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A Hedgehog is the Easter Bunny’s Best Friend

It’s that time of year again when the Easter Bunny comes out to color her eggs and resurrect the Easter spirit! (Which of course means it’s time for the hedgehog to come out too!) The hedgehog loves all the bunnies. Seeing the Easter Bunny is a perfect reminder to deep clean the floors in your house, gathering up all those lost dust bunnies…

The best tools to do that are the Ha-Ra Floor Perfect Nano Hedgehog Pad and his friends. 🙂  That’s right, April is a great time to rid your floors of that winter grime and hidden dust bunnies, and have fun while doing it. When you see a bunny, grab your hedgehog!

The hedgehog likes to ride his trusty Floor Express Perfect w/ Handle. The two of them will make cleaning your floors a breeze. Your floors will be cleaner than ever before, and you might actually enjoy cleaning your floors for the first time in your life.

Another friend to join the floor cleaning party is the nano kitten with her Floor Perfect Nano Gold Pur Pad. The cleaning power of the Nano fiber will surprise you. The floor pad consists of more than 69 million individual strands that can absorb 6 to 7 times their own weight in water. 

The goose that laid the golden egg is definitely the Ha-Ra Floor Kit, which includes a handle, Ha-Ra Yellow Dry Pad, and the Nano Gold Soft Pad. The dry pad is ideal for dry sweeping floors. The special fibers attract and hold onto dust until the pad is shaken out to release it. Now, that is worth its weight in gold.

And when the party heads outside, the floors can get tough, but the Floor Perfect Green Pad is ready for the job. Just add water, and a couple of drops of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula. You’ll be ready to clean patios, rubber floors, pool areas, stone floors, and more.

Finally, this Easter floor party wouldn’t be complete without the Ha-Ra Press Butler. The Press Butler ensures your favorite Ha-Ra floor pad contains the right amount of water to achieve a sparkling clean result without effort. Use to rinse and wring out Ha-Ra floor pads.

When the Easter Bunny comes out, it’s time to get the hedgehog out and gather up all those dust bunnies and their buddies. With a team of Ha-Ra pals to help, your floors will shine with the Easter light.

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