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Which Type of Father Do You Have?

Whether building a great relationship with your own children or learning from and maintaining the bonds forged over an entire lifetime with your own father, June is the month we all set aside to recognize the impact DAD has had in our life. Ha-Ra would like to offer you up four examples of quintessential fathers, from their names to their habits, and what you might be able to do to help foster interest in their lives and appreciation for all their great deeds:

The Backyard Brutus

Whether he’s resting in a hammock between two palm trees, playing horseshoe in his precision measured pits, or manicuring his perfect lawn with state of the art equipment, Brutus is master of the outdoors. While he’s working that grill, or cleaning out the pool, why don’t you help crystallize the view with Ha-Ra’s Vario Window Cleaning Kit. It comes with the 12.6″ Ha-Ra Window Cleaner, the Ha-Ra Green Glove (great for use on window frames), the Ha-Ra Star Cloth (ideal for a streak-free finish), and the Ha-Ra Rollfix to apply the Ha-Ra Protective Formula on the Window Cleaner. Clean windows, mirrors, car windows, winter gardens, greenhouses; the uses are limitless and you might even make Brutus a bit jealous, working faster than professionals, and cleaner, too.

The Old-school Orville

Waking up before sunrise to properly attend breakfast in a three-piece suit and phenomenally manicured facial hair, O.S. cornered the market on dapper before it was even a word. Priding himself in maintaining values as pristine as his hairstyle, get all his grooming tools on the straight edge with Ha-Ra’s Bathroom Kit. It comes with the Ha-Ra Ultra Glove, the Ha-Ra Natura Cloth, the Ha-Ra Brilliant Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth. The Ultra Glove combines Ultra fibers (dillying grease) and Viva fibers (dallying dirt) to pick grease and dirt up, and easily release them when rinsed. The Natura Cloth blends polyester and cotton to clean and dry in one step, while the Brilliant Cloth polishes all smooth surfaces, and the Star Cloth works like a chamois for a spiffy streak free clean. 

The Sporty Salvatore

No less than four daily sporting events, each on their own television or radio, are the things Sal wakes up for, along with his favorite jersey, his lucky trinkets, his signed memorabilia, and most importantly, passing on this competitive love to his children. After a day spent tailgating, opponent heckling, and souvenir hoarding, use Ha-Ra’s Saponella Blue Pearls to bring his jersey back into that starting rotation! Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls are concentrated, biodegradable laundry and dishwashing materials, made with natural soapstone and soap roots. Free of corrosive chlorine compounds, bleach, phosphates, enzymes, and other harmful chemicals, the soaps and tensides will eject the dirt and grime from his jersey but keep the colors shining well past their primes.

The Career-minded Cortez

Faithful messenger bag or tool bag in tow, setting up a meeting over speaker phone while dropping you off at school, and leaving straight from the office or the yard to pick you up from summer camp, Cort embodies the very same hard work he has taught to you. Subscribe to his initiative and invoice him the Ha-Ra’s Starter Kit to keep with him for on the go cleaning. It comes with the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth. The Protective Formula is produced from raw plant materials, and with two bottles or less lasting for an entire year, it’s nearly as efficient as Cort. The Hedgehog is the ideal cloth for high-powered cleaning, helping him spruce up his car, the office, the site – wherever his work takes him!

Fathers across the world spend their days traveling to help provide us with what we need to survive; lessons in life and provisions with purpose. Whether one of the four examples above, or one of the countless examples around the globe, Ha-Ra would like to thank them all for helping us as a society, as individuals, and providing us the love and inspiration that molds us into who we are today!

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