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7 Items to Recycle this Earth Day

Providing the world’s first chemical-free fiber cleaning technology, Ha-Ra would like to wish everyone and everything a Happy Earth Day, this upcoming Saturday, April 22! Specifically designed to last longer and work better than all other chemical based cleaning products, it’s Ha-Ra’s mission to help promote a safe, clean, eco-friendly lifestyle, all year-round. Though everyone knows the benefits of recycling and may even regularly practice such, continuing this diligently is what eludes so many. Here is a handy run-down of recyclable items and how Ha-Ra suggests they’re taken care of and disposed of properly:

Ink Cartridges

Nearly all home ink cartridges will more than likely contain chemicals toxic to the environment were the cartridges to be disposed of improperly. Though a number of school and business supply stores will recycle these cartridges for you, ink can also lead to spills and stains on a variety of surfaces. Ha-Ra’s Viva Mini is a quick go to, that dissolves and absorbs grease, only to release it when rinsed, which should have no problem erasing that ink. Made of 100% polyester microfiber, that lasts for years if care instructions are followed, it’s also ideal for cleaning dishes, glasses, pots, pans, and is even more powerful with a drop of Ha-Ra Protective Formula, on top!


Though Ha-Ra recommends maintaining as paperless a household as possible, the paper that has been used, and is unsoiled, should be recycled as much is possible. Keeping the dedicated bins in most rooms in the house clean, apparent, and available will help promote this for the whole household. Used envelopes, scrap paper, and discarded junk mail may all be recycled, and finely shredded paper may be able to be used in a compost pile, which also helps recycle unused portions of food! Local recycling centers will state their preferred packaging, and some city’s or townships will pick these up along with trash and other recyclables.

Plastic / Styrofoam

Bottles and cases, plates and cups – there are a number of items that are manufactured with a great deal of material that is NOT biodegradable. Please recycle them in their own bin and make sure to rinse these containers rigorously, as well as keeping the recycling containers themselves clean as possible. Helping to do just that, the Ha-Ra Starter Kit consists of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula (to protect the cleaned surface, and maintain Ha-Ra cleaning fibers), the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog Cloth (for use on tough dirt and grease, as well as dries the surface after), and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth (a super absorbent cleaning and polishing finisher).


Boxes that come in the mail, the boxes that house a number of bagged food products, and most paper packaging can be bundled up and recycled. One important fact: this cardboard cannot have food material on it. This disqualifies used pizza containers and they must not go into the same pile as a folded box used to deliver a Christmas present. Paper fibers in the cardboard will not be able to be separated from the oils during the pulping process, and might ruin entire batches of perfectly fine recycled cardboard. Please make sure to separate your recyclables accordingly, and just like with paper, recycling centers or your local collection services will tell you how to do so!


Glass is 100% recyclable and a household should strive to do so whenever possible. Like other items on this list, glass should be sorted properly. A window pane should not enter the recycle process with a light bulb, so please be aware of the separation. When a glass dish slips and cracks on the floor, after making sure everyone is safe and unharmed, clean up the scraps carefully, and use The Ha-Ra Floor Kit to ensure your floor looks clean as new. The kit comes with the Ha-Ra Floor Express Perfect handle that connects to the Ha-Ra Yellow Dry Pad, for sweeping, and the Nano Gold Soft Pad, to loosen and contain, dirt and grime.


The materials in batteries greatly contribute to pollution, especially when they break down in landfills. Ha-Ra suggests that batteries are kept in cool, dry places to help maintain a usable charge for as long as possible. Recyclable batteries versus single use batteries are a larger conversation and should be a decision to be made depending on the household, on the budget, and on the uses. When time to dispose of batteries please do not through them into the trash. Collect them, regardless of the size, use, or brand, and there are many libraries and post offices that will collect these, no matter how many or how few you have.


Most households contain up to three television sets, not to mention additional electronics, such as phones, tablets, computers, and gaming systems. The components of these systems harbor extremely toxic materials were they to find their way into landfills. Large scale manufacturers and warehouse stores offer programs to properly dispose of your electronic waste. Once removed, clean that empty wall, bookshelf, desk with the Ha-Ra Dry Glove. Perfect for dusting all surfaces, the fibers attract dust and hold on to it. Primarily ideal for people allergic to dust because the glove collects and holds on to the dust rather than just raising and dispersing it.

Regardless of how you use your Ha-Ra products, please make sure to pass on the gift of recycling knowledge to the next generation. Whether that be children, grandchildren, nieces and/or nephews, friends, family, or neighbors, get interest high in taking care of the Earth during their formative years. Showing or posting your recycling plan can lead to many fun activities for the entire family and will help all of society towards a toxic-free Earth, one person at a time!

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  1. Thanks for letting me know that cardboard is a great thing to recycle, but it shouldn’t ever have food residue on it. My kids were learning a little bit about it in school, and they asked me why we didn’t. I haven’t ever been really sure just what can be recycled, so I sort of ignored it. Your article was really helpful, then, to let me know, and I’ll have to find a recycling service that my family and I can start to use.

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