “build character”, there are some pretty eco-savvy dads out there. This year, show your love and appreciation for the important father figures in your life with green gifts that will help ensure there are many more generations of fathers to come!

Here are 5 of our favorite ideas:

  1. Buy secondhand or vintage: Does your dad need a new fishing pole or tie? Consider choosing items that are pre-loved!  They are often just as good, if not better, than the newer version, and your dad is sure to appreciate your thrifty thinking!

  2. Think reusable: Help your dad ditch the disposable coffee cups, bags, utensils, razors, etc. There are great reusable travel mugs, tote bags, and packable utensils that fit any dad’s style!

  3. Go green when you grill: Grilling is often a Father’s Day tradition, but before you fire up the barbecue, buy your food from local sources like farmer’s markets and grocery stores who support local farmers.

  4. Conscious brewing: Whether your dad loves his coffee, cold beer, or both, make sure he’s sipping on sustainable beans and organic beers!  There are plenty of choices out there, so put some thought into what you purchase.

  5. Get your dad hooked on Ha-Ra! Most dads love simplicity, efficiency, and value, so if your dad doesn’t already love Ha-Ra, he will.  We have plenty of products to choose from that will show your dad he raised you well.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day & Mother Earth

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the important role of motherhood and the person who literally brought you into this world.  Mother’s Day is also a day to celebrate any other mothers in your life, like another relative or someone who has been there for you like a mother. Perhaps the most universal mother of all, Mother Earth, should not be forgotten on this important day.  How can you celebrate the moms in your life while honoring Mother Earth? We have five ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that show a little love to Mother Earth too.

  1. Buy your mom a plant: Instead of buying your mother a bouquet of flowers that will die in a few days, opt for a plantable tree, bush, or other plant instead. Not only will this be a constant reminder to your mother of your love, it benefits the environment too.
  2. Go for a walk or bike ride: Never underestimate the gift of an experience over an object.  Spending quality time with your mother outside will create a sweet memory and immerse you in the beauty of the outdoors.
  3. Create a natural spa kit: Instead of pampering your mother at a traditional spa, make her some all-natural homemade bath and beauty products! Using ingredients like honey, coconut oil, and oatmeal, you can design and create the perfect natural products that are fun to use and don’t harm the environment or animals.
  4. Buy your mom reusable shopping bags: Thankfully the idea of using cloth shopping bags has started to catch on.  Many stores sell fun and beautiful bags that your mother can use over and over again!
  5. Get your mother hooked on Ha-Ra!  We have all kinds of products that will not only help your mother clean more thoroughly and efficiently, but they are free of harsh chemicals that cause harm to the earth and your health. With long lasting products that are eco-friendly, your mother and Mother Earth will surely thank you!