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Hasty Holiday Help

With holiday songs on nearly every radio station and in nearly every single store, we believe it’s safe to say that nearly all of us are stuffed to the brim with holiday excitement. A lot of work goes into making sure one can relax and enjoy the holidays, so Ha-Ra would like to suggest a few last-minute items that might help with the holiday prep at home, as well as provide thoughtful, environmentally safe gifts to all your friends and loved ones:

When Decorating:

Whether hanging lights or hanging wreaths, please make sure to be safe and use a properly sized ladder, gloves, and recruit as much assistance as is needed when decorating your yard. While doing so, keep the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaning Kit in mind.

Equipped with the 12.6″ Ha-Ra Window Cleaner, the Ha-Ra Green Glove (for cleaning frames), the Ha-Ra Star Cloth (for streak-free window finishing), and the Ha-Ra Rollfix (which applies the Ha-Ra Protective Formula), this kit will have your windows looking better than new. The Vario Window Cleaner is water efficient and works without harmful chemicals. Fiber threads with high cleaning power and a natural rubber blade gives clean and streak-free windows. The Green Glove has extra tough fibers for extra tough cleaning, and the Star Cloth is super absorbent and works like a chamois. Rollfix will easily apply Ha-Ra Protective Formula on the Vario Window Cleaner and prevent using too much of the formula.

When Gift Wrapping:

Be careful with scissors, please look to recycle and reuse wrapping paper and gift bags as much as possible, and transfer waste immediately to the proper receptacle. Make sure to also take advantage of the Ha-Ra Floor Express Perfect w/Handle, which in combination with the Ha-Ra Floor Perfect fibers will make cleaning your floors a breeze.

Partnered with any one of the Ha-Ra Floor Express fiber floor pads, you can clean almost any type of floor. Ha-Ra fibers are patent protected and use the cleaning power of water to achieve exceptional results without use of chemicals. Ha-Ra products save over 95% on cleaners, they are safe to use, and minimize exposure to toxic agents. The Floor Express has 40% more cleaning power than conventional mops, thanks to the patented 6-chamber system where pressure gets applied evenly to the Ha-Ra floor fibers. Ergonomically designed at a height of 55” it means less bending down, and a diameter of 1.25” helps relieve strain on the wrists.

When Cooking:

Please make sure to properly clean and ventilate all hoods and grease traps, stoves and ovens, and make sure to use separate cutting boards and utensils during food prep. And when cleaning up, please know that the Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit consists of the essential cloths for keeping your kitchen sparkling clean and with much less effort.

The Nano Hedgehog cloth is the ideal cloth for high-powered cleaning and cuts through tough dirt and grease with ease. The Viva Ultra cloth is the ideal combination of Ultra fibers (tough on grease) and Viva fibers (tough on dirt) that dissolves grease and dirt, picks up that grease and dirt, and then easily releases it, when rinsed. The Sapphire cloth is recommended for wiping and washing all smooth surfaces and is ideal for bench tops, hard-wearing kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, and shelves, among many other kitchen areas.


No matter what holiday you and your loved ones celebrate this year, we wish you the merriest of days and would like you to stay safe and happy, and surrounded by those that care for and respect you. Ha-Ra appreciates you keeping both your pocketbook and the environment in mind this year, and hopefully all others, when you purchase from our entire family of durable, environmentally safe, long lasting cleaning products!

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