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The cleaning power of the Nano fiber will surprise you. The blue monofil fibers will loosen the dirt and grime, the white fibers will pick it up for the perfect cleaning result. Don’t use on very delicate surfaces like soft plastics and acrylics.The Nano glove has two different sides:One side: Combination of unique blue, monofile strand and white Nano fiber.Other side: White Nano fiber.About 35 million strands.Very intensive cleaning power.For all shower and bathroom surfaces. Car cleaning (white fiber on paint, blue fiber on rims). All surfaces in the kitchen. Ha-Ra fibers are patent protected and use the cleaning power of water to achieve exceptional results without the use of chemicals. Ha-Ra products can save over 95% on cleaners in both household and commercial use. Ha-Ra is safe to use and minimizes your exposure to toxic agents. Pick one of our specialized fibers and use it in combination with the plant based Ha-Ra Protective Formula (order number 0600).

  • The Ha-Ra Nano fiber is the fiber with the highest cleaning power. The blue fibers loosen the dirt and grime; the white fibers pick it up
  • The capillary action attracts water and the ultrasound effect of the Nano fibers breaks water drops down into tiny droplets for a very intensive cleaning action. The droplets are superior to regular water in loosening dirt and grime
  • Glove protects your hands when cleaning in corners and along edges, and when cleaning rough surfaces
  • High quality fiber, lasts for years if care instructions are followed
  • Patent protected, handmade in Germany


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