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4 Ideas to Celebrate ALL Your Valentines

Marching into February, most all of us have love on our minds. Though we here at Ha-Ra live and breath the simple promotion of healthy cleaning agents, we too have been racking our brains for ways to help you show your true love how much you care. This Valentine’s Day, regardless of whom holds that special place in your heart, we wanted to offer suggestions on gifts sure to delight all…


For the new love

The age-old adage says the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Instead of preparing a night out, look to stay in and serve a one of a kind meal for your newfound love! Just make sure that at the end of the night you’re using Ha-Ra’s Kitchen Kit to clean up the mess. Containing a variety of cloths essential for keeping your kitchen sparkling clean, the Nano Hedgehog Cloth is ideal for high-powered cleaning and the Viva Ultra Cloth is the ideal combination of fibers constructed to combat grease (Viva) and dirt (Ultra). The Scrub Cloth uses high water absorption to tackle the toughest spills, and the Sapphire cloth cleans all smooth surfaces across the kitchen. Finally, the Star Cloth polishes and leaves a streak free shine throughout!

For the seasoned love

Though love may currently be in the air, throughout most of the United States there’s also a flurry of snow. Providing a more practical gift of brand new windows and/or doors may not sound like the most romantic endeavor, but they will be sure to keep the fire piping hot inside. Once they’ve been installed make sure they stay free of grime, inside and out, with Ha-Ra’s Vario Window Kit: the Window Cleaner uses fibers with high cleaning power and a natural rubber blade to clean windows with the appearance of professional quality with minimal efforts. The Green Glove has extra tough fibers for those hard to reach window corners and doorframes, and the kit also comes with a Star Cloth for a long lasting shine. The Rollfix prevents overdosing on the Protective Formula, and high quality German construction ensures that if the care instructions are followed, the kit will last for years.

For the best friend

Many of us met our best friend in school or at work, but a great deal of us met them behind bars – at a shelter, that is! Whether your bestie is a house cat or a jungle cat, a wolf hound or a hound dog, don’t forget to also show love to our four-legged friends. Pamper them with a do it yourself spa day, bathing them, brushing and flossing their teeth, cutting their nails, and all around destroying your bathroom. Finish up with the Ha-Ra Bathroom Kit to make your restroom sparkle as brightly as your best friend. This kit consists of the Ha-Ra Viva Ultra Glove and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth, alongside the Ha-Ra Natura Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Brilliant Cloth. The Natura Cloth blends polyester and cotton fibers to clean and dry in one step, and is ideal for dusting. The Brilliant Cloth will clean and polish anything smooth; used dry it can tackle finger prints and water stains but used damp it’ll remove light dirt with a lingering shine.

For the family member

Nothing says love like spending time with, around, for, and despite someone all the way from the time of their birth. Make sure to show your parents, your siblings, and all extended family members how much you appreciate and tolerate their very existence this Valentine’s Day. A perfect gift to get everyone laughing at one another, but still wear their heart on their sleeve, is highly personalized wear. A sweater, tee-shirt, snuggie – whatever your family would get a kick out of most, try digitizing their worst picture and splaying it across the front! Then, when they inevitably spill something all down their wearable visage, use Ha-Ra’s Saponella Blue Pearls to get the stains out. Saponella Blue Pearls are a concentrated laundry detergent, also ideal for use on all Ha-Ra fibers.  One container will tackle 150 loads and is free of chlorine compounds and corrosives chemicals. Made from soaps and tensides, Saponella Blue Pearls originate from renewable plant sources and are biodegradable.

We know that at the end of the day, your true love might just be your best friend and family member and feel like a new love every day, season after season. So whether this list applies to one, to four, or to forty different individuals in your life, know that nothing says love like sharing Ha-Ra’s full family of environmentally safe, extremely powerful cleaning agents and supplies!

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