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Two in One, Get More Done!

With the holiday season in full swing, we are all feeling the stress that comes along with entertaining. It sometimes feels near impossible to get everything done in time for your celebration gathering, but equipping yourself with the right tools is often half the battle.

We all love “killing two birds with one stone” because it saves us time and money, and those are two of the most important resources around the holidays. Ha-Ra USA understands the desire to accomplish more for less, and that is why we love products like our Featured Product of the Month: Saponella Blue Pearls.


Whether your sink is full of post-Christmas dinner dishes or your laundry basket is stacked high with food-stained clothing, our Saponella Blue Pearls will conquer the task with ease.

DSC_3773Ha-Ra USA Saponella Blue Pearls is a concentrated laundry and dishwashing detergent. It is made with natural soap stone and soap roots and is highly biodegradable. This product is free of chlorine compounds and corrosives, bleach, phosphates, optical brighteners, enzymes, synthetic fragrances, suspending agents, perborates, and foam regulators. Oh, and did we mention that one bucket lasts for about 150 wash cycles or 250 dishwasher loads! Think of all the time and money you’ll save with this product on the shelf.

Instead of letting the holidays get the best of you this year, just invest in a bucket of our Saponella Blue Pearls. Then the only hard decision you will have to make is whether to keep it in the kitchen or the laundry room.

Buy your Ha-Ra USA Saponella Blue Pearls today and receive 10% OFF your order! Just enter code CLEAN101 at checkout!

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