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Help Dad Unwind This Father’s Day

Selfless. Tireless. Relentless. There are plenty of ways to describe the number one guy in everyone’s life – Daddy Dearest. However, ‘well-rested’ usually isn’t in that lexicon. For the man who is consistently on the go, mid-June offers the perfect time for him to relax and regroup. With an entire family of items specifically engineered to take care of your cleaning needs while staying mindful of the environment, Ha-Ra feels a kinship with your devoted patriarch. Here are a number of suggestions on how to help him unwind this upcoming Father’s Day weekend:

One, if by Air:

A lesser utilized mode of air transportation that is no less fun than any other method to travel through the clouds is getting dad a hot-air balloon ride. Depending on the location and on the weather, someone can schedule an approximate hour-long trip for between $100 and $300 per person. And what better way to help dad see everything from that bird’s eye view than with a good set of Aviators. Ranging from $30 to $300, make sure to keep those specs sparkling with Ha-Ra’s Eyeglass Cloth. For use with eyeglasses or binoculars, and even on electronic screens for smart phones, tablets, and more, there’s no water needed to keep those surfaces shimmering. Removing finger prints, grease, and dust, Ha-Ra’s Eyeglass Cloth with give dad that twenty-twenty while up in the air and long after he’s come back down to the ground.

Two, if by Sea:

Whether dad sometimes slips off with a minnow of a jet ski or can always be found cruising with a shark of a speedboat, summer signifies time on the water. Take the weekend to treat dad to some fishing, big sport or little pond, some death defying water acrobatics, water skiing or parasailing, or just relax on the beach, taking in some sun or crushing a high-octane workout. Regardless of the method or the location, make sure to stay hydrated and responsible with a packed, top of the line cooler. With a price tag upwards of $400, you’ll want to make sure that cooler stays spotless with the Ha-Ra Mach6 Glove. For use on most all surfaces, the Mach6 is 100% polyamide fiber; the white is tightly woven for high capillary action and the blue and white mottled fiber is a combination of fibers, to help remove stubborn dirt and release it with ease.

Three… sure, three, if by Land:

Dune buggies, go-karts, motorcycles, classic hot-rods – most dads have given them all up. Proudly. The mini-van is now their preferred means of travel. Able to transport baseball teams in a single trip, dad has helped the crew get to where it needs to go and has long since said goodbye to his need for speed. Renew this with a drive-along with a professional racing instructor for as low as $100 or a full solo experience behind the wheel of a professional racing car coming in around $500. Depending on how fast takes those turns he might just need a Ha-Ra Natura Cloth to tidy up the dash. Ideal for damp dusting, the cloth can be used for cabinets, furniture, doors, and glass surfaces. The polyester fiber cleans and moisturizes; the cotton fabric absorbs the water and dirt. This combination of fibers saves time and reduces cleaning and polishing to one step.

From brand new fathers of infants to multi-generational heads of households, dad is sure to smile with whatever goodwill you send his way this summer. Just make sure that regardless of what path you choose, you let him know how much you love him and appreciate the life lessons he has sent your way. Ha-Ra appreciates the men and women across this country helping to raise their children and their families into wonderful members of society. Please follow the Ha-Ra blog for updates on all of our cleaning projects, and our thoughts and suggestions on how everyone can help keep our earth healthy, our wallets full, and our lives so fresh and so clean!

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