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6 Helpful Holiday Cleaning Tips

Last month, Ha-Ra went over tips to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving. After all, you worked hard on that feast, and it’s only right that you treat yourself! This month, Ha-Ra wants to concentrate on treating your guests. Whatever holiday you celebrate at the end of this year, work to keep your friends, family, and the environment healthy and happy with a clean house maintained with Ha-Ra’s entire line of powerful yet biodegradable cleaning agents and utensils…

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Step 1. Plan your party.

This can mean a number of different things for different people, so Ha-Ra would like you to get creative with this one. Whether you’re already planning for New Years 2016 or you’re still doing 2015’s holiday shopping on December 24th, try to put pen to paper prior to hitting the streets. Listing out crucial steps will help keep you to task and checking off those steps will prove to be very cathartic.

Step 2. Exemplify your Entryway.

The front door will be the first thing seen by your guests, so you’ll want to make sure it’s clean as can be. Shake off your doormat, sweep/shovel your porch and/or steps, and straighten up your hall closet and/or hall dresser/stands. Make sure to be extra diligent cleaning the floor once inside your house. If you have tile or hardwood floors, use the Ha-Ra Starter Kit, which is made up of the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth. The Protective Formula is environmentally friendly and produced from raw plant materials, and a single bottle will last an entire year. While the Star Cloth works well as a finishing wipe and helps bring out the shine on a tile floor, the Nano Hedgehog Cloth is built for cutting through dirt and grime, which could get caked in the grout.

Step 3. Tackle your TV Room.

The living room/great room is where everyone congregates to watch sports and home movies, or sing songs, and give presents with lots of good cheer. Thinking in terms of your guests, you’ll want to watch for pet hair transfer that could potentially shed onto someone’s Sunday best. If you do have pets, the Ha-Ra Green Glove is made of tough fibers for the dual purpose of cleaning dirt but also releasing it easily. When wet, the Green Glove can also help with any spills on carpeting or upholstery and is durable, protecting your hands when having to clean along corners or edges. Also, keep your precious electronics pristine with the Ha-Ra Brilliant Polishing Cloth! Composed of a fiber mix that is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, the Brilliant Polishing Cloth is safe and gentle enough to clean eyeglasses but can be used dry or wet to help bring a bright finish to chrome surfaces, lacquered surfaces, silverware, and crystal and glass!

Step 4. Beautify your Bathroom.

When cleaning a Bathroom, the very first thing everyone wants to do is clean the toilet and the shower. Ha-Ra in no way dissuades against this, but would like you to think beyond the scope of the obvious and clean lesser-known areas. Refresh your towels, make sure all soap and paper products are refilled, and pay special attention to your cabinets and ceiling. Without proper ventilation a bathroom ceiling can become especially dirty and potentially unhealthy. The Ha-Ra Bathroom Kit won’t only take care of your ceiling it’ll clean everything else in the bathroom, as well. The kit comes with the Ha-Ra Ultra Glove, the Ha-Ra Natura Cloth, the Ha-Ra Brilliant Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth. In conjunction with the afore mentioned Protective Formula, with water alone, or completely dry, these cleaning gloves and clothes will banish grease, grime, dirt and even potential from your bathroom!

Step 5. Kickstart your Kitchen.

Speaking of lesser-known areas, once someone starts to clean a kitchen it’s second nature to immediately wipe down the counter, and everyone knows to prepare their stove and fridge for large gatherings. But there will be an incredible amount of foot traffic in the kitchen as you bring guests into your home. Use the Ha-Ra Floor Kit and its patented technology, developed for use with Ha-Ra Floor Perfect System, to simplify cleaning your floors. With 40% more cleaning power than standard mops, a patented 6-chamber system applies pressure evenly to the your floor and at a height of 55 inches there will be less wear and tear on your back. Lightweight but durable, the Floor Kit also comes with the Ha-Ra Yellow Dry Pad and the Nano Gold Soft Pad, all hand manufactured in Germany.

Step 6. Remember it’s your “Bed”room.

Though there are a million and one different things to clean in the bedroom, we would like to ask that this holiday season you concentrate on the bed. Your guests will be exhausted from all the wonderful food you prepare, all the hospitality you show, and all the fun they have in your abode, and you’ll want to make sure they sleep the night away in the most comfortable way possible. Make sure to flip your mattress, replace lumpy pillows, and wash everything from the bed skirt to the bed throw with Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls. A concentrated laundry detergent (also used as a dishwashing detergent), one bucket of Saponella Blue Pearls is enough for about 150 wash cycles (250 dishwasher loads). Free of harmful chemicals the soaps are from renewable plant sources, and are biodegradable.

Whether your end of the year celebration is a single night or lasts over a week, Ha-Ra would like to wish you the very best of holidays. Please make sure you stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy, and potentially most important of all, that you stay using Ha-Ra’s chemical free, environmentally friendly, complete line of cleaning products to keep your life not only stress free, but streak free as well!

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