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Easy Cleaning Advice to Avoid Itchy Eyes and Runny Noses

For allergy sufferers, keeping a clean home can help prevent symptoms from taking over their lives. Thoroughly cleaning on a regular basis can eliminate allergens and keep them outside instead of in your home. Here are some tips to help you knock out allergens before they knock you out:

Stay on top of the dust bunnies that like to live under beds and in corners. Using our Ha-Ra Yellow Dry Pad and Dry Glove, you can easily attract all the dust and dirt hiding around your home. Through static charges, dust clings to our Dry Pad and Dry Glove so instead of spreading into the air, it holds firm to the cleaning element. It is important to keep your home as dust free as possible to eliminate the sneeze-causing entities that live within those dust mites.

DSC_0037This goes for ceiling fans too. Run the Dry Glove along the top of your fans to collect the dust that piles up on each arm. You don’t want all that dust flying around your newly cleaned floors! And while you’re at it, you should tackle the blinds as well. Just a quick wipe down will help keep your allergies in check.

Wash your bedding and children’s stuffed animals every week to ensure that your bed stays fresh. Our Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls is a biodegradable laundry (and dishwashing) detergent that is made with natural soap stone and soap roots. It will leave your bedding allergy-free and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Be sure to also wash your pet’s bedding if you own pets. It’s likely that your home has elevated levels of fur, saliva, and dander due to your lovable friends, so be sure to cut back on this by keeping their items just as clean as yours. Also, keep your bedroom a safe space by making it a pet-free zone if you can.

photoWatch out for mold in your bathrooms and kitchen. Humid conditions in these locations encourage growth and can be a doozy when mixed with pollen and dust allergies. Use a drop of Ha-Ra Protective Formula in a bucket of water and something like our Viva Ultra Cloth to clear away unwanted bathroom and kitchen mold and grime. Or check out our Kitchen Kit, which includes every cloth you need to knock out mold.

Many allergy sufferers would probably start sneezing at the thought of cleaning suggestions mentioned above. Cleaning usually awakens allergens that are present but not necessarily affecting us daily. In order to minimize allergy attacks while cleaning, wear a dust mask, clean top to bottom, and avoid using harsh chemicals which can irritate sensitive breathing airways.

Ha-Ra products are eco-friendly and keep you and your home safe from harmful toxins. They are a great addition to any allergy sufferer trying to fight the battle against pollen, dust, and mold.

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