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Marco? Ha-Ra! Cleaning your Pool & Patio

No matter where you’re at as this summer comes to an end; relaxing domestic or working international, soaking up the sun with a vacation or sleeping in late with a staycation, the fading heat surely had you diving headfirst into a pool. Ha-Ra would like to suggest some environmentally safe and pocketbook friendly ways to help you with pool and patio care as you pack up for fall. Whether hosting a weekend long, raucous bash for college roomies or helping organize a serene, backyard brunch for grandma and grandpa, here are a few quick tips to help keep that patio area looking practically pristine:

Cleaning the Pool:

Make sure to skim daily or, at the least, weekly while in use. Run a vacuum regularly to gather debris on the bottom, and check the filter and water circulation / pH. Shock treatments can help the water just as much as the Ha-Ra Green Glove can help clean the lip, sides, and bottom of any pool. Engineered to clean tough surfaces, this glove works well on hard-to-clean things / places while protecting your hand at the same time. Paired with the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, made from raw plant materials, your pool surfaces will remain just as protected as they are clean and so will the Green Glove cleaning fibers. Less than two bottles of the Protective Formula last a whole year, which puts less stress on a budget, pool water, and the environment.

Cleaning the Patio:

Make sure you prep your patio area with Ha-Ra Kalkex. The natural, odorless, citric-infused, acid-based decalcifying agent dissolves completely and easily in water and is 100% biodegradable. Kalkex works wonders on cement, on tile, and can help provide easy removal of calcium deposits from patio areas. Partner Kalkex with the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth to loosen and collect any mineral build-up. The Scrub Cloth cleans the dirtiest areas of your house and yard that your family can throw at it. The Scrub Cloths patent-protected ultra-fibers will last for years if care instructions are followed, and they are handmade in Germany. Ha-Ra products will also help bring sunshine to your pocket book as they save over 95% on other, chemical-laden cleaners.

Cleaning the Accessories:

There are many places and things that go along with an outdoor pool and patio area. There’s no better way to keep them all spotless than with the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit. Yes, a Kitchen Kit: The Nano Hedgehog Cloth is great for high-powered cleaning. Cutting through the toughest dirt and grease, a grimy grill is practically no match. The Viva Ultra Cloth retains water, dissolves and picks up grease and dirt, and easily releases it when rinsed. There isn’t a muddied piece of patio furniture that could survive that onslaught. The Sapphire Cloth is recommended for bench tops, hard-wearing cabinets, outdoor refrigerators, and shelving. And last but not least, the Star Cloth is a super absorbent cleaning and polishing cloth that will leave a streak free clean across all windows letting you look in on your house or look out and admire your sparkling clean pool and patio area.


With the dog days of summer no longer just a glimmer on the horizon, Ha-Ra wishes you nothing but the best as we transition from summer into fall. Work to stay safe in the remaining sun, protect your skin just as much as you will your home surfaces, and stay hydrated as well and as often as you keep your house spotless. Ha-Ra would like to welcome you back to the blog to check out upcoming tips on using our entire family of environmentally safe cleaning products, which will help your bank account as much as it will the rest of your living areas!

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