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Mother’s Day During Lockdown

Mothers love flowers! You should buy your mom some flowers. Oh wait, you can’t go out. Okay, okay, mothers love spa treatments! You should get her a spa treatment. Oh wait, they’re closed. Okay, okay, mommies love going out to eat with their kiddos. You should take her to brunch. Oh wait, take out only. So this Mother’s Day, what is a poor lockdown child to do for their sweet lovely mother?! A HOMEMADE CARD!! Just kidding… maybe. No, no, you should just clean for her, of course! 🙂

Your mother cleans up after you all the time, or she did at some point in your life. Now, it’s time to return the favor. It requires no extra gift or travel, so it is the ultimate lockdown Mother’s Day gift. 

But “Wait,” you say, “I don’t live with my mother.” No problem! Instead of cleaning for her, make her cleaning experience an easier one. You can have products shipped right to her. She will definitely thank you for that. But it’s really all about thanking her!

Also, if you almost forgot Mother’s Day, and are reading this article Saturday night or even after Mother’s Day, what’s great about the gift of cleaning is that you actually can make a homemade card that says something like “One day of deep cleaning by your favorite child, me!” Or you can go order something from Ha-Ra right now, and you can blame the shipping delay on the lockdown. You could even show her your Mach6 Glove on your Mother’s Day Zoom call and tell her that one is on the way to her soon. 

And, don’t forget the Mother’s Day tradition we started last year of giving her something from the Blue Bouquet! It’s better than flowers. In the end, the best gift you can give your mother is showing her how much you love her, and Ha-Ra wants to help you find a way during these crazy lockdown times to make your mom feel special. Happy Mother’s Day!

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