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Thanksgiving Black Friday Swap

This may be blasphemy, it may be genius, it may be giving in, but it may be just perfect for you and your family. This year, if you are partaking in the holiday shopping frenzy, try swapping Thanksgiving Thursday with Black Friday.

Hear us out… The retailers have already ruined Thanksgiving by moving all the Black Friday sales to Thursday, actually ON Thanksgiving. So why not let the current take you rather than fight it? This year, go shopping on Thanksgiving Day, and have your feast on Friday!

Let’s appreciate how great this is; here are six reasons to make the swap:

  1. You don’t have to wake up super early to get the turkey in oven so it can be ready by noon, so that you can be finished in time to still go shopping later in the afternoon. So much to pack into one day. So stressful, so tiring. Go ahead and sleep in!
  2. You can actually enjoy the football games because you will be awake and not in a turkey coma.
  3. If you want, you can go to someone else’s Thanksgiving feast on Thursday and not stress about your own until Friday.
  4. You will have extra things to be grateful when you go around the table, because you can be thankful for the amazing deal you got on the new flat screen TV you got yesterday.
  5. Your loved ones can do their own thing on Thursday and still come over for your feast on Friday, win win. They will be so grateful!
  6. You will have Saturday and Sunday to clean up. Giving thanks every minute for how simple and effortless all your favorite Ha-Ra products make cleaning the house, especially the kitchen. Speaking of cleaning the kitchen, the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit is perfect for the job. It consists of the essential cloths for keeping your kitchen sparkling clean after cooking that Black Friday Feast! Plus, all kits are 15% OFF on Black Friday this year!

So this year give it a try, swap your Thursday and Friday traditions and enjoy the new world the retailers have forced upon us rather than overload this beautiful time of year for remembering the good things in life like family, friends, health, and Ha-Ra! 

Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to check out all of our Ha-Ra Holiday Deals starting Friday and ending Monday.

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