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Mother’s Day After

This Mother’s Day, the plan was to bring the entire family to Mom: coordinate travel for out of town relatives, pamper her for an entire weekend, and have a centrally-located, multi-generational celebration in honor of the family matriarch(s!). Only thing, after her ‘day’ has come and gone, that mess doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. Have no fear, Ha-Ra, once again, is here for you. No matter what the situation, Ha-Ra has developed an eco-friendly cleaning product specifically engineered to help you out while also showing love to Mother Earth, herself:

Flown in Foot Traffic

You managed to get everyone into town regardless of sound being half a block away and some being half a world away. But along with great family gatherings, comes great amounts of feet in the foyer. Packed to the ceiling with cleaning solutions, the Ha-Ra Floor Kit is your answer. The Ha-Ra Yellow Dry Pad, ideal for sweeping floors, will help you prep the area and get rid of any larger, solid particles. The special fibers attract and hold onto dust until the pad is struck in order to release it. Perfect for a mother who might be allergic to dust, it can be used on all floors, as well as ceilings and walls. The Ha-Ra Nano Gold Soft Pad contains a patented 6-chamber system; pressure is evenly applied evenly, and it will mop the entire floor unlike anything you’ve seen. Either can be used by the Ha-Ra Floor Express Perfect Handle, which is ergonomically designed at 55 inches tall, for less bending, and 1.25 inches in diameter, to help relieve wrist strain.

Kitchen Catastrophe

Wanting to provide a beautiful home cooked meal for Mom like those she’s always given to you, hours upon days are spent making sure the secret family recipe turns out just right. And though the feast was a success, what the room looked like after was nothing short of a disaster. To help ease this pain ahead of time, Ha-Ra recommends that you avoid a gargantuan mess ‘after’ by cleaning ‘during.’ Let incredibly dirty dishes, plates, pots, and pans soak while taking care of other portions of the meal. Remove appliances or utensils as you use / need them. Then, finally, when time to scrub those counters, turn to the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog. The ideal cloth for high-powered cleaning in the kitchen, it’s designed for use on cook tops, ovens, pots, sinks, stainless steel surfaces, and utensils. Made of two different patent protected polyester fibers, it uses the cleaning power of water to achieve exceptional results, without harmful or corrosive chemicals.

Lots and Lots o’ Laundry

Between rotating sheets in the bedrooms, stacking up towels for the shower, and trying to keep clean all of your Ha-Ra Gloves and Cloths, the only thing the family after having put away your wonderful meal, is the poor laundry room. Let Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls wash away some of the work for you. Ha-Ra’s Blue Pearls provide a highly-concentrated laundry detergent made from natural soap stone and soap roots. One bucket will last for about 150 wash cycles and provides the ideal detergent for all Ha-Ra fibers. This not only keeps your other Ha-Ra products enviously clean, but it helps to ensure their long lifespan and capability. Free of chlorine compounds and corrosives, bleach, phosphates, optical brighteners, enzymes, synthetic fragrances, suspending agents, perborates, and foam regulators, the soaps derive from renewable plant sources, and Ha-Ra Blue Pearls may also be used as a dish detergent.

Beware the Bathroom

There’s absolutely no way to soften the blow on this one with some clever anecdote – everyone knows it’s difficult to clean a one-person bathroom, let alone one that’s suffering through your entire bloodline. It will take a moment, and it will take hard work, but Ha-Ra will get you through the most potent category on this list. It’s suggested to get the toilet out of the way first. Once properly done, any further cleaning will seem like no problem at all. The Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth cleans the dirtiest, greasiest areas of your bathroom, using only water. Working well on basins, grout, porcelain, taps, tiles, toilets, animal cages; as apt as that last one is, you understand it’s strength. Made of 100% polyester blue microfiber and handmade in Germany, it helps to save on household cleaners due to durability and craftsmanship. For added cleaning power, use with the 99% biodegradable and highly efficient Ha-Ra Protective Formula (1-2 bottles last an entire year).

Mother’s Day will be a day, a weekend, a memory filled with legendary stories, love, and laughter. Heralded by everyone that you’ve thrown a wonderful celebration, you’ve also responsibly cleaned up after… well, everyone. Ha-Ra believes that the only thing left to do is make sure you don’t forget that your mother deserves this much love, respect, and appreciation, and so much more, the entire calendar year. Keep showing her, and the environment, how much you care with continued well-thought out displays of gratitude, and look for further inspiration with Ha-Ra’s entire collection of powerful, environmentally conscious cleaning products!

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