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Don’t Waste Your Time On Spring Cleaning

You are a powerful, active, modern marvel, and your home reflects that beautiful spirit. Spring cleaning is a massive undertaking, and most people don’t like doing it. Often times, it just replaces dust and grime with harmful chemicals. So this year, don’t waste your time!

Instead, simply reveal the reflected in the neglected. Let the purity shine throughout your whole home with Ha-Ra’s natural, chemical free, reusable, practical, easy, and fun products. Let your friends and family in on the “neglected to reflected” secret to keep them from wasting their time and money on spring cleaning. Ha-Ra is a pure and simple part of the powerful, modern you.

You are reflected in your kitchen. The Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit is hot of the grill! The Ha-Ra Kitchen Kit consists of all the essential cloths for keeping your kitchen sparkling clean with less effort. Just add the Ha-Ra Protective Formula to your order if you don’t have a bottle at home yet, and you are set for years.

You are reflected in your bathroom. The Ha-Ra Bathroom Kit is never your number two! The Ha-Ra Bathroom Kit comes with all the fibers you need for a sparkling clean bathroom. Just add the Ha-Ra Protective Formula to your order, and you are all set for chemical free cleaning.

You are reflected in your floors. The Ha-Ra Floor Kit is a foundation for the ground you walk on! The 12.8″ Ha-Ra Floor Express Perfect handle in combination with the 12.8″ Ha-Ra Floor Perfect fibers will make cleaning your floors a breeze. In combination with the Ha-Ra Floor Express fiber floor pads, you can clean almost any type of floor.

You are reflected in your windows…of course! The Ha-Ra Window Kit is the clear choice and one you can see with your own eyes! With the Ha-Ra Vario Window Cleaning Kit, you can clean windows faster and better than a professional, with less effort and without harmful chemicals.

Take the madness out of March spring cleaning. Save time and energy by letting Ha-Ra products reveal the reflected in the neglected!

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