Ha-Ra Shiny Glass Polishing Cloth


The Shiny Glass Polishing Cloth is ideal for cleaning glass. Used damp it removes light dirt and leaves a streak-free and sparkling finish.

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The Ha-Ra® Shiny Glass Polishing Cloth is made of micro fine woven textile fabric which has the unique quality of polishing without leaving lint. The Ha-Ra® Shiny Glass Polishing Cloth is not a cleaning cloth but a polishing cloth for mirrors, glasses or fine furniture. Clean the surface with the Viva fiber and collect moisture with Natura or Dry Absorbing fiber. Once the dirt build up is removed the Shiny Glass Polishing Cloth can be used on the surface (i.e. antique furniture, glasses, mirrors, windows, and insides of car windows). Make sure that all dirt and dusts are lifted from the surface before polishing the surface to avoid scratching. Use the cloth dry but should the cloth be slightly moistened, the surface will still polish provided all dust particles have been lifted. Hand made in Germany or Switzerland.

Fold wet Shiny twice so that eight cloth areas of the same size are created, which can be used one after the other for cleaning surfaces.

To achieve best results, it is important to clean first and dry-off after. The Shiny Glass Polishing Cloth is used only after the dirt build on the glass has been removed. Wash with Saponella (or laundry detergent without bleach) in the washing machine or by hand. Make sure that all washing powder is rinsed then allow to dry under the sun or in a warm area. When washing the cloth it is recommended that it be placed inside a pillow case or bag to prevent the attraction of lint. Do not tumble dry or use cloth softener.

Ideal for the following areas:

  • Glass table tops, mirrors
  • Crystals , Wine Glasses
  • Insides of car windows
  • Front of microwave ovens
  • Any highly glossed area
  • Glasses


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