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Traversing Holiday Extremes with Ha-Ra

As March roars into April, our calendars stumble away from a multitude of sudsy greens and hop towards more delicate pastels. Making the transition from an overtly festive St. Patrick’s Day to a family laden Easter can sometimes take more than the two weeks allowed in between the two. Ha-Ra would like to help boost your luck and lay down a few hints about how our timeless array of environmentally safe and extremely powerful cleaning products can take you from sinners to saints between the holidays:


Need help getting smells or stains out of clothes?  Whether you whet your whistle with a whiskey stout or whiskey sour, sometimes it might end up more on your clothes than in your mouth. Get out all those green beer stains with the help of Ha-Ra’s Saponella Blue Pearls. Made with natural soapstone and soap roots, Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls are a concentrated laundry detergent that can also serve as dishwashing detergent. One bucket will gleefully tackle 150 loads and is free of chlorine, enzymes, synthetic fragrances, and other harmful chemicals.

Need help getting stains out of your toilet? Celebrating March 14th with any variety of PI, or, more specifically, shepherd’s pie on the 17th, your bathroom may have ended up a little worse for wear. Ha-Ra’s Blue Paste has you covered. A micro-fine marble meal, Ha-Ra’s Blue Paste cleans, polishes, and protects tile, sinks, showers, toilets, and can be used on windowpanes. Made of chalk, limonene, and high quality oils, Ha-Ra’s Blue Paste is free of corrosive acids and poisons and can help boost the already powerful cleaning fibers found in other Ha-Ra cleaning towels and gloves.

Need help getting the best meal out your kitchen? Regardless of your denomination, on Easter Sunday there is a good chance a feast will be making it’s way out of your kitchen. To best prep your food, make sure to prep your tools first – the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit will help you do just that: the Nano Hedgehog Cloth cuts through tough dirt for high powered cleaning and the Star Cloth is super absorbent and polishes smooth surfaces, like a chamois, for a streak free shine. The Viva Ultra cloth is two sided; the Viva side is ideal for dirt, and the Ultra side is best suited for grease. The Scrub Cloth needs only water to pick up all kinds of dirt and will release it upon rinsing. Lastly, the Sapphire Cloth is recommended for washing and wiping down bench tops, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, shelves, and other hard surfaces.

Need help getting bodies into your house? Now that you’ve scrubbed March away, and have an incredible amount of food ready to serve, all that’s left is getting your friends, family, and loved ones through your door. Get your foyer sparkling clean with Ha-Ra’s Starter Kit, consisting of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth. The Ha-Ra Protective Formula is a highly environmentally friendly formula (produced from raw plant materials) that helps with the cleaning process, protects the cleaned surface, and protects and maintains your Ha-Ra cleaning fibers. One or two bottles will last a full year, and it is produced from raw materials taken from vegetable extracts, palm oil & plants, and is 99% biodegradable.

No matter how much or how little fun you’ve had on March 17th this year, Ha-Ra doesn’t want your St. Patrick’s Day celebration to last deep into your April or the rest of your Spring. With a little bit of time, and the all-natural cleaning power of Ha-Ra we know that you can easily transition from the number one party animal to the number one party host!

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