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Sunday, Game Day, Lazy Cleaning Day!

It’s Sunday! It’s Game Day! It’s time to just relax on the sofa, watch the game, and maybe a well deserved nap! It’s definitely not a cleaning day! But, alas the house is a mess…

How can you clean using as little energy as possible? How can you clean without your body and mind realizing they’re doing work? Ha-Ra has got you covered! It’s time for some Ha-Ra lazy cleaning on this lazy fall game day Sunday afternoon.

Here are 5 low-energy, but super effective, cleaning tips:

  1. Glove Up and Go! Who wants to deal with a bucket of water and nasty rags, or waste bunch of paper towels? Just throw on the Ha-Ra Mach 6 Glove and knock out the whole house in one run. It’s the cleaning equivalent of running the opening kickoff back for a touchdown. Score! Our Mach6 is the glove for all surfaces in the house. The combination of different fibers makes it a great glove for breaking up dirt and removing it. It can be used everywhere in the house.
  2. Just Do the Taps! Here’s a genius low-energy trick! If the metal faucets and knobs are shiny, it makes the whole bathroom, and even the kitchen, sparkle. Save the shower deep clean for another day! After your Mach 6 touchdown, you can throw down the hammer and quickly polish those taps with the Ha-Ra Hammer Cloth. The Hammer Cloth is a highly absorbent towel used for polishing and buffing up shiny surfaces without leaving streaks. It is safe to use on stainless steel, granite countertops, taps, and mirrors without streaking.
  3. Ditch the Paper Towels! Only rookies use paper towels and window cleaner to clean the windows. Do you see professional window cleaners using that mess? Obviously they want to work as efficiently as possible, and so do you! Use the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaner Viva to quickly and painlessly wipe the windows and be back on the couch before the commercials are over. With the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaning System, you can clean windows faster and better than a professional, with less effort and without harmful chemicals.
  4. Run the Sweep! Your favorite football team can run the sweep play with little effort and maximum effect, and so can you! You can be done with your floors in about the same time it takes them to run the play. With the New Ha-Ra Floor Kit, sweeping is simple. The 12.8″ Ha-Ra Floor Express Perfect handle in combination with the 12.8″ Ha-Ra Floor Perfect fibers will make cleaning your floors a breeze. Your floors will be cleaner than ever before, and you might actually enjoy cleaning your floors for the first time in your life. In combination with the Ha-Ra Floor Express fiber floor pads, you can clean almost any type of floor.
  5. Let’s Go Blue! Level Up Power Play! You’re in the red zone, and it’s time for that secret power play. Don’t show the other team, but here is the secret play of the game: Ha-Ra Blue Paste! Add it to your lazy day cleaning for even more power and effectiveness. Ha-Ra Blue Paste is a micro-fine marble meal that removes tough stains on many surfaces without using harsh chemicals. It is very economical and increases the cleaning power of the Ha-Ra fibers (tar stains, insects, lime, grease).

Game Summary: you win! The house is clean, and you barely missed a second of the game! What a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Ha-Ra is the MVP of your cleaning dynasty!

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5 Eco Secrets for a Sensational Summer

It’s summertime and the heat is turned up! Global climate change is making seasons more extreme. Colder winters and hotter summers. This summer you can feel good that your cleaning won’t be hurting this beautiful planet we call home.

Ha-Ra products are eco-friendly. For example, the Ha-Ra Protective Formula is made of raw and natural plant material. Not to mention that only 2 drops are needed per 1 gallon of water, so one bottle can last for an entire year for the average household.

On top of that, Ha-Ra fibers have a very long lifetime, lasting up to 10 years. Compare this to your average household sponge that lasts for 4 weeks. Within 10 years, you are sending 120 sponges to the landfill, but you only need 1 Ha-Ra cloth/glove/pad. So, let Ha-Ra make your summer sensation with these secret cleaning tips…

1. Remove the winter grime from your grill. 

Sure there is “flavor” in that grime, but winter ruins the goodness. Clean that bad boy, and give it some fresh “flavor’ for this year! The Scrub Cloth cleans the dirtiest, greasiest areas using water only. It combines strong cleaning performance with high water absorption to save you time and energy. Happy 4th of July and Labor Day grilling!

2.  Clean your windows and let that light shine!

It’s no secret that sunlight has lots of positive impacts on our mood and attitude. We get so used to dirty windows. The best kept secret is that when we actually clean them, and the sun shines through, and we look out with clear clean views, it’s magical! With the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaning System you can clean windows faster and better than a professional, with less effort and without harmful chemicals. Clean panes with no pains!

3.  Using a glove to clean the bathroom makes it more tolerable.

No one likes to clean the bathroom. Every surface is covered with something gross you don’t want to touch. Here’s the secret – don’t touch any of it, use a glove! The Ha-Ra Nano Glove fiber is the fiber with the highest cleaning power. The blue fibers loosen the dirt and grime; the white fibers pick it up. Not all gloves are created equal, and the Nano is king for the throne!

4.  Damp dusting is so much more satisfying than dry dusting.

Sure, dry dusting is nice, but it sometimes feels like you are just pushing dirt around and not really cleaning. Shhh don’t tell, but damp dusting is some next level…well you know! But, those disposable wet wipes are so bad for the environment. The Ha-Ra Natura Cloth is much better for the planet. The blend of polyester and cotton fibers means you clean and dry in one step, no need to polish as the surface will dry streak-free, which is ideal for damp dusting. Damp dusting for the win!

5.  Summer stains don’t have to be forever.

We’ve all felt the 7 stages of grief when a stain hits… SHOCK & DENIAL – It’ll come out! PAIN & GUILT – I loved that thing! ANGER & BARGAINING – I just bought this, maybe there is some harsh chemical that can save it.  DEPRESSION – Well that was a waste of money. ACCEPTANCE – Well that’s stained for life!

But Ha-Ra’s secret weapon gives you the last step – HOPE! Ha-Ra Blue Paste is a micro-fine marble meal that removes tough stains on many surfaces without using harsh chemicals. It is very economical and increases the cleaning power of the Ha-Ra fibers (tar stains, insects, lime, grease). Nothing is permanent in this life, especially stains, with Ha-Ra!

The secret’s out! Ha-Ra makes summer sensational! Don’t keep these secrets to yourself. Share them with friends and family. Make their summers sensational too!

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Make Your Father Proud This Father’s Day With Ha-Ra Math

We all want to make our fathers proud no matter how old we get. Yet, every year we end up disappointing him with the boring gifts we get him. He has to pretend that he loves the fish tie or the coffee mug. If we really want to make dad proud, we would show him what responsible adults we have become! Using the Ha-Ra math below will really impress your father this year and for years to come…

Problem #1:

1 BBQ Grill + 3 Big Juicy Steaks – 1 Cheesy Dad Apron (last year’s gift) + The Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth = 1 Happy Dad not having to struggle to clean the grill after a delicious meal!

The Scrub Cloth cleans the dirtiest, greasiest areas using water only. It combines strong cleaning performance with high water absorption to save you time and energy. It cleans very dirty and greasy dishes, pans, pots, ovens, BBQs, grills, basins, grout, porcelain, taps, tiles, toilets, animal cages, etc.

Problem #2:

1 Pickup Truck + 3 Weeks of Commuting in Traffic – 1 Old “My kid’s an honor student!” (You are 25 now) Bumper Sticker +The Ha-Ra Green Glove + The Ha-Ra Star Cloth = 1 Proud Dad with a clean ride which is way cooler than that bumper sticker!

The Green Glove is the ideal cleaning glove for tough surfaces and tough dirt. Works amazingly well on hard-to-clean things while at the same time protecting your hand. Ideal for cleaning window frames, window sills, front doors, sliding doors, blinds, screens, patio and outdoor furniture, stairs, bars, stone surfaces, car rims, metal doors, etc.

The Star Cloth is a super absorbent cleaning and polishing cloth that works like a chamois for streak free cleaning of smooth surfaces. For all surfaces in the kitchen: cabinets, oven, refrigerator, stainless steel, work surfaces. It’s also great for the car, windows, glass, mirrors, and more.

Problem #3:

2 Car Garage + 10 Years of Junk – 2 Cars (No room) – 1 Fishing Rod (Another of your silly gifts, when was the last time you saw Dad go fishing) + A Saturday helping him throw bunch of stuff away + The Ha-Ra 16.7″ Floor Perfect Green Pad = 1 Relieved Dad who can park at least one of the cars in the garage now!

The Floor Perfect Green Pad can handle any tough job you can think of. Just add water, and a couple of drops of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, and clean patios, rubber floors, pool areas, and stone floors.

Problem #4:

1 Motorcycle – 2 Wheels + Some Spare Parts Lying Around – 1 Old German Style Helmet (Really you are a horrible gift giver) + The Ha-Ra Ultra Glove = 1 Nostalgic Dad who will one day ride again now that all the parts are clean at least. 

The Ultra Glove is the ideal combination of Ultra fibers (extra tough on grease) and Viva fibers (tough on dirt). The fibers retain a lot of water, dissolve grease and dirt, pick grease and dirt up, and easily release them when rinsed.

Who ever said you were bad at math?! I’m sure your dad always knew you could do it! And this year, you have finally proven that your math skills, life skills, and yes finally your gift giving skills, are worth your dad being proud of. This year, he can finally stop lying about the fact that the “honor student” bumper sticker was actually on the truck when he bought it. Because you truly are his little honor student!! Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

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Show Your Sweetie Some Good, Clean Love

Looking for a unique way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s day? Let Ha-Ra help. Here are three ways to show some love for your special someone (and the environment!) in the form of a clean space and tidy home.  Your better half is sure to appreciate these kind-hearted deeds big and small.


  1. Shine their jewelry.
    This one small thing will make your hunny’s special trinkets shine as bright as their smile.  With the Ha-Ra Brilliant Polishing Cloth , you will find it easy to remove tarnishes, fingerprints, gunk, and grime from all those tiny treasures.  For an ultra vibrant shimmer, use the Ha-Ra Blue Paste.  It’s gentle enough to use on copper, crystal, gold, and silver.
  2. Organize that sock drawer.  
    A tidy life leads to a clearer mind.  We all have those drawers that we open and close each day with a little voice in our head that says “I should organize this someday.” If that “someday” is hard to come by for your love, take a few minutes and tidy it up for them.  Maybe go through their sock drawer to match the socks that still have a mate. The others can be cut up to make small rags or kept whole to be used for dusting. Maybe you have a “junk drawer” that could use some organization, or a corner of the garage that needs to be re-organized.  When you’ve cleared out the space, make sure to wipe it down before returning the objects in an organized way. Use the Ha-Ra Natura Cleaning Cloth for drawers, or the for floors Ha Ra 16.7” Flloor Perfect Nano Hedgehog Pad.
  3. Freshen up their car.
    For a genuine way to envoke surprise and joy, stealthily give your sweetheart’s whip a wipe down and vacuum. When they hop in their car, they will instantly feel at ease and clear-headed with their dust-free dash, freshly vacuumed floor, and clear windows and mirrors.  The Ha-Ra Mach 6 Glove or the Ha-Ra Dry Glove are the perfect tool for removing dust on the dash, radio, and other surfaces.  When it comes to windows and mirrors, the Ha-Ra Star Cloth is your ticket to a streak-free clean.


When it comes to your partner, you of course know them better than we do. We hope this list has given you some ideas to get started, but that you take these ideas and run with them.  Maybe your sweetie absolutely despises laundry and would love nothing more than a break from the washing, drying, and folding. Possibly, cooking AND cleaning a meal is the fastest way to their heart.  Showing love is more than just a good idea, it’s tailoring the act to perfectly match your perfect match. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Reducing Your Plastic Use

Plastic. It’s a word on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason! With our oceans and landfills filling with mountains of plastic, communities are starting to pay attention to plastic use and thinking about sustainable alternatives. Some changes are easier than others, so we’ve compiled a list of ways you can personally decrease your plastic use.

Bring your own shopping bags.

There are so many alternatives to plastic bags, including cardboard boxes, or beautiful canvas bags. Keep them in your car for convenience! Remember mesh bags for fruit and vegetables as well.

Stop buying bottled water.

Get yourself a reusable bottle, and drink from the tap or a filtering system.

Bring your own cup: BYOC!

Keeping your favorite coffee mug on hand is easy and reduces waste from your daily coffee clutch.

Say no to straws!

There are plenty of alternatives, from metal to paper, to no straw at all! Straws are used for an average of 10 minutes and then thrown away. They take 100 years to break down…

Skip the disposables.

Razors, diapers, utensils, the list goes on! Get items that last, and keep them on hand.

Reusable food storage.

Reusable containers go a long way, and there are many sizes and shapes available for your needs!

Use Ha-Ra!

With Ha-Ra cleaning products, you’ll need fewer products and they last longer, which equals less waste overall! (Plus, they are chemical free.)


We’re all in this together! Have any other ideas on how to cut down your plastic consumption? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter: @harausa