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Graduating with Ha-Ra Honors

Simply put, June is all about the #Grad. Whether your special someone has just conquered preschool and is moving onto the fabled first grade or if they just breezed through medical school at a prestigious ivy league institution, graduation celebrates the achievements of yesterday and with it the bright promises of tomorrow. Ha-Ra wants to help you celebrate these achievements in the best way we know how – keeping your cleaning costs down and your awareness of the environment up with our entire line of environmentally-sound, cost-effective products:

For the Pre-Primary #Grad

Running into the house, overtly excited to begin celebrating the leap into first grade (though arguably more excited about summer vacation / break), your little one is perhaps a bit too excited and doesn’t exactly make it to the bathroom in time. There’s no need to dampen the celebration any further, with the help of the Ha-Ra Bathroom Kit. Refreshingly stuffed with the Ha-Ra Ultra Glove, the Ha-Ra Natura Cloth, the Ha-Ra Brilliant Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth, this kit helps clean showers, sinks, toilets, and more, all with a streak-free finish. Additionally, a bottle of Ha-Ra Protective Formula helps you achieve the full benefit of the system. Produced from plant materials, one or two bottles will last for an entire year, which puts less strain than other chemical based cleaning agents on both the environment and on your wallet.

For the Primary #Grad

Finishing primary school, most young adults are in an interestingly awkward phase where their appetite is as nearly confusing as their behavior. Ha-Ra would like to help inspire healthy choices for your pre-teen / teen while also keeping the kitchen tidier than ever. The Ha-Ra Viva-Mini is an all-in-one cleaning cloth as ideal for cleaning dishes as it is for cleaning raw fruits and vegetables. The Viva-Mini will remove the wax and residue that sticks to the skin of your food and is made of 100% Polyester microfiber. If heavy staining is more of a problem, use the Viva-Mini with the Ha-Ra Blue Paste; a micro-fine marble meal that removes tough stains on many surfaces without harsh chemicals. It’s crafted out of micro-fine marble meal, prepared chalk, 15% pure soap-stone, and natural care substances.

For the Secondary #Grad

Stopping off for just a moment after their graduation ceremony, your secondary school graduate tosses their cap and gown and everything else from their locker onto their bedroom floor before waving goodbye. Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls is a concentrated laundry detergent ready and raring to help you eliminate this aromatic mountain, and they’re also one handy dishwashing detergent. Made with natural soap stone and soap roots, one bucket lasts well over one hundred wash cycles (more than two hundred dishwasher loads). Free of chlorine compounds, Saponella Blue Pearls will keep your graduate’s clothes and materials staying clean for years to come. But be careful with graduation gowns and delicates. Ribbons, linings, velvet trimmings – all of these robe elements are dry-clean only, whereas most graduation robes can be machine washed.

For the Post-Secondary #Grad

It seems like they were just graduating from pre-school, and here they are: a graduate student, once again, graduating. Someone having achieved this much probably doesn’t have as much time as they’d like to clean so for a grad gift Ha-Ra suggests the Ha-Ra Starter Kit. This kit has all bases covered with the Ha-Ra Protective Formula (99% biodegradable with absolutely no preservatives it can also be used to spot treat delicates in a washing machine and help boost cleaning power in dishwashers), the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog Cloth (perfect to cut through grease and grime in the kitchen; cleans cook-tops, ovens, pots, sinks, stainless steel surfaces, utensils, tiles, grout, and so much more), and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth (a cleaning and polishing cloth that works like a chamois; used dry or damp, it guarantees not to leave any streak marks).

Professional students or students looking to become professionals, graduation justifiable signifies a momentous occasion. Not just celebrating a multi-year achievement with an incredible amount of hard work, it also allows a graduate to hone in on their path in life, helping give back not just to their family, but to society and most importantly, to themselves. Ha-Ra hopes to help keep you and your graduates healthy, happy, and aware, every step of the way!

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