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Show Your Sweetie Some Good, Clean Love

Looking for a unique way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s day? Let Ha-Ra help. Here are three ways to show some love for your special someone (and the environment!) in the form of a clean space and tidy home.  Your better half is sure to appreciate these kind-hearted deeds big and small.


  1. Shine their jewelry.
    This one small thing will make your hunny’s special trinkets shine as bright as their smile.  With the Ha-Ra Brilliant Polishing Cloth , you will find it easy to remove tarnishes, fingerprints, gunk, and grime from all those tiny treasures.  For an ultra vibrant shimmer, use the Ha-Ra Blue Paste.  It’s gentle enough to use on copper, crystal, gold, and silver.
  2. Organize that sock drawer.  
    A tidy life leads to a clearer mind.  We all have those drawers that we open and close each day with a little voice in our head that says “I should organize this someday.” If that “someday” is hard to come by for your love, take a few minutes and tidy it up for them.  Maybe go through their sock drawer to match the socks that still have a mate. The others can be cut up to make small rags or kept whole to be used for dusting. Maybe you have a “junk drawer” that could use some organization, or a corner of the garage that needs to be re-organized.  When you’ve cleared out the space, make sure to wipe it down before returning the objects in an organized way. Use the Ha-Ra Natura Cleaning Cloth for drawers, or the for floors Ha Ra 16.7” Flloor Perfect Nano Hedgehog Pad.
  3. Freshen up their car.
    For a genuine way to envoke surprise and joy, stealthily give your sweetheart’s whip a wipe down and vacuum. When they hop in their car, they will instantly feel at ease and clear-headed with their dust-free dash, freshly vacuumed floor, and clear windows and mirrors.  The Ha-Ra Mach 6 Glove or the Ha-Ra Dry Glove are the perfect tool for removing dust on the dash, radio, and other surfaces.  When it comes to windows and mirrors, the Ha-Ra Star Cloth is your ticket to a streak-free clean.


When it comes to your partner, you of course know them better than we do. We hope this list has given you some ideas to get started, but that you take these ideas and run with them.  Maybe your sweetie absolutely despises laundry and would love nothing more than a break from the washing, drying, and folding. Possibly, cooking AND cleaning a meal is the fastest way to their heart.  Showing love is more than just a good idea, it’s tailoring the act to perfectly match your perfect match. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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