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Giving Thanks this Holiday Season

As the cool summer foliage has fully matured into warm autumn leaves, it’s hard to believe winter is almost here. But before the traditional end of year caroling begins, November is the perfect time to gather with family and friends to reflect on all the things that we have to be thankful for. Ha-Ra believes it is important to take stock in our surroundings and show thanks for our environment. Home to a range of powerful, environmentally sound, all natural cleaning components, Ha-Ra would like to list a few things that we have to be thankful for this November:

Clean water

Depending on where one is from, or where one resides, clean water is not necessarily a given. Nearly one in eight people on this planet do not have access to safe, clean water, while the average person in the developing world will use 400 liters of water a day. Being that over the next twenty years, human beings will use 40% more water than they do now, Ha-Ra asks you to think carefully about your water consumption.

One way to modify water usage would be to take advantage of Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls, to keep your dishes and your laundry clean while keeping your water bill and water usage low. Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls is a concentrated laundry and dishwashing detergent made with natural soap stone and soap roots that is also highly biodegradable. Since one bucket will last about 150 laundry wash cycles, or 250 dishwasher loads, less cleaning agent will be needed and less water will be used. Free of chlorine compounds and corrosives, bleach, phosphates, and foam regulators, Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls will be as easy on your wallet as it is on the environment.

Clean air

Being that self-driving fleets, hydrogen fleets, and ethanol fleets are quickly becoming viable modes of transportation and delivery, traditional fossil fuels will hopefully contribute less and less pollution on this planet. One way you can personally help is by taking advantage of public transportation. For areas that don’t have a sustainable public transportation system, please think about purchasing an automobile that runs on an alternative fuel source. Electric cars have become much more affordable in recent years, and with a multitude of designs, they are as sleek and fashionable as they are good for the environment.

To keep your electric car looking brand new for years to come please consider the Ha-Ra Starter Kit, which consists of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth. The Nano Hedgehog Cloth is the ideal cloth for high-powered cleaning and cuts through the toughest dirt and grease with ease. The Ha-Ra Star Cloth is a super absorbent cleaning and polishing cloth that works like a chamois for streak free cleaning of smooth surfaces. This is perfect for use throughout your car on windows, glass, mirrors, and more. With both handmade in Germany, the high-quality fiber will last for years to come, if the care instructions are followed properly.

Clean land

Repurposing truly embodies recycling and keeps waste away from landfills while more often than not also helping out a person in need. For instance, instead of a stained or marred outfit being simply being thrown away it is highly suggested this is reused by donating to an organization. Electronic waste is an even better example. Televisions, mobile phones, computers; all of these are made up of parts that can be and should be disposed of properly. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your tech and there is nothing wrong with that which you currently have, instead of tossing out these items please consider donating to a family in need.

One way to recycle wisely is to keep use of household cleaners on the low, with the Ha-Ra Protective Formula. This highly environmentally friendly formula, helps with the cleaning process, protects the cleaned surface, and protects and maintains your Ha-Ra cleaning fibers at the same time. One to two bottles last for an entire year and will put less stress on the environment than chemicals and other cleaning products. Produced from raw materials taken from vegetable extracts, palm oil and plants, the protective formula is the cornerstone and crown jewel in Ha-Ra’s cleaning component family.


Keeping loved ones in mind during the Thanksgiving holiday is second nature. Ha-Ra asks that you do just as well to keep the earth in mind and stay thankful for everything we have as a species. From one corner of the globe to another, we are truly blessed to live among such natural beauty and we owe it to ourselves, to our ancestors, and most importantly to our descendants to try and keep this planet as pristine as possible for many years to come. Please enjoy your holiday season, and share the full Ha-Ra line of environmentally safe cleaning products, with you, your loved ones, and the whole world!

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