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Staying Safe with Cleaning Products

In order to best ensure the health of your household, a regular cleaning of your home is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, household cleaning products, including but not limited to soap, fragrances, and grooming supplies, often include harmful chemicals. At any given time, the average household will store three to twenty five gallons of toxic materials, found mostly in these various cleaning agents. The cleaning industry generates more than $168 billion globally in annual revenue, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the average household annually spends $345 to $854 on cleaning products, with these numbers varying by region, education, income, age, and household size.


The types of health hazards cleaning agents pose will vary per product. With some chemicals the damage is immediate (acute) and can include hazards such as respiratory irritation, headaches, sneezing, watery eyes, or chemical burns. A number of fragrances added to common cleaning agents can easily contribute to allergic reactions such as these. Other chemicals are associated with long-term damage (chronic) such as multiple forms of cancer or hormone disruption. These long term effects can include decreased sperm count in men using these products or numerous birth defects when exposed to women who are pregnant.

The Ha-Ra® Protective Formula is an extremely safe, environmentally friendly alternative to all other cleaning agents. Produced from raw materials taken from plants and 99% biodegradable, the Protective Formula contains absolutely no preservatives, is nitrate and phosphate free, and is pH neutral.


The list of surfaces that the Ha-Ra® Cleaning System can clean is nearly endless, and the Ha-Ra Protective Formula can also be used for better results in both dishwashers and in your washing machine. It is also incredibly efficient; 1-2 bottles will easily last for an entire year and leading to much less waste than other cleaning agents. The Protective Formula is crafted to work with the Ha-Ra® fibers, to support and protect them.  The Ha-Ra® Protective Formula, much like all of the Ha-Ra® cleaning products, has been tailored over decades to provide maximum support for the world around us, as well your own personal health, family, and household.

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