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Sporting Season is Here! Let Us Help Your Home Stay Clean.

Now that we’re almost into October, and the leaves are beginning to change from a lively, bright green to a warm, muted mixture of orange, yellow, and brown, our laundry rooms are also changing. What once was an aromatic combination of lavender and daisies, reminiscent of Spring and Summer, has become a more potent mix of outdoorsy, athletic gear and piles of grass-stained laundry. So whether you’re a soccer mom responsible for cleaning the shin guards of 22 elementary soccer super stars, or a father helping your college-aged child catch up with mounds of laundry after Fall Rush, Ha-Ra has got you covered.

We would highly suggest two of our products that can help you clean both your gear and your clothes this Autumn, as well as year round, while still staying safe for the environment and helping your house to continue smelling so fresh, so clean:

IMG_8088Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth – Ideal for football pads, field hockey sticks, lacrosse equipment, and cleats of all shapes and sizes, the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth will clean the dankest, dirtiest gear your young one can even think to supply, and all you need is water! Combining a supreme cleaning product along with high water absorption, the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth saves you time and energy, as well as your sense of smell, in helping to eliminate grass, mold, and dirt odors, by cleaning equipment before they have a chance to sit and fester. Providing you two cleaning surfaces, one composed of 100% polyester blue microfibers, about a third of an inch long, on one side, and one made of 100% polyamide black fibers on the other, the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth should be used in conjunction with the Ha-Ra Protective Formula for the long lasting cleaning of any and all Fall sports equipment.

DSC_3767Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls – Ideal for both loads of laundry as well as loading into a dishwasher, Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls is a concentrated detergent made with natural soap stone and soap roots, is biodegradable, and lasts for 150 cycles in the washing machine, 250 loads in your dishwasher, or if used in tandem can still lead to nearly 100 loads of both (accounting for ideal water hardness and proper portion control). Once you’ve cleaned all your dirty sports equipment, you can clean the uniforms peeled off of that equipment, alongside your Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth, with a single, pre-portioned Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearl. Free of chlorine and corrosive chemical compounds (including but not limited to bleach, phosphates, and synthetic fragrances) Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls will clean everything from the dishes used to help the booster club potluck, to the uniforms, jerseys, and practice clothes, of your basketball, volleyball, and cross country stars.

Ha-Ra has a full line of natural, cost-effective cleaning products to suit all of your cleaning needs, and Ha-Ra products are not just ideal for use in the Fall. Clean your outside grilling equipment with the Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth to use all Summer for delicious BBQ; wipe off your reading glasses with the Ha-Ra Eyeglass Cloth and curl up with a nice book during a Spring rainstorm; or use the Ha-Ra Floor Kit to protect and prevent damage from the elements during the Winter. Ha-Ra is the ideal cleaning agent to keep a clean, safe, and environmentally sound house, all year long!

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The end of summer is near, time to pack up the gear

As August passes into September and we look back on the summer, our boats and our recreational vehicles have given us a number of good times and amazing memories! Making sure we take advantage of every moment the summer has to offer, there’s still a good amount of time to make more of these memories, but it would be both efficient and prudent to start thinking about preparing them for storage.

While you take your boat, your RV, and all of your high performance summer vehicles out for one last spin, remember that there’s no better way to start the storage process than to clean them properly and thoroughly using Ha-Ra’s full family of patented products, all of which are tough on dirt and safe for the environment! The Ha-Ra cleaning gloves and cloths are made of a fiber blend that don’t rely on harsh chemicals like other cleaning agents, and all they require is about a half bucket of water to make your vehicle sparkle and shine.

Ha-Ra products can also save you over 90% on other cleaners, and aren’t just ideal to clean your vehicles, but can be used for household and commercial use, as well. Products that we especially recommend for cleaning your boat, car, or RV include:

51sW5Y7yM+L._SS60_The Mach 6 Glove, which is the ideal cleaning component from Ha-Ra for most all surfaces, from your seats to your dashboard, from your bumper to your running board. It’s reversible and provides two different cleaning mechanisms; the blue side is tough and helps loosen and remove dirt while the white side traps and releases any additional grime or moisture.

3158cb9b06L._SS60_The Green Glove is ideal for wheels, rims, propellers, or any surface that has the potential to get extremely dirty and that you’d like to see shine or taken well care of. The tough fibers of the Green Glove strip away stubborn, hard to reach and hard to remove, problem areas and will last for years, while at the same time protecting your hands from the harsh soil and surface.

31zC2e-s9sL._SS60_The Star Polishing Cloth helps bring a luxurious sheen to any of the windows in your boat, car, or RV, or any other smooth surface you’d like to see shine!! Using it free of water helps to remove any fingerprints or stains left by condensation and using it damp will help to remove light dirt and leave a streak-free finish. With proper care, the polishing cloth can also be used for eyeglasses, sunglasses, and electronics, for those last few sunny days on the water or for a long drive in the car!

31MTWQjjdiL._SS60_The Ha-Ra Rollfix contains the gentle, pH neutral Hans Raab Protective Formula and comes in a container that dispenses the perfect amount onto any of your Ha-Ra cleaning gloves or cloths. The Protective Formula enhances the Ha-Ra fiber cleaning products as well as protects the surface being cleaned. One drop of the Protective Formula per half gallon of water is all that it takes! And in the unfortunate case where a slight spill or stain has marred your carpeting in any of your vehicles, you can also use the Rollfix! Simply dampen the stain slightly with the Rollfix and wipe with a damp Ha-Ra glove or cloth.

31X+HxqHsTL._SS60_The Sapphire Cloth, a 100% polyester glove made of a combination of mechanical and micro-cleaning fibers, is ideal for cleaning bench tops, where in your boat or RV any table or kitchen counter can go from grimy to gorgeous with simply a swipe of the cloth.

41+X8SvLWkL._SS60_The Viva Ultra Cloth is the best agent against grease or grim. The specific Ultra fibers (engineered to combat grease) work in conjunction with the specialized Viva fibers (formatted to be tough on dirt) work very much like the two-sided Mach 6 glove, and pick up dirt and grease easily, releasing it without the use of harsh chemicals or cleaning agents.

No matter when you plan on hanging up the keys for the summer for your boat, your RV, your car, or any other recreational vehicle, make sure that before you do, you use any of these or Ha-Ra’s other full family of products to ensure that your good times and happy memories continue on into next summer, and many more summers to come!!

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Easy Cleaning Advice to Avoid Itchy Eyes and Runny Noses

For allergy sufferers, keeping a clean home can help prevent symptoms from taking over their lives. Thoroughly cleaning on a regular basis can eliminate allergens and keep them outside instead of in your home. Here are some tips to help you knock out allergens before they knock you out:

Stay on top of the dust bunnies that like to live under beds and in corners. Using our Ha-Ra Yellow Dry Pad and Dry Glove, you can easily attract all the dust and dirt hiding around your home. Through static charges, dust clings to our Dry Pad and Dry Glove so instead of spreading into the air, it holds firm to the cleaning element. It is important to keep your home as dust free as possible to eliminate the sneeze-causing entities that live within those dust mites.

DSC_0037This goes for ceiling fans too. Run the Dry Glove along the top of your fans to collect the dust that piles up on each arm. You don’t want all that dust flying around your newly cleaned floors! And while you’re at it, you should tackle the blinds as well. Just a quick wipe down will help keep your allergies in check.

Wash your bedding and children’s stuffed animals every week to ensure that your bed stays fresh. Our Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls is a biodegradable laundry (and dishwashing) detergent that is made with natural soap stone and soap roots. It will leave your bedding allergy-free and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Be sure to also wash your pet’s bedding if you own pets. It’s likely that your home has elevated levels of fur, saliva, and dander due to your lovable friends, so be sure to cut back on this by keeping their items just as clean as yours. Also, keep your bedroom a safe space by making it a pet-free zone if you can.

photoWatch out for mold in your bathrooms and kitchen. Humid conditions in these locations encourage growth and can be a doozy when mixed with pollen and dust allergies. Use a drop of Ha-Ra Protective Formula in a bucket of water and something like our Viva Ultra Cloth to clear away unwanted bathroom and kitchen mold and grime. Or check out our Kitchen Kit, which includes every cloth you need to knock out mold.

Many allergy sufferers would probably start sneezing at the thought of cleaning suggestions mentioned above. Cleaning usually awakens allergens that are present but not necessarily affecting us daily. In order to minimize allergy attacks while cleaning, wear a dust mask, clean top to bottom, and avoid using harsh chemicals which can irritate sensitive breathing airways.

Ha-Ra products are eco-friendly and keep you and your home safe from harmful toxins. They are a great addition to any allergy sufferer trying to fight the battle against pollen, dust, and mold.

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Spring Cleaning: Six Easy Steps!

April is here, and even if the weather is being a bit temperamental, Spring has officially arrived. Whether you hate it or love it, Spring is a time of renewal and that includes giving your home a refresh. Many of us cringe at the phrase “Spring Cleaning”as we think of all the nooks and crannies that have collected dirt, dust, and clutter over the long winter months, but Ha-Ra is here to help make the process painless. Trust us, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will feel great when you get there! SpringCleaning

To help organize your plan of attack, here are six simple guidelines to help stay on top of your Spring Cleaning with chemical free and eco-friendly Ha-Ra products:

  1. Get your cleaning supplies in order. Mix up a bucket of water with a couple drops of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula as well as a spray bottle with the mixture. Grab your favorite cleaning accessories like our Nano Glove, Natura Cloth, and Star Cloth, and put everything in an easy-to-carry kit. You can use a box, crate, bin, bag, or anything else you find laying around the house.
  2. Start with your laundry! Gather all the bedding, curtains, blankets, towels, and anything else that can be machine washed and throw it in. Add our Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls and start it up. Keep the loads coming until their done.
  3. De-clutter by putting things in their right spot (which may be the trash can more often than not). You can use laundry baskets or plastic storage bins to easily sort items. Just assign each area of the house to a basket and one for items you want to pitch. Put misplaced items back in the basket they belong and replace them all at once. Get the kids involved! This makes for a fun distraction from “cleaning.” Be sure to go through the refrigerator, cabinets, and counters to ensure you throw away everything unneeded.
  4. Time to get dirty. Working through the house one room at a time, start by cleaning the windows. Watch this video to see how to use our Window Cleaning Kit to leave them sparkling. Then move onto dusting (don’t forget the floorboards, blinds, and fans). With the Ha-Ra Yellow Glove, this will be a cinch. Wipe down all counters, sinks, toilets, and showers with your Protective Formula mixture and the Natura Cloth. Finish up by sweeping all hard floors with our Yellow Pad and taking out the trash.
  5. Onto the floors! Simple and easy, mop and vacuum the floors. Invest in our Nano Gold Soft Pad to make this task even easier.
  6. Add the finishing touches. Put your clean linens back where they belong, add some fresh flowers or light a candle, and sit back and relax! You can conquer the outdoor spaces another day. For now, it’s time to bask in your freshly cleaned home.
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Keep Your Digital Screens Fingerprint Free!

In today’s world of smartphones, tablets, and touch-screen everything, we are constantly clearing smudges and fingerprints from our lives. Some of us just deal with the dirty and try to see through the grim while downloading the latest app, while some of us are always on the look out for the next best way to keep that screen clean.

We fall into the first category and couldn’t help but come up with a product to solve this 21st century dilemma.

IMG_3375Our Ha-Ra Brilliant Cloth is the perfect partner to remove fingerprints from all your electronic devices. From computer monitors to smartphones to tablets to MP3 players, this companion will keep your screen mark free with just a simple swipe.

The Brilliant Cloth is specially made for cleaning and polishing all smooth surfaces. Used dry, it removes fingerprints and water stains. Used damp, it removes light dirt and leaves a streak-free and sparkling finish.

Don’t settle for trying to look through the layers of life that pile up on your device. Add the Brilliant Cloth to your collection of Ha-Ra green cleaning products and start seeing clearly.