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It’s a New Year, Clear Off the Dust!

Especially during the winter months, with the windows closed and the heat on, dust is settling everywhere. Wiping the dust off with regular cloths raises the dust and spreads it all over the house. Fine dust particles might hover for a long time in the air before they settle again, but when they do, the chore starts from scratch. And if you are one of the unfortunate many dealing with dust allergies, you know the results of airborne dust: runny nose and itchy eyes.IMG_8029

There is a better way! Ha-Ra has the fastest and easiest way to get rid of dusty surfaces at home. (And no, it’s not hiring a cleaning lady to come every week!)

The Ha-Ra Dry Glove is ideal for dusting all surfaces, also those that shouldn’t be cleaned with water. The special fibers attract dust and hold onto it until the glove is beaten to release it (outdoors, where the dust doesn’t do any harm). Instead of spreading the dust around, you will actually pick it up with the Dry Glove.

When embarking on your dusting adventure, just start room by room from top to bottom. For the floor, use the Floor Perfect Yellow Dry Pad.  It is made of the same material as the Dry Glove and will easily pick up all the dust on every type of floor except carpet. You can also use it for walls and ceilings.

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The Ha-Ra Dry Glove and Floor Perfect Yellow Dry Pad will last for years and will make all single use systems and chemicals obsolete. Think about how much money you could save! No more need for wet dust wipes or air-polluting spray cans, and no more need for allergy medications! Make your life a little easier and order the Ha-Ra Dry Glove and Floor Perfect Yellow Dry Pad now.

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