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3 Ways to Go Green in 2017

As winter officially begins, the short days get a bit longer, the darkness a bit lighter. This season of change and renewal is a wonderful time to welcome freshness into your home. The New Year is an empowering time to make a commitment to do something differently. With the environment needing protection now more than ever, we challenge you to go green in 2017!

Using Ha-Ra cleaning products reduces the chemical waste created by chemical cleaning agents, as well as they greatly reduce the need for packaging. Our products are safe for your family and the environment. Give the gift of health to your loved ones and the earth in the New Year.

Here are three ways to go green with Ha-Ra in 2017:

1. Start with the Basics

The simplest way to start living the Ha-Ra way of life is with our Starter Kit. The Ha-Ra Starter Kit consists of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth. The Ha-Ra Protective Formula is an important part of the Ha-Ra cleaning system. This highly environmentally friendly formula (produced from raw plant materials) mixes with water to help break down dirt, protect cleaned surfaces, and protect/maintain your Ha-Ra cleaning fibers. It is extremely efficient: one bottle will easily last for an entire year and will put less stress on the environment than chemicals and other cleaning products.

2. Switch to Saponella

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls is a concentrated laundry and dishwashing detergent. Your dishes and your clothes are the things that come into contact with your body most frequently. Using a product that is free of chlorine compounds and corrosives, bleach, phosphates, optical brighteners, enzymes, synthetic fragrances, suspending agents, perborates, and foam regulators should be a top priority for your health. Saponella is biodegradable, made with natural soap stone and soap roots, and tough of stains. One bucket lasts for about 150 wash cycles or 250 dishwasher loads.

3. Stop Swiffer-ing

If you’re one of those people that is continually buying more refill packs for your Swiffer mop, please make the move to Ha-Ra this year. Instead of wasting money and materials, invest in our Ha-Ra Floor Kit. Ha-Ra products can save over 95% on cleaners in both household and commercial use. The kit comes with the Ha-Ra Yellow Dry Pad, Nano Gold Soft Pad, and Express Perfect Handle. This setup has 40% more cleaning power than conventional mops thanks to the patented 6-chamber system, which applies pressure evenly to the Ha-Ra floor fibers. You can see the dust and dirt being trapped by the Ha-Ra floor pads, and you won’t put any strain on your body while cleaning.

There are many other products in the Ha-Ra family that can help you turn your house into a chemical-free space for the New Year as well as many other ways to help protect our environment. Feel free to share your ideas with us, and enjoy your holiday season!

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Go Green in 2017

  1. It is just the best cleaning equipment you can have, but it is also toooo expensive!

    1. When you do the math, our products last WAY longer than the average cleaning supplies. Therefore, the one time fee you pay equals what you would pay over the course of time with other products. Just one bottle of Ha-Ra can last years depending on your use. Thank you for your support!

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