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Reducing Your Plastic Use

Plastic. It’s a word on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason! With our oceans and landfills filling with mountains of plastic, communities are starting to pay attention to plastic use and thinking about sustainable alternatives. Some changes are easier than others, so we’ve compiled a list of ways you can personally decrease your plastic use.

Bring your own shopping bags.

There are so many alternatives to plastic bags, including cardboard boxes, or beautiful canvas bags. Keep them in your car for convenience! Remember mesh bags for fruit and vegetables as well.

Stop buying bottled water.

Get yourself a reusable bottle, and drink from the tap or a filtering system.

Bring your own cup: BYOC!

Keeping your favorite coffee mug on hand is easy and reduces waste from your daily coffee clutch.

Say no to straws!

There are plenty of alternatives, from metal to paper, to no straw at all! Straws are used for an average of 10 minutes and then thrown away. They take 100 years to break down…

Skip the disposables.

Razors, diapers, utensils, the list goes on! Get items that last, and keep them on hand.

Reusable food storage.

Reusable containers go a long way, and there are many sizes and shapes available for your needs!

Use Ha-Ra!

With Ha-Ra cleaning products, you’ll need fewer products and they last longer, which equals less waste overall! (Plus, they are chemical free.)


We’re all in this together! Have any other ideas on how to cut down your plastic consumption? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter: @harausa

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