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4 Ways To Show Your Love This Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, there’s no better time to carefully craft your unique thank you to your own personal super hero. Whether it’s the woman that gave birth to you or the woman that raised you since, now is your time to show your appreciation for the woman that means the most to you in the whole, wide world!

To help you navigate through the treacherous waters of greeting cards and gift certificates, Ha-Ra would like to offer some suggestions to really make your mother feel respected, treasured, and loved, come this May 10th.


1. Chocolate and/or Flowers

Now on the barometer of ideas from “so original that Christopher Nolan wants to make it his next film” all the way to “so overdone, Michael Bay has probably already optioned it,” flowers and chocolates aren’t exactly anything Interstellar. However, there’s a reason why they’re number one on the list and in our hearts. Nothing says instant tears combined with pleasure more than a beautiful floral arrangement and decadent cacao, no matter where they may be from.

We would also suggest that you come equipped with the Ha-Ra Floor Kit, and the Ha-Ra Press Butler. Stocked with the Ha-Ra Yellow Dry Pad and the Ha-Ra Nano Gold Soft Pad, these cleaning utensils are ideal for cleaning nearly any type of floor, whether sweeping up falling petals or mopping up any type of unfortunately dropped chocolate. These pads can be used on all floors, and also on ceilings and walls and use the Ha-Ra Press Butler to help stabilize the perfect amount of water and Ha-Ra Protective Formula. The natural fibers and chemical-free formula will make the entire inside of your mother’s house cleaner than either of you thought possible.

2. Laundry Service

Remember when you were an undergrad at college? Flying into your mother’s house or apartment, with just enough time to grab something to eat and drop off your laundry before you were back out the door, most times for the rest of the weekend. Trust us, even if you don’t remember, your mother certainly does. Help pay her back for all of her weekends spent doing load after load of your laundry, by attending to all of hers.

Drop off and pick up all of her laundry at a local laundromat, and/or get all of her dry cleaning to a local service and back to her before she even notices that it’s gone. Or, if you decide to dive in and take care of her laundry by yourself, use the Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls, a concentrated laundry and dishwashing detergent. Made with natural soap stone, roots, and biodegradable, one bucket of pearls will last 150 wash cycles, which should just about make you and mom even for college.

3. Wine and/or Craft Beer

Whether you want to treat her to a wine basket, a gift card from her favorite winery, or even take her out for a luxurious dinner capped with a bottle of their most expensive, choosing her favorite wine or craft beer will have your mother smiling all night long and proud that she raised someone so attentive to her palate. We would suggest that you might even want to think about traveling the extra mile, literally, and take your mother on a trip to wine country.

When you get back home, you can attend to all the bottles and glasses that you’ve purchased for your mother with the Ha-Ra Brilliant Polishing Cloth. Designed to clean and polish any and all smooth surfaces, you can use it dry to remove fingerprints and water stains, or use it slightly damp to remove light dirt, which will leave a streak-free and sparkling finish. Made of a microfiber mix of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, Ha-Ra fibers are patent protected and use water to achieve exceptional results without any harsh chemicals, something else any environmentally-aware mother will appreciate this Mother’s Day.

4. Talk with Her

We know, we know. Groundbreaking stuff here. But beyond anything mentioned on the list, the one thing that we suggest will knock your mother’s socks off and stick with her for years and years to come will be spending time with her. Whether you live with your mother and have for years, or you live half a planet away, just get in touch with her. Make her a dinner, Skype with her instead of a phone call, and write a letter on top of it all; don’t send just a preprinted greeting card.

Take time out to see how your mother is doing, how’s she spending her days, and what it is that she’s been most interested in lately. And if you really want to go the extra mile, don’t just limit it to this Mother’s Day. Continue that dialogue forward and take a minute or an hour every single day, just any type of time, to let her know that you’re thinking about her, that you miss her, and that you love her very much.

We hope you all have an amazing Mother’s Day, and we’d like to thank personally thank your mothers for having given the world such exceptionally well-read people. Make sure to bookmark Ha-Ra’s blog, and visit our website for all products and information related to helping you naturally stay clean!

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