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5 Rounds to Thanksgiving Prep Like a Pro

Here they come! Are you ready? Is your house? Family and friends are coming over to share in this special day of thanks. And, you can be thankful for all the easy ways you have to clean your home. It might be a long day, but it doesn’t have to be a hard day. Focus on food, family, and friends, not cleaning the house! Here are five rounds to cleaning quickly and effortlessly.

Round 1: Kitchen Quickie.

Before you start prepping your turkey, give the kitchen a quick clean making sure that your surfaces are ready to prepare your upcoming feast. Using your Ha-Ra Sapphire Cloth with just water to wipe down all the surfaces will give you more time for that big turkey.

Round 2: Love the bathroom.

Now that the turkey is in the oven, you can focus on the rest of the house. The bathroom is crucial. Guests can handle a little dust here or there, but they’ll definitely notice a dirty bathroom. Keep sinks, toilets, and shelves clean with the Ha-Ra Mach6 Glove!

Round 3: Knock the dust to the floor.

If you dust before you vacuum and sweep, then you can just dust care free, letting it all fall to the floor Dusting with a glove is also super fun and easy, and we have a glove for all occasions. For dusting, the Ha-Ra Dry Glove is the perfect fit!

Round 4: Conquer the floors.

After all other surfaces are clean, it’s time to address all the dirt eagerly awaiting pickup on the floor. Vacuum your carpets. Then, make your hard surfaces shine with the Ha-Ra Floor Kit. Beautiful!

Round 5: Cook the feast! Then, clean the kitchen.

After all that cooking, the kitchen is probably a disaster. But, don’t worry, cleaning up is super simple! Just bust out your handy Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth and clean all that grease and grime right up. Then, hit the floor with your Ha-Ra Floor Kit, and you are done!

When it is time for the guests to arrive, you and your home will be ready to go! Adjust the lighting. Put on some music. Give thanks, and eat yourself into a coma. Maybe let the kids clean up after everyone leaves… 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving!

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