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Spring Forward in Style

March ushers in Daylight Savings Time and, as most of the United States looks forward to that hour of sunlight moving into warmer months, help make this transition with an extra-efficient spring cleaning! When flipping mattresses and changing out screen windows, keep in mind Ha-Ra’s entire line of environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to help keep inside living quarters beaming just as brightly as the outside. Breaking it down per area, Ha-Ra would love to suggest the following:

1) Bathroom

Because of its vital importance and amount of use, along with the obvious use at that, a great many individuals start with the bathroom. Make sure to disinfect the tub and / or shower, provide care to the septic tank / system through the toilet, and give special attention to grout lines. Due to its porous nature, grout can stain rather easily and mold can build there especially in more humid locations. Ha-Ra’s Kalkex is a natural, citric-acid based, decalcifying agent that is 100% biodegradable and water soluble. Working on all materials except marble, lime stone, and enamel, Kalkex can remove mineral buildup throughout the bathroom, including on shower screens, counter tops, and faucets.

2)   Kitchen

Taking a second, or third, glance into the pantry, refrigerator, and cupboards may provide a number of items to donate, recycle, or unfortunately throw away. Check expiration dates, and look for pans, dishes, and utensils that aren’t in use. Walls, floors, and ceilings hold additional importance in this room, due to food preparation. Ha-Ra’s new Kitchen Kit will keep the kitchen floor clean enough to eat off of, along with every other surface in the room. The Kit contains the Nano Hedgehog (for high-powered cleaning), the Viva Ultra cloth (to dissolve and capture grease), the Sapphire cloth (for cleaning smooth surfaces), and the Star cloth (for polishing smooth surfaces).

3)   Living Area

Used for entertaining guests, relaxing after work, or taking in a meal while taking in television, the living room / family room / great room always has a number of bodies in occupancy. Ha-Ra’s Natura Glove or Natura Cloth contains a blend of polyester and cotton fibers that helps to clean and dry while dusting shelving units with no need to polish. Clean furniture thoroughly, check for care labels on upholstery, and use a vacuum to help reach all crevices. Ha-Ra’s Protective Formula, produced from raw plant materials, can offer a cleaning remedy to both wood and covered furniture. Being a highly-concentrated formula 1-2 bottles will last over a year, and it can be used in trace amounts to spot treat furniture or initially clean wooden furniture before waxing.

4)   Storage

From attics to basements to closets, space filled with stuff amassed over years definitely needs to be gone through just as often as any other room in the house. Space with little separation from the elements (crawl spaces, attics, etc.) should receive professional care in order to properly assess any potential damage or infestation. Interior storage areas should have all contents removed, shelves and walls dusted and cleaned, and storage materials should be gone through. Blankets or clothes can all deal with a quick launder, preferably with Ha-Ra’s Saponella Blue Pearls. As a concentrated laundry and dishwashing detergent, it’s made with natural soap stone and roots, is biodegradable, and one bucket can last for well over 100 wash cycles (nearly 250 dishwasher loads).

Though these are meant to help get started with spring cleaning by no means is this the full list. Moving from inside to outside, remember to prep for weather changes in the mud room, around all entrances, and for all windows.

Please continually monitor this blog for additional tips, recipes, and suggestions in how best to utilize Ha-Ra’s full line of environmentally safe, yet powerfully effective, cleaning products!

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