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Staying Safe, Clean, and Green This Summer

Though we may be in the dog days of summer, we feel like there’s always enough time to make sure you and your belongings are clean, hygienic, and protected. We want to remind you that the best way to take care of yourself and simultaneously take better care of the environment is to use Ha-Ra’s wide range of products!

Our entire Ha-Ra line contains patented fibers that, in conjunction with water, are exceptionally safe to use, are environmentally friendly, and can help you save over 95% of costs on cleaning agents, for both commercial and residential use. Utilizing more than 170-patented fiber variations, our cleaning products are hand made in Switzerland and Germany, and they work alongside Ha-Ra’s protective formula, which is made from raw plant materials and is 99% biodegradable!


Nothing is of greater importance than your safety, and one regularly overlooked area is the walkway leading to and from your house. This is especially true if you live in a particularly humid region, and this can quickly become any region, depending on the weather. In time, your walkway can become over run with grime and calcium deposits, leading to uneven and slippery surfaces.

Ha-Ra has the solution with Kalkex. A natural, citric acid, decalcifying agent, you only need one teaspoon of Kalkex pure approximately 17 oz. of water. Spraying this on a surface, letting it sit for five minutes, and then using any one of Ha-Ra’s patented gloves to clean the surface, will help cut through all the collected dirt and grime. Not for use on limestone, marble, or enamel, Kalkex is not just useful for your walkway but can also work wonders on your pool, tile patios, cement haze, and is odorless and 100% biodegradable!

Moving into the house, one way to help keep you sleeping soundly this summer is to remember to flip your mattress. Helping to increase the life of your mattress as well as give you a more comfortable night sleep, this should be done once during the summer months and once during the winter. When handling your mattress, remember to take care of all your laundered sheets with Ha-Ra’s premium, environmentally safe laundry detergent, Saponella Blue Pearls. A biodegradable concentrate made with soap roots and soapstone, Saponella Blue Pearls can also be used on dishes (one bucket will last over 150 laundry wash cycles or 250 dishwasher cycles) and are free of phosphates and other harmful chemicals.

Potentially the most durable weapon in Ha-Ra’s vast arsenal is the Ha-Ra Green Glove. The ideal glove for tough surfaces both inside and outside of the home, the Green Glove can handle frames just as easily as fire pits, and clean screens just as well as stone. We also recommend keeping this glove on hand when firing up the grill this summer. The patented fibers are constructed to pick up grease and muck that other cleaners might miss, but to also release this filth just as easily so that you may quickly rinse your glove clean and not simply spread the dirt around all over.

Whatever Ha-Ra product you use this summer, make sure to stock up on all of our kits and supplies, designed with both you and the environment in mind. Please enjoy the rest of your summer, and bookmark Ha-Ra’s blog for immediate access to all of our tips and announcements on all things Ha-Ra!


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