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Land of the Clean, Home of the Brave

Alongside summer baseball games and freshly baked apple pie, hosting a fourth of July celebration is a time-honored tradition cherished by citizens all over the country, as well as the world. Ha-Ra, backed by an entire line of environmentally safe cleaning products, would like to help dispel some of the stress inherent with helping everyone have a wonderful fourth. Whether for a small group of work associates or for the entire neighborhood, keep these quick tips in mind to help keep the mood of the party up and your eventual cleaning duties down:

Planning the Party:

Adult Beverages – Being the middle of the summer, no matter where you’re at, the weather is most likely going to be warm. Everyone will want to stay nice and cool with an iced beverage, and a great number of people may choose to partake in alcoholic beverages. The key here is to make sure everyone drinks responsibly, that adult beverages stay out of the hands of minors, and that clean up entails proper recycling. Make sure cans and bottles are rinsed out with water and are properly separated when moving on to a recycling center!

Grill / Bonfire / Fire pit – Whether enjoying hotdogs or T-bones, s’mores or shortcakes, food on the fourth doesn’t get serious until the grill is lit. Help prep with the Ha-Ra Ultra Glove, crafted with patent protected fibers that effectively use water without relying on the use of chemicals. One side of the glove has Ultra fibers for stubborn dirt and grease, and the other side has Viva fibers for picking up that grime and releasing it easily. When there is an exceptionally messy grill in question, the Ha-Ra Protective Formula is a highly environmentally friendly cleaning agent that can help with the process. Protecting the surface being cleaned and the Ha-Ra fibers doing the cleaning, it is extremely efficient and 100% biodegradable. Less than two bottles will last longer than an entire year and as it is produced from raw vegetable extracts, palm oil, & plants, it’s healthier for the environment than other potentially toxic, store bought cleaning detergents.

Assessing the Aftermath:

Fireworks – Perhaps nothing is more synonymous with celebrating the fourth of July than safely and respectfully setting off fireworks. Though beautiful and awe-inspiring even the safest of fireworks have hazardous materials inside of them that can be dangerous to people and the environment. After the finale has wowed your guests, it’s best to let the fireworks sit and cool off. From there, douse them with water then sweep the debris with a broom into a bucket with sand or water. Once you are sure the fireworks are spent, they can then be discarded in the trash.

Floors & Foyers / Windows & Doors – All the smoke accumulated by fireworks and bonfires will potentially leave their mark on doors, windows, and entryways. Say goodbye to those stains with the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaning Kit. It includes the 12.6″ Ha-Ra Window Cleaner, the Ha-Ra Green Glove (for window frames), Ha-Ra Star Cloth (for a streak-free surface), and the Ha-Ra Rollfix (for the Ha-Ra Protective Formula) to use the proper amount of Protective Formula with every use. Hand made in Germany out of high quality materials, this kit will continue cleaning for years, as long as care instructions are followed. Put a halt to all the entryway grit with the Ha-Ra Floor Kit. The Ha-Ra Floor Express Perfect Handle has 40% more cleaning power than conventional mops due to the patented 6-chamber system where pressure gets applied evenly to the Ha-Ra floor fibers. This includes for the Ha-Ra Yellow Dry Pad, ideal for sweeping, and the Nano Gold Soft Pad, ideal for people with allergies as the pad will not release dust until beaten.

Whether your celebration lasts for only a couple of hours on the big day itself or is the talk of the town and takes place from one weekend to another, Ha-Ra hopes that you and your loved ones are able to have a joyous, reflective, Happy Fourth of July, this year and all following. Next time, we will identify other staple summer activities, and how to have a safe, fun, and clean pool patio area. Please make sure to responsibly celebrate and enjoy each other’s company, our environment and the lovely weather, and all activities you have lined up this Independence Day!

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